Lake Louise: 403-522-3833 Be sure to stop at the Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House to marvel at the Lake Louise glaciers while enjoying some coffee and chocolate cake. Invisible nymphs must have been flitting around you? : How on earth do you jump so high? The lady who bought it, Joy, brought up two daughters here (with no electricity!) Most hikers turn back at this stage, but simply keep walking forward to enjoy the Plain of the Six Glaciers hike. 14 Winter Hikes in Banff, Canmore and Kananaskis, 9 Best Kananaskis Hikes for Social Distancing, 7 Kid-Friendly Bike Trails in Banff and Kananaskis, Blackshale Suspension Bridge Hike – Kananaskis Country. The Abbot Pass Viewpoint is about 1-1.5km beyond the Six Glaciers teahouse. The Chateau is marvelous. The scary glacier leading up to the pass is called the death trap. This loop option will also bring you to the Beehive and Mirror Pond to get some more perspectives of the beautiful valley. They can be really bright! Yay! Can’t wait to hear more about the grizzlies!! Around 1km into our walk, the path was already far quieter and we started to hear the sounds of nature, rather than the chatter of multiple languages. Saving this so I can recreate it myself! The Big Beehive and Lake Agnes loop – The basics. Have you been to lake Louise? If you look carefully, you may get lucky and see one of the rare Rocky Mountain Goats who call these rocky slopes home. The trail conditions are likely too much for normal city shoes, so we recommend a good pair of hiking shoes or hiking boots. We had to be quite careful on this part of the walk, as the path was really icy and slippery. As you leave the Plains of Six Glaciers Teahouse, you’ll walk through a small forest of Larch trees, whose needles turn golden for a few weeks every September. Tha Plain of the Six Glaciers sits at about 2400 m (app. No matter when you come to Lake Louise, get here as early as possible. It’s a wide-open area with lots of places to sit on rocks and enjoy the incredible views of the Six Glaciers and of Lake Louise in the distance. To return to Lake Louise you will go back from the tea house and follow the Plain of Six Glaciers trail that leads down to the back of Lake Louise and then follow the shoreline trail back towards the Chateau Hotel. Highest Point: 2195m It usually opens in mid-June, depending on weather conditions, and closes in mid-October. You get a little bit of everything, mountains, tree, snow, icicles, lake, ultimately making for a great trail. Watch your feet here as the ground gets wet from streams running across the trail. A. As you can see, it’s not a bad little walk! It was the end of September, so we expected it to be a bit cold…but not this cold! This is the view at the end of the path. Thank you for your lovely comment! WHY IS IT CALLED PLAIN OF THE SIX GLACIERS? The weather can be quite variable hiking in Banff National Park, no matter the season. Your Lake Louise glacier hike becomes a little steeper at 5.5km as you climb up a series of switchbacks. Still, we normally have things like micro-spikes at the bottom of our backpacks, so snow and ice wasn’t enough to stop us exploring! For maps, detailed route finding and trail descriptions, visit a Parks Canada Visitor Centre or purchase a hiking guide book and topographical map. Yeah, it was waaay easier than the Elk Mountain hike we did together! I should probably admit, I had actually planned for a different hike from Lake Moraine. It takes most people around 4 to 6 hours for the round trip. It is closed at the moment due to dangerous looking erosion. Elevation gain: 464m (or 359m to the teahouse) Just like you!! The Plain of Six Glaciers hike is a pretty amazing alpine walk that leads up from the super instagrammable Lake Louise, to some gorgeous glacial views and a pretty teahouse. It was a bit misty when we arrived, so we couldn’t quite see towards the glaciers. We even saw (and heard) an avalanche that puffed its way down the Victoria Glacier. It’s a bit confusing at first, but then you’ll realize that you’ve arrived at the historic Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House. Wait until you see the other half of the same day! This is where you’ll be treated to some stunning views of the sheer cliffs on Fairview Mountain. The trail to the Tea House in the Plain of Six Glaciers is a classic Lake Louise-area hike. To get to the teahouse, one must hike the 5.6km scenic route around … Plain of the Six Glaciers Hiking Trail in Banff National Park - Lake Louise and its massive cirque are the stars of this hike highlighting the jaw-dropping scenery of the Lake Louise Valley. Delivery & Pickup Options - 52 reviews of Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House "Wonderful rest spot when hiking from the Fairmont at Lake Louise to the Plain of Six Glaciers. Shortly after the boardwalk, you begin your ascent into the Plain of the Six Glaciers. If you are looking for a great larch tree hike, check out our list of larch tree hikes in Alberta. We use AllTrails for all our hiking and biking in the Canadian Rockies and around the world. Bear spray As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. At 6.9km, the Plain of Six Glaciers Trail comes to a rocky clearing, with stunning views of Lake Louise and the many glaciers in this valley. Plain of Six Glaciers Trail. Was your visit at about the same time of year (end of September!?) Check out our list of hiking essentials with the hiking gear and clothing we recommend to enjoy your hike, regardless of the variable Banff weather and trail conditions. <3. Difficulties encountered on the hike include dealing with a large amount of tourists since this hike is very popular, dealing with possible bear encounters along the trail, and finding a nice day with good … This is such a helpful post! It's a well-marked and very clear trail, so for entry-level hikers it's perfect. You share the same trail for the entire 2.5km length of Lake Louise. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We had so much fun that we extended the walk into a longer day hike, but I’ll list the easy option below so newbie mountain lovers can follow it too. I hope you can come back to see the other half! The trail’s elevation change is 385 meters between Lake Louise and the Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse. The awe inspiring overlook at the end of the hike is surrounded by impressive peaks and glaciers displaying Mother Nature’s raw beauty and power. ), but would love to go in the Summer to hike & mountain bike. Time:  It took us 2.5 hours (one way) to the Plain of Six Glaciers viewpoint. There are six glaciers that can be seen from this hike, including those from Mount Lefroy, Mount Victoria and Mount Aberdeen as well as the Lefroy and Lower Victoria Glaciers. You will see people wearing jeans, carrying no water, you will see people with bear spray and prepared for different weather conditions. That was the historical route up to the mountain hut, but it is not recommended now! There are benches thoughtfully placed next to a charming little mountain stream. The Plain of Six Glaciers trail is a reasonably long Banff day-hike, so we would like to reinforce the importance of a few items from our hiking essentials list: The Plains of the Six Glaciers trail is in decent shape for most of its length. As you climb through the valley, the forest will thin offering great views ahead and behind you. We used the AllTrails app while hiking the Plain of 6 Glaciers, but to be honest, we didn’t need it for navigation purposes. Almost straight away, you’ll find yourself looking up at massive rockfaces and glaciers in all directions. Once you turn around, this is the spectacular view back down to Lake Louise where we had started. For hiking in Banff, we typically wear convertible hiking pants, T-shirts, a fleece top and rain jackets. We made it! Since 1958, it has been owned by the same family. This hike has to have one of the best possible views for the start of a walk! This is a popular spot to stop and sit on a rock to soak in the majesty of this special place. You can stop for a three course meal, or just some tea and cake. Beyond the rocky ledge, the Plain of 6 Glaciers hike just keeps getting better. She has had some stunning weather and some very cold days! That trail along Lake Louise looks completely breathtaking! That said, the best spot to stop for lunch is the Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House – roughly 6km from the trailhead. Definitely next time, and it’s interesting to hear that it’s actually quite easy. To seeing the world then. Share. From Lake Louise to the Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House “The mountains are calling and I must go.” – John Muir. The views on your hike were clearly breathtaking, Josy. There is a sign, so you can easily find the path! It’s exciting to know that the rushing water flowing past the boardwalk comes from the Lake Louise glaciers you are hiking towards. Duration: It should take a typical adult about 4 hours to hike the full round-trip distance of the Plain of the Six Glaciers Trail. Plain of the Six Glaciers Trail is a 9.1 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada that features a lake and is rated as moderate. It was a rest stop for mountain climbers making their way to Abbots Pass. The walk begins with the easy lakeshore trail for 2km. At 2.7km, the trail becomes a wooden boardwalk. It’s easy to be distracted by the beauty of the Lake Louise glaciers, so be careful to watch your step. Know before you go! There are relatively few hiking hazards along the Six Glaciers Trail. Some are meant for horses, and some for humans. , I think it’s those nymphs! It’s also quite popular so it reduces the need for bear spray. This Tea House is open seasonally. . Cannisters are available to buy or rent at many locations in Canmore and Banff. Behind you, the views of Lake Louise are stunning. Enjoy home baking while enjoying amazing views of the 6 glaciers. Gorgeous pictures. I hope you can. When Lake Louise gets too full, Parks Canada will actually put up roadblocks to prevent additional cars from entering. We found this area much colder, with frozen waterfalls and cliffs covered in picturesque icicles. One of them, Susanne, still runs the place now. The hiking trail is no longer groomed and you will start to encounter rocks, tree roots and piles of horse poop. While we did this walk, the mountains peeked in and out of the mist. Keep your eyes peeled for the cute little pikas which call these rocks home. However, for some reason, only a fraction of Lake Louise’s visitors bother to walk around the lake. It’s easy to be a photographer in the Rockies. You should get intermittent cell service from Lake Louise Village for most of your hike, but never count on it for your safety. That tiny mountain hut at the top of Abbot Pass is the oldest mountain hut in the Rockies. You are close enough to Lake Louise village that you should get intermittent cell service while hiking the Six Glaciers trail, but just to be safe, download your hiking maps prior to leaving. Our kids have grown up in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and at age 5 & 7 are pretty decent little hikers. There were quite a few other hikers that arrived around the same time, so we all had a good chat. However it can be icy and has some steep moments, so if you are a newbie hiker, you might find this a challenge. ! There is a teahouse toward the end of the trail that makes for a natural turnaround and rest stop. It’s well worth making a short side trip from the Tea House to the Abbot Pass viewpoint, to take a look down into crevasses on the Lower Victoria Glacier. Omg you’ve seen so many bears!!! Take your time to enjoy the scenery and read the interpretive signs along this flat, crushed gravel trail. No wonder that it's less visited than the Lake Agnes Tea House because it's harder to get there. Yeah, this trail was perfect for all of that…plus cake! Travel in groups, make noise, carry bear spray and know how to use it. The Plain of Six Glaciers trail is a reasonably long Banff day-hike, so we would like to reinforce the importance of a few items from our hiking essentials list: Bear spray is a must. Add to My List. If you want to add a little bit and make it a loop hike, you can swing by the Bee Hive tea house as well on the same hike. We were actually hoping to see the autumn colours! The Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House has no electricity or running water, but they serve plenty of wonderful treats that are baked on site using propane stoves. The first 3km of the Plain of Six Glaciers hike follows the same trail as the Lake Louise Lakeshore Trail – one of the best easy hikes in Banff National Park. There are several washrooms in the Lake Louise parking lot. The drop-off is significant, but the path is several feet wide, so even those with a fear of heights (like me) should be able to cross without issue. Lake Louise is a world-famous destination known for its stunning natural beauty and excellent hiking opportunities. This final push is quite steep, but you’ll be so wowed by the glaciers you’ll barely notice. – As this walk is not particularly difficult, and the views are truly spectacular it’ll be busy! This is also where we saw three grizzly bears(!). Ooh it looks even prettier in the snow – the blue of the ice really stands out. Your journey begins in front of the majestic Chateau Lake Louise. There’s something nice about it. On your way to the Six Glaciers trailhead, take a moment to stop at the Lake Louise viewing platform to soak in the turquoise waters and majestic mountains which make this place so special. Walking boots. While short by the standards of a Rockies hike, it is plenty long enough for folks looking to just get a taste of the area. The mountains and the brilliant turquoise color of Lake Louise must be seen to be believed. Then, without warning, the rocky trail suddenly becomes really nice, smooth stepping patio stones. Lots of people turn straight to the Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse here. Water – the Plain of 6 Glaciers Trail is long and sometimes difficult, so you’ll need a decent amount of water. Thank you Ritu! I have been told that the chocolate cake is really good there too if you make it! People have been stopping here for a cuppa since 1927! Why did you all decide to hike it in the winter months? This is us chilling at the end of the hike. The trail becomes single track with many large rocks and tree roots to manage. OVERVIEW. You can order it before your trip, or you can pick it up here as they are widely available. This is the view from the opposite side of the lake, looking back to Fairmont Chateau. Elevation Gain: The total elevation gain you’ll encounter along the Six Glaciers Trail is 588m. – Bring cash for the teahouse. The Plain of Six Glaciers hike is not maintained past the 6.3km mark. There are several different switch-back filled paths up the moraine. Bring a daybag as you can expect to put on and take off layers all day. But you’re not quite done yet as the Six Glaciers hike continues for another 500m along a raised berm. Quite soon, you gain enough elevation to find yourself above the treeline. You need a bit more than boots for Autumn in the Rockies! The final destination is to an overlook of the narrow valley cut deep into the terrain by the receding glaciers. The Plain of Six Glaciers trail map is found in the “Lake Louise & Yoho” map. Food supplies were brought in by pack-horse, with staff riding in everyday. The final leg of the 6 Glaciers hike enters an incredible natural amphitheater, with massive glaciers resting on the slopes and valleys of the mountains they call home. However it’s only an extra 1.3 km to the amaaazing Plain of Six Glaciers viewpoint; If you have energy left, you should keep going! Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House. The Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway, for the enjoyment of their guests at the Chateau Lake Louise. Bring several layers of clothing with you. Their wings were propelling me up! Start early, or go in the late afternoon. The majesty of Lake Louise, Banff National Park and its incredible glaciers are on full display here. It’s easy enough that you can bring the kids if they can handle the distance. Thank you for reminding me of how beautiful Lake Louise is x. Listen carefully for the awe-inspiring sounds of ice cracking in the ever-moving glaciers. The name Plain of Six Glaciers comes from the hanging glaciers of Happy Lake Louise-iversary to me . There was a huge range of ages and levels of fitness heading to the teahouse. So, you can do this hike without sensible footwear, but it’ll make it harder for you. It is incredibly pretty though! Learn how your comment data is processed. They were both truly tasty… so much so that we later went to find the shop in Banff that sells this tea so we could try more! On-leash dogs are allowed on the Plain of Six Glaciers hike; in fact it’s a very popular hike with dog owners. , Yay! Cell service is not reliable. If you need fluids or simply want to treat yourself, the Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse menu has coffee, tea, hot chocolate and lemonade for sale (and chocolate cake too!). Lake Louise is a magical place within Banff National Park. Closures and restrictions. I found quite a few blogs that say this is a very challenging walk, but to be honest, if you go at your own pace, I am sure anyone with reasonable fitness will be able to manage this. The path soon became covered in snow. One of the most scenic hikes in the Canadian Rockies, starts at the end of the Lake Louise shoreline trail and ends with stunning glacier views, after climbing through forests and passing by moraines and gravel debris from the Victoria Glacier. Enjoy it – you’ve earned it! How to Get from Banff to the Six Glaciers trailhead: The nearest parking lot to the Plain of Six Glaciers trailhead is the main Lake Louise parking lot near the Chateau Lake Louise. We were going to do the loop from Lake Agnes to the Plain of Six Glaciers but it was just too icy for us to continue with just walking boots – it was tricky enough coming down the way we came at times.

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