Transliteration of Tehillim 121 . Read verse in Orthodox Jewish Bible Brown-Driver-Briggs. A Song of Maalot. 6. 121 (Shir HaMa’alot) I will lift up mine eyes unto the harim (hills), from whence cometh ezri (my help). 121 (Shir HaMa’alot) I will lift up mine eyes unto the harim (hills), from whence cometh ezri (my help). In order to To make the reading of the Psalms more accessible and convenient for Russian-speaking Jews, this program was created with the transliteration of the Psalms and its translation into ENGLISH language that helps people who do not speak Hebrew, not only to understand the meaning of the Psalms, but also to say them in the original language. I shall raise my eyes to the mountains, from where will my help come? 121:1 I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. I will lift up my eyes to the mountains. NAS Exhaustive Concordance. 4 Hinei, He that is … Thanks to an expert team of scholars, writers, editors, and graphic designers, ArtScroll’s new Interlinear Tehillim is here - the revolutionary new way to add meaning and understanding to prayer. Viewed 3k times 12. the translation is always in front of your eyes 4 Hinei, He that is … Taught by Rabbi Eli J Mansour. 3 He will not allow thy regel to slip; He that is shomer over thee will not slumber. Many psalms are employed in Jewish liturgy. Tehillim 121. 3 He does not allow your foot to be moved; He who watches over you does not slumber. Traditionally, the Tehillim are divided into five books, corresponding to the five books of Torah. On the first day of the week (Sunday): the verses beginning with the letters א׳ ב׳ ג׳, plus Tehillim 120, 121, 124. 121:2 My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth. It also speaks of how God watches over us. Reciting Tehillim 119 for a Departed Soul or for an Ill Patient There is a time-honored tradition to recite sections of Psalm 119 after a loved one's passing and each year on the yahrtzeit. Achieving A Life of Serenity Through Faith. Shir lamaalot, essa enai el heharim, meáyin iavo ezri, All readings on this site are also for them. 4 See, He who is guarding Yisra’ĕl Neither slumbers nor sleeps. 4. {א} שִׁיר לַמַּעֲלוֹת אֶשָּׂא עֵינַי אֶל הֶהָרִים מֵאַיִן יָבֹא עֶזְרִי: {ב} עֶזְרִי מֵעִם יְהוָה עֹשֵׂה שָׁמַיִם וָאָרֶץ: {ג} אַל יִתֵּן לַמּוֹט רַגְלֶךָ אַל יָנוּם שֹׁמְרֶךָ: {ד} הִנֵּה לֹא יָנוּם וְלֹא יִישָׁן שׁוֹמֵר יִשְׂרָאֵל: {ה} יְהוָה שֹׁמְרֶךָ יְהוָה צִלְּךָ עַל יַד יְמִינֶךָ: {ו} יוֹמָם הַשֶּׁמֶשׁ לֹא יַכֶּכָּה וְיָרֵחַ בַּלָּיְלָה: {ז} יְהוָה יִשְׁמָרְךָ מִכָּל רָע יִשְׁמֹר אֶת נַפְשֶׁךָ: {ח} יְהוָה יִשְׁמָר צֵאתְךָ וּבוֹאֶךָ מֵעַתָּה וְעַד עוֹלָם: Shir lamaalot, essa enai el heharim, meáyin iavo ezri Ezri meim Adonai, osse shamáyim vaárets Al yiten lamot raglêcha, al ianum shomerêcha Hine lo ianum velo yishan, shomer Yisrael Adonai shomerêcha, Adonai tsilechá al iad ieminêcha Iomam hashémesh lo iakêca, veiarêach balaila Adonai yishmorchá micol ra, yishmor et nafshêcha Adonai yishmor tsetechá uvoêcha, meata vead olam. Behold, he who watches Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep! 1 A song for ascents. 2Ezri (my help) cometh from Hashem, Oseh Shomayim v’Aretz. Ask Question Asked 4 years, 11 months ago. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 1 I will lift up mine eyes unto the harim (hills), from whence cometh ezri (my help). Tehillim - Psalms - Chapter 121 « Previous Chapter 120. (1) L’homme qui est égaré dans la montagne se rendra au sommet de celle-ci afin Full Hebrew Names KJV - Transliteration Tehillim / Psalms 121. Tehilim Card 121 in Hebrew - English Transliteration and Translation – Ben Israel Inc. 1 I lift up my eyes to the hills; Where does my help come from? Transliteration: tehillah Phonetic Spelling: (teh-hil-law') Definition: praise, song of praise. Tehillim (Psalms) 121. Rashi 's Commentary: Show Hide. And he shall be like a tree planted by streams of water, {N} that bringeth forth its fruit in its season, … 2. 3 He will not allow thy regel to slip; He that is shomer over thee will not slumber. The English word “psalm” comes from the Greek Septuagint translation of the Hebrew word mizmor, a word meaning “melody of praise.”The various mizmorim (psalms) were compiled into a collection, perhaps by King David himself, and were later codified by Ezra the Scribe when the canon of the Tanakh was established. Verses from Psalms 34 and 99 accompany the procession for taking t… Por Kabbalah y Torah . From where does my help come? Tehillim 121 : Transliteration. 4. Tehillim - Psalms: Let your light shine! 5. Word Origin from halal Definition praise, song of praise NASB Translation praise (47), praises (6), praising (1), song of praise (1). 121. 2. Audio by Hacham Baruch BenHaim ZT”L. 2 Ezri (my help) cometh from Hashem, Oseh Shomayim v’Aretz. Seven psalms form the core of the Kabbalat Shabbat(Friday night) service. Cuando alguien que estamos esperando se atrasa. 1. Authored by Rabbi David Ashear. Third day (Tuesday): the verses beginning with ז׳ ח׳ ט׳, plus Tehillim 125, 126, 127. Tehillim 121:2 Ezri (my help) cometh from Hashem, Oseh Shomayim v’Aretz. The Lord shall preserve you from all evil; he shall preserve your soul! The Lord shall preserve your going out and your coming in from this time forth, and for evermore! 121:8 Adonay yishmâr-tsê'thkha ubho'ekha mê`attâhve`adh-`olâm This version of the psalms is from the Jewish Publication Society (JPS), a translation of the Hebrew Bible published in … Show content in: English Both Hebrew. For example: 1. We Sell Mezuzahs, Menorahs, Tallits, Kiddush Cups, Wedding Breaking Glasses, and So Much More! 7. 3He will not allow thy regel to slip; He that is shomer over thee will not slumber. Tehillim (Psalms) 121 - שיר למעלות אשא עיני אל־ההרים מאין יבא עזרי׃ Para hacer un viaje seguro. Tehillim: Transliterated Linear - Seif Edition [Rabbi Nosson Scherman] on Daf Yomi Program. Tehillim 121:6. Chapter 121. 121. TEHILIM/SALMOS 121 PARA PURIM - Hebreo-Fonética-Español TEHIL´LÍM/SALMOS 121 PARA MEDITAR Y REFLEXIONAR EN PURIM - Hebreo-Fonética-Español. 8. 0 Short Lessons. SEGUL´LÓT: Socorro y defensa. amis et sympathisants ), All readings on this site are also for them. Free Shipping on Orders over $99! 3 He will not allow thy regel to slip; He that is shomer over thee will not slumber. 2. Shir lamaalot, essa enai el heharim, meáyin iavo ezri Ezri meim Adonai, osse shamáyim vaárets Al yiten lamot raglêcha, al ianum shomerêcha Hine lo ianum velo yishan, shomer Yisrael Adonai shomerêcha, Adonai tsilechá al iad ieminêcha Psalm 121 – The God Who Keeps and Helps. As a song sung by travelers, this is particularly relevant for the trust placed in God through the journey. Tehillim List and Levayot by Community. Tehillim: Transliterated Linear - Seif Edition He will not let your foot be moved; he who watches you will not slumber! 121:4 Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep. Shir lamaalot, essa enai el heharim, meáyin iavo ezri Ezri meim Adonai, osse shamáyim vaárets Al yiten lamot raglêcha, al ianum shomerêcha Hine lo ianum velo yishan, shomer Yisrael Adonai shomerêcha, Adonai tsilechá al iad ieminêcha 2 Ezri (my help) cometh from Hashem, Oseh Shomayim v'Aretz. Next » Chapter 122. 2 Ezri (my help) cometh from Hashem, Oseh Shomayim v’Aretz. Hebrew Word of the Week. Psaume 121 (Chir) Ce Psaume décrit la qualité du Gan Eden inférieur, puis de l’élévation vers le Gan Eden supérieur, de même que de la divine Providence. 4Hinei, He that is … Active 3 years, 11 months ago. 5. * This is the second of the series of psalms which are titled A Song of Ascents. 3. The sun shall not strike you by day, nor the moon by night! 3. My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth! The great safety of the godly, who put their trust in God's protection. The Hebrew title for the book of Psalms is Tehillim, meaning "songs of praise," and individual psalms are referred to as Mizmorim: Mizmor Aleph (Psalm 1), Mizmor Bet (Psalm 2), and so on. Ashrê haish asher lo halach baatsat reshaim, uvdérech chataim lo amad, uvmoshav letsim lo iashav Ki im betorat Adonai chef’tso uvtorato iegue iomam valaila Vehaia keets shatul al palguê máyim, asher pirio yiten beito vealehu lo yibol, vechol asher iaasse iats’líach Lo chen hareshaim, ki im camots asher tidefenu rúach Al ken lo iacúmu reshaim bamishpat, vechataim baadat tsadikim Ki iodêa Adonai dérech tsadikim, vedérech reshaim toved, Lama ragueshu goyim, uleumim iegu ric Yiteiatsevu malchê érets, verozenim nossedu iachad, al Adonai veal meshicho Nenateca et mosserotêmo, venashlicha mimenu avotêmo Ioshev bashamayim yis’chac, Adonai yil’ag lamo Az iedaber elêmo veapo, uvacharono ievahalêmo Vaani nassachti malki, al Tsión harcodshi Assapera el choc Adonai amar elai beni áta, ani haiom ielidtícha Sheal mimeni veetená goyim nachalatêcha, vaachuzatechá afsê árets Teroem beshévet barzel, kich’li iotser tenapetsem Veata melachim haskilu, hivasseru shofetê árets Ivdu et Adonai beyir’á, veguilu bir’ada Nashecu var, pen ieenaf vetovedu dérech, ki yiv’ar kim’at apô, ashrê col chossê vo, Mizmor ledavid bevor’cho mipenê Avshalom beno Adonai ma rabu tsarai, rabim camim alai Rabim omerim lenafshi, ên ieshuáta lo velohim sêla Veata Adonai maguen baadi, kevodi umerim roshi Coli el Adonai ecrá, vaiaaneni mehar codsho sêla Ani shachavti vaishána, hekitsoti ki Adonai yismecheni Lo ira merivevot am, asher saviv shátu alai Cuma Adonai hoshiêni Elohai, ki hikita et col oievai lechi, shinê reshaim shibarta Ladonai haishuá, al amechá virchatêcha sêla, Lamnatsêach binguinot mizmor ledavid Becor’í aneni Elohê tsidki, batsar hir’chavta li, choneni ushemá tefilati Benê ish, ad mé chevodi lichlima teehavun ric, tevac’shú chazav sêla Udeú ki hifla Adonai chassid lo, Adonai yishmá becor’í elav Rigzu veal techetáu, imru vilvavechem al mish’cavchem vedômu sêla Zivechu zivechê tsédec, uvitchú el Adonai Rabim omerim mi iar’ênu tov, nessa alênu or panêcha Adonai Natáta simcha velibi, meet deganam vetirosham rábu Beshalom iachdav eshkevá veishan, ki ata Adonai levadad lavêtach toshivêni, Lamnatsêach el hanechilót mizmor ledavid Amarai haazina, Adonai, biná haguigui Hac’shiva lecol shav’i malki velohai, ki elêcha etpalal Adonai, boker tishmá coli, boker eerach lechá vaatsape Ki lo El chafets résha, áta, lo iegurechá rá Lo yit’iatsevu holelim lenégued enêcha, saneta col pôale áven Teabed doverê chazav, ish damim umirma ietaev, Adonai Vaani berov chasdechá avô vetêcha eshtachavê el hechal codshechá beyir’atêcha Adonai necheni vetsidcatêcha lemaan shorerai, haishar lefanai darkêcha Ki ên befihu nechona, kirbam havót, kéver patúach gueronam, leshonam iachalicun Haashimem Elohim, yipelu mimoatsotehem, berov pish’ehem hadichemo ki máru vach Veyismechu chol chossê vach, leolam ieranênu, vetassech alemo, veialetsu vechá ohavê shemêcha Ki ata tevarech tsadic Adonai, catsiná ratson taterênu, Lamnatsêach binguinot al hasheminit mizmor ledavid Adonai al beapechá tochichêni, veal bachamatechá teiasserêni Chonênu Adonai, ki umlal áni, refaêni Adonai, ki niv’halu atsamai Venafshi niv’halá meod, veata Adonai ad matai Shuva Adonai, chaletsá nafshi, hoshiêni lemaan chasdêcha Ki en bamávet zich’rêcha, bisheol mi iode lach Iagáti veanchati, as’che vechol laila mitati, bedim’ati arsi amsê Ashesha micáas eni, ateca bechol tsorerai Súru mimeni col pôale áven, ki shamá Adonai col bichyi Shamá Adonai techinati, Adonai tefilati yicach Ievôshu veyibahalu meod col oievai, iashúvu ievôshu rága, Shigaion ledavid asher shar ladonai al divrê Chush ben Iemini Adonai Elohai bechá chassíti, hoshiêni micol rodefai vehatsilêni Pen yitrof keariê nafshi, porec veen matsil Adonai Elohai, im assiti zot, im iesh ável bechapai Im gamalti sholemi rá, vaachaletsá tsoreri recam Yiradof oiev nafshi veiasseg veyirmos laárets chaiai, uch’vodi leafar iashken sêla Cuma Adonai beapêcha, hinasse beavrot tsorerai, veúra elai, mishpat tsivíta Vaadat leumim tessovevêca, vealêha lamarom shúva Adonai iadin amim, shofteni Adonai ketsidki uchtumi alai Yigmor na ra reshaim, utechonen tsadic uvochen libót uchlaiót Elohim tsadic Maguiní al Elohim, moshia yishrê lev Elohim shofet tsadic, veel zoem bechol iom Im lo iashuv, charbo yiltosh, cashto darach vaichonenêha Velo hechin kelê mávet, chitsav ledolekim yif’al Hine iechabel áven, vehara amal veialad sháker Bor cara vaiachperêhu, vayipol beshachat yif’al Iashuv amalo verosho, veal codcodo chamasso iered Odê Adonai ketsidco, vaazamera shem Adonai elion, Lamnatsêach al haguitit mizmor ledavid Adonai Adonênu, ma adir shimchá bechol haárets, asher tena hodechá al hashamáyim Mipi olelim veionekim yissadta oz, lemaan tsorerêcha, lehashbit oiev umitnakem Ki er’e shamêcha maasse ets’beotêcha, iarêach vechochavim asher conanta Ma enósh ki tizkerênu, uven adam ki tifkedenu Vatechasserêhu meat meelohim, vechavod vehadar teaterêhu Tamshilêhu bemaassê iadêcha, col sháta tachat raglav Tsone vaalafim culam, vegam bahamot sadai Tsipor shamáyim udeguê haiam, over orchót iamim Adonai Adonênu, ma adir shimchá bechol haárets, Lamnatsêach al mut Laben mizmor ledavid Odê Adonai bechol libi, assaperá col nifleotêcha Esmechá veeeltsá vach, azamera shimchá elion Beshuv oievai achor, yicashelú veiovedú mipanêcha Ki assita mishpati vedini, iashavta lechisse shofet tsédec Gaárta goyim, ibadta rashá, shemam machita leolam vaed Haoiev tamu choravót lanétsach, vearim natashta, avad zich’ram hema Vadonai leolam ieshev, conen lamishpat kis’o Vehu yishpot tevel betsédec, iadin leumim bemesharim Vihi Adonai misgav ladach, misgav leitot batsará Veyiv’techú vechá iodeê shemêcha, ki lo azavta doreshêcha Adonai Zamerú ladonai ioshev Tsión, haguídu vaamim alilotav Ki doresh damim otam zachar, lo shachach tsaacat anavim Choneneni Adonai, ree onyi missoneai, meromemi mishaarê mávet Lemaan assaperá col tehilatêcha beshaarê vat Tsión, aguila bishuatêcha Taveú goyim beshachat assu, beréshet zu tamanu nilkeda raglam Nodá Adonai mishpat assá, befoal capav nokesh rashá, higaion sêla Iashuvu reshaim lish’ola, col goyim shechechê Elohim Ki lo lanétsach yishachach evion, tic’vat aniyim tovad laad Cuma Adonai al iaoz enósh, yishafetu goyim al panêcha Shita Adonai morá lahem, iedeú goyim enósh hema sêla, Lama Adonai taamod berachoc, talim leitot batsará Begaavat rasha yidlac ani, yitafessu bimzimót zu chashávu Ki hilel rashá al taavat nafsho, uvotsêa bérech niets, Adonai Rashá kegova apo bal yidrosh, en Elohim col mezimotav Iachilu derachav bechol et, marom mishpatêcha minegdo, col tsorerav iafiach bahem Amar belibo bal emot, ledor vador asher lo verá Ala pihu male umirmót vatoch, tachat leshono amal vaáven Ieshev bemarav chatserim, bemistarim iaharog naki, enav lechelechá yitsponu Ieerov bamistar kearie vessuco, ieerov lachatof ani, iach’tof ani bemosh’cho verishto Yideke iashôach, venafal baatsumav chel caím Amar belibo shachach El, histir panav bal raa lanétsach Cuma Adonai, El nessa iadêcha, al tish’cach anavim Al me niets rashá, Elohim, amar belibo lo tidrosh Raíta ki ata amal vachaas tabit, latet beiadêcha, alêcha iaazov chelêcha, iatom ata hayita ozer Shevor zerôa rashá, vará tidrosh rish’o val timtsa Adonai mélech olam vaed, avedu goyim meartso Taavat anavim shamata Adonai, tachin libam tac’shiv oznêcha Lishpot iatom vadach, bal iossif od laarots enósh min haárets, Lamnatsêach ledavid, badonai chassiti, ech tomeru lenafshi núdi harchem tsipor Ki hine hareshaim yidrechun késhet, conenu chitsam al iéter, lirot bemo ofel leyishrê lev Ki hashatot ieharessun, tsadic ma paal Adonai behechal codsho Adonai bashamáyim kis’o, enav iechezu, af’apav yivchanu benê adam Adonai tsadic yivchan, verashá veohev chamas sanea nafsho Iamter al reshaim pachim esh vegofrit, veruach zil’afót menat cossam Ki tsadic Adonai, tsedacot ahev, iashar iechezu fanemo, Lamnatsêach al hasheminit mizmor ledavid Hoshía Adonai ki gamar chassid, ki fassu emunim mibenê adam Shav iedaberú ish et reêhu, sefat chalacót, belev valev iedabêru Iach’ret Adonai col siftê chalacót, lashon medabéret guedolót Asher ameru lileshonênu nagbir sefatênu itánu, mi adon lánu Mishod aniyim meencat evionim, ata acum iomar Adonai, ashit beiêsha iafíach lo Imerot Adonai amarot tehorot, késsef tsaruf, baalil laárets mezucac shiv’atáyim Ata Adonai tishmerem, titserênu min hador zu leolam Saviv reshaim yit’haláchun, kerum zulut livnê adam, Lamnatsêach mizmor ledavid Ad ána Adonai tishcachêni nétsach, ad ána tastir et panêcha mimêni Ad ána ashit etsot benafshi iagon bilevavi iomam, ad ána iarum oievi alai Habíta anêni Adonai Elohai, haíra enai pen ishan hamávet Pen iomar oivi iechaltiv, tsarai iaguílu ki emot Vaani bechasdechá vatáchti, iaguel libi bishuatêcha, ashíra ladonai ki gamal alai, Lamnatsêach ledavid, amar naval belibo en Elohim, hish’chítu hit’ívu alila en osse tov Adonai mishamáyim hishkif al benê adam, lir’ot haiesh maskil, doresh et Elohim Hacol sar, iachdav neeláchu, en osse tov, en gam echad Halo iadeú col pôale áven, ochelê ami achelu léchem, Adonai lo caráu Sham pachadu fachad, ki Elohim bedor tsadic Atsat ani tavíshu, ki Adonai mach’sehu Mi yiten mitsión ieshuat Yisrael, beshuv Adonai shevut amo, iaguel Iaacov yismach Yisrael, Mizmor ledavid, Adonai mi iagur beaholêcha, mi yishcon behar codshêcha Holech tamim ufoel tsédec, vedover emét bilevavo Lo ragal al leshono, lo assa lereêhu raá, vecherpa lo nassa al kerovo Nivze beenav nim’as, veet yir’e Adonai iechabed, nishba lehará velo iamir Caspo lo natan benéshech, veshochad al naki lo lacach, osse êle lo yimot leolam, Michtam ledavid, shamerêni El ki chassiti vach Amart ladonai, Adonai áta, tovati bal alêcha Licdoshim asher baárets hêma, veadire col cheftsi vam Yirbu atsevotam, acher maharu, bal assich niskehem midam, uval essa et shemotam al sefatai Adonai menat chelki vechossi, ata tomich gorali Chavalim nafelu li baneimim, af nachalat shafera alai Avarech et Adonai asher iaatsáni, af lelot yisserúni chil’iotai Shivíti Adonai lenegdi tamid, ki mimini bal emot Lachen samach libi vaiáguel kevodi, af bessari yishcon lavêtach Ki lo taazov nafshi lish’ol, lo titen chassidechá lir’ot shachat Todiêni orach chayim, sóva semachot et panêcha, neimot biminechá nétsach, Tefilá ledavid, shim’á Adonai tsédec, hac’shiva rinati, haazína tefilati belo siftê mirma Milefanêcha mishpati ietse, enêcha techezêna mesharim Bachánta libi, pacadeta laila, tseraftáni val timtsá, zamoti bal iaavor pi Lifeulót adam bidvar sefatêcha, ani shamarti orchot parits Tamoch ashurai bemaguelotêcha, bal namôtu feamai Ani keratícha chi taanêni El, hat oznechá li, shemá imrati Hafle chassadêcha, moshía chossim mimitcomemim biminêcha Shomreni keishon bat áyin, betsel kenafêcha tastirêni Mipenê reshaim zu shadúni, oievai benéfesh iakífu alai Chelbamo sagueru, pimo diberu vegueut Ashurênu ata sevavúnu, enehem iashítu lintot baárets Dimiono kearie yich’sof litrof, vechich’fir ioshev bemistarim Cuma Adonai cademá fanav, hach’riêhu, paletá nafshi merashá charbêcha Mimetim iadechá Adonai, mimetim mechéled, chelcam bachayim utsefunchá temale vitnam, yisbeú vanim, vehiníchu yitram leolelehem Ani betsédec echeze fanêcha, esbeá vehakits temunatêcha, Lamnatsêach leéved Adonai ledavid, asher diber ladonai et divrê hashirá hazot, beiom hitsil Adonai oto micaf col oievav umiyad Shaul Vaiomar, erchamcha Adonai chizki Adonai sal’í umetsudati, umefalti, Eli tsuri echesse bo, maguini vekéren yish’i misgabi Mehulal ecra Adonai, umin oievai ivashêa Afafuni chevlê mávet, venachalê veliyáal ievaatúni Chevlê sheol sevavúni, kidemúni mokeshê mávet Batsar li ecrá Adonai, veel Elohai ashavêa, yishma mehechalo coli, veshav’ati lefanav tavo veoznav Vatig’ash vatir’ash haárets, umossedê harim yirgázu, vayitgaashu ki chará lo Alá ashan beapo, veesh mipiv tochel, guechalim baaru mimenu Vaiet shamáyim vaierad, vaarafel tachat raglav Vayircav al keruv vaiaof, vaiedê al canfê rúach Iashet chóshech sitro sevivotav sucato, ches’chat máyim avê shechakim Minôga negdo avav averu, barad vegachalê esh Vaiar’em bashamáyim Adonai, veelion yiten colo, barad vegachalê esh Vayishlach chitsav vaifitsem, uvrakim rav vaihumem Vaierau afikê máyim, vayigalu mossedot tevel, migaaratechá Adonai, minishmat rúach apêcha Yishlach mimarom yicachêni, iamshêni mimáyim rabim Iatsilêni meoivi az, umissoneai ki ametsu mimeni Iecademuni veiom edi, vaiehi Adonai lemish’an li Vaiotsiêni lamerchav, iechaletsêni ki cháfets bi Yigmelêni Adonai ketsidki, kevor iadai iashiv li Ki shamarti darchê Adonai, velo rashati meelohai Ki chol mishpatav lenegdi, vechucotav lo assir mêni Vaehi tamim imo, vaeshtamer meavoni Vaiáshev Adonai li chetsidki, kevor iadai lenégued enav Im chassid titchassad, im guevar tamim titamam Im navar titbarar, veim ikesh titpatal Ki ata am ani toshía, veenáyim ramot tashpil Ki ata tair neri, Adonai Elohai iaguíha choshki Ki vechá aruts guedud, uvelohai adaleg shur Hael tamim darco, imrat Adonai tserufá, maguen hu lechol hachossim bo Ki mi Elôha mibal’adê Adonai, umi tsur zulati Elohênu Hael hameazerêni cháyil, vayiten tamim darki Meshave raglai caaialot, veal bamotai iaamidêni Melamed iadai lamilchama, venichata késhet nechushá zerootai Vatiten li maguen yish’êcha, viminechá tis’adêni, veanvatechá tarbêni Tarchiv tsaadi tachtai, velo maadu carsulai Erdof oievai veassiguem, velo ashuv ad calotam Emchatsem velo iuchelu cum, yipelu tachat raglai Vateazerêni cháyil lamilchama, tach’ría camai tachtai Veoievai natata li óref, umessan’ai atsmitem Ieshaveú veen moshía, al Adonai velo anam Veesh’chakem keafar al penê rúach, ketit chutsót arikem Tefaletêni merivê am, tesimêni lerosh goyim, am ló iadáti iaavdúni Leshema ózen yishameu li, benê nechar iechachashu li Benê nechar yibôlu, veiach’regu mimisguerotehem Chai Adonai uvaruch tsuri, veiarum Elohê yish’í Hael hanoten necamót li, vaiadber amim tachtai Mefaleti meoivai, af min camai teromemêni, meish chamas tatsilêni Al ken odechá vagoyim, Adonai, ul’shimchá azamêra Magdil ieshuot malcó, veosse chéssed limeshicho, ledavid ulezar’ó ad olam, Lamnatsêach mizmor ledavid Hashamayim messaperim kevod El, umaasse iadav maguid harakía Iom leiom iabía ômer, velaila lelaila iechave dáat En ômer veen devarim, beli nishma colam Bechol haárets iatsa cavam uvictsê tevel milehem, lashémesh sam ohel bahem Vehu kechatan iotse mechupato, iassis keguibor laruts ôrach Mictse hashamayim motsaó, utcufato al ketsotam, veen nistar mechamato Torat Adonai temima meshívat náfesh, edut Adonai neemana machkímat pêti Picudê Adonai iesharim messamechê lev, mitsvat Adonai bara meirat enáyim Yir’at Adonai tehorá omédet laad, mishpetê Adonai emet tsadcú iachdav Hanechemadim mizahav umipaz rav, umetukim midevash venofet tsufim Gam avdechá niz’har bahem, beshomram ékev rav Sheguiot mi iavin, ministarot nakêni Gam mizedim chassoch avdêcha, al yimshelu vi, az etam venikêti mipêsha rav Yihiu leratson imrê fi veheguion libi lefanêcha, Adonai tsuri vegoali, Lamnatsêach mizmor ledavid Iaanchá Adonai beiom tsara, iessaguevchá shem Elohê Iaacov Yishlach ezrechá micódesh, umitsión yis’adêca Yizcor col minchotêcha, veolatechá iedashene sêla Yiten lecha chilvavêcha, vechol atsatechá iemalê Neranena bishuatêcha, uvshem Elohênu nidgol, iemale Adonai col mish’alotêcha Ata iadáti, ki hoshía Adonai meshichó, iaanêhu mishemê codsho, bigvurot iêsha iemino Ele varéchev veele vassussim, vaanáchnu beshem Adonai Elohênu nazkir Hêma careu venafálu, vaanáchnu camnu vanit’odad Adonai hoshía, hamélech iaanênu veiom cor’ênu, Lamnatsêach mizmor ledavid Adonai beozechá yismach mélech, uvishuatechá ma iaguel meod Taavat libo natata lo, vaaréshet sefatav bal manata sêla Ki tecademenu birchot tov, tashit lerosh atéret paz Chayim shaal mimechá natata lo, órech iamim olam vaed Gadol kevodo bishuatêcha, hod vehadar teshave alav Ki teshitêhu verachot laad, techadêhu vessimchá et panêcha Ki hamélech botêach badonai, uvechéssed elion bal yimot Timtsa iadechá lechol oivêcha, ieminechá timtsa soneêcha Teshitêmo ketanur esh leet panêcha, Adonai beapo ievaleem vetochelem esh Piriamo meérets teabed, vezar’am mibenê adam Ki natu alêcha raá, chashevu mezima bal iuchálu Ki teshitêmo shéchem, bemetarêcha techonen al penehem Ruma Adonai beuzêcha, nashira unezamerá guevuratêcha, Lamnatsêach al aiélet hasháchar mizmor ledavid Eli Eli lama azavtani, rachoc mishuati divrê shaagati Elohai ecra iomam velo taane, velaila velo dumiia li Veata cadosh, ioshev tehilot Yisrael Bechá batechu avotênu, batechu vatefaletêmo Elêcha zaacu venimlátu, bechá vatechu velo vôshu Veanochi toláat velo ish, cherpat adam uvzui am Col roai ial’igu li, iaftíru vessafa ianíu rosh Gol el Adonai iefaletêhu, iatsilêhu ki cháfets bo Ki ata gochi mibáten, mavtichi al shedê imi Alêcha hosh’lachti meráchem, mibéten imi Eli ata Al tirchac mimêni ki tsará kerova, ki en ozer Sevavuni parim rabim, abirê vashan kiterúni Patsu alai pihem, ariê toref veshoeg Camáyim nishpachti vehitparedu col atsmotai, haia libi cadonag names betoch meai Iavesh cachéres cochi uleshoni mudbac malcochai, velaafar mávet tishpetêni Ki sevavuni kelavim, adat mereim hikifúni, caari iadai veraglai Assaper col atsmotai, hema iabitu yir’u vi Iechalecú vegadai lahem, veal levushi iapílu goral Veata Adonai al tirchac, eialuti leezrati chusha Hatsíla mechérev nafshi, miiad kélev iechidati Hoshiêni mipi ariê, umicarnê remim anitáni Assaperá shimchá leechai, betoch cahal ahalelêca Yir’ê Adonai halelúhu, col zéra Iaacov cabedúhu, vegúru mimênu col zéra Yisrael Ki lo vaza velo shicats enut ani, velo histir panav mimênu, uveshaveô elav shamêa Meitechá tehilati becahal rav, nedarai ashalem négued iereav Iochelú anavim veyisbáu, iehalelu Adonai doreshav, iechi levavchém laad Yiskerú veiashúvu el Adonai col afsê árets, veyishtachavu lefanêcha col mishpechót goyim Ki ladonai hamelucha, umoshel bagoyim Achelu vayishtachavu col dishnê érets, lefanav yich’reú col ioredê afar, venafsho lo chiiá Zéra iaavdênu, iessupar ladonai lador Iavôu veiaguídu tsidcato, leam nolad ki assa, Mizmor ledavid, Adonai roí lo echsar Bin’ot déshe iarbitsêni, al mê menuchot ienahalêni Nafshi ieshovev, ianchêni vemaguelê tsédec lemáan shemo Gam ki elech begue tsalmávet, lo ira ra ki ata imadi, shivtechá umish’antêcha hêma ienachamúni Taaroch lefanai shulchan négued tsorerai, dishanta vashemen roshí, cossí revaiá Ach tov vachéssed yirdefúni col iemê chaiai, veshavti bevet Adonai leórech iamim, Ledavid mizmor, ladonai haárets umeloá, tevel veioshevê vá Ki hu al iamim iessadá, veal neharot iechonenêha Mi iaalê vehar Adonai, umi iacúm bimcom codshó Neki chapáyim uvar levav, asher ló nassá lashav nafshí veló nishbá lemirmá Yissá verachá meet Adonai, uts’dacá meelohê yish’ó Zé dor doreshav, mevakeshê fanêcha Iaacóv, sêla Seú shearim rashechém vehinasseú pitchê olam, veiavó mélech hacavód Mi zé mélech hacavód, Adonai izúz veguibór, Adonai guibor milchamá Seú shearim rashechém uss’ú pitchê olam veiavo mélech hacavod Mi hu zé mélech hacavód, Adonai tsevaót hú melech hacavód, sêla, Ledavid, elêcha Adonai nafshi essá Elohai bechá vatachti al evôsha, al iaaltsu oievai li Gam col covêcha lo ievôshu, ievôshu haboguedim recam Derachêcha Adonai hodiêni, orechotêcha lamedêni Hadrichêni vaamitêcha, velamedêni ki ata Elohê yish’i, otechá kiviti col haiom Zechor rachamêcha Adonai vachassadêcha, ki meolam hêma Chatot neurai ufshaai al tizcor, kechasdechá zechor li áta, lemáan tuvechá Adonai Tov veiashar Adonai, al ken iore chataim badárech Iadrech anavim bamishpat, vilamed anavim darco Col orchot Adonai chéssed veemet, lenotserê verito veedotav Lemáan shimchá Adonai, vessalachta laavoni ki rav hu Mi ze haish iere Adonai, iorênu bedérech yivchar Nafsho betov talin, vezar’o yirash árets Sod Adonai lireav, uverito lehodiam Enai tamid el Adonai, ki hu iotsi meréshet raglai Pene elai vechonêni, ki iachid veani áni Tsarot levavi hirchívu, mimetsucotai hotsiêni Ree onyi veamali, vessa lechol chatotai Ree oievai ki rábu, vessin’at chamas seneuni Shomra nafshi vehatsilêni, al evosh ki chassíti vach Tom vaiósher yitserúni, ki kivitícha Pede Elohim et Yisrael micol tsarotav, Ledavid, shoftêni Adonai ki ani betumi haláchti, uvadonai batáchti lo em’ad Bechanêni Adonai venassêni, tsarfa chiliotai velibi Ki chasdechá lenégued enai, vehit’haláchti baamitêcha Lo iashavti im metê shav, veim naalamim lo avo Sanêti kehal mereim, veim reshaim lo eshev Erchats benicaion capai, vaassovevá et mizbachacha Adonai Lashmía becol todá, ulessaper col nifleotêcha Adonai ahavti meon betêcha, umecom mishcan kevodêcha Al teessof im chataim nafshi, veim anshê damim chaiai Asher bidehem zima, viminam maleá shôchad Vaani betumi elech, pedêni vechonêni Ragli ameda vemishor, bemac’helim avarech Adonai, Ledavid, Adonai ori veyish’i mimi ira, Adonai maoz chaiai mimi efchad Bicrov alai mereim leechol et bessari, tsarai veoievai li, hema chashelú venafálu Im tachane alai machane lo yira libi, im tacum alai milchama bezot ani votêach Achat shaálti meet Adonai, ota avakesh, shivtí bevet Adonai col iemê chaiai, lachazot benôam Adonai ulvaker behechalo Ki yitspenêni bessuco beiom raá, iastirêni besséter aholo, betsur ieromemêni Veata iarum roshi al oievai sevivotai, veezbechá veaholo zivchê terua, ashira vaazamera ladonai Shema Adonai coli ecra, vechonêni vaanêni Lecha amar libi bakeshu fanai, et panêcha Adonai avakesh Al taster panêcha mimêni, al tat beaf avdêcha, ezrati hayíta, al titeshêni veal taazvêni Elohê yish’i Ki avi veimi azavúni, vadonai iaasfêni Horêni Adonai darkêcha, unchêni beôrach mishor lemáan shorerai Al titnêni benéfesh tsarai, ki cámu vi êde shéker vifêach chamás Lulê heemánti lir’ot betuv Adonai beérets chayim Cave el Adonai, chazac veiaamets libêcha, vecave el Adonai, Ledavid, elêcha Adonai ecra, tsuri al techerash mimêni, pen techeshe mimêni venimshalti im ioredê vor Shemá col tachanunai beshaveí elêcha, benos’i iadai el devir codshêcha Al timshechêni im reshaim veim pôale áven, doverê shalom im reehem veraá bilvavam Ten lahem kefaolam uch’rôa maalelehem, kemaasse iedehem ten lahem, hashev guemulam lahem Ki lo iavínu el peulot Adonai veel maasse iadav, iehersem velo yivnem Baruch Adonai ki shamá col tachanunai Adonai uzi umaguini, bo vatach libi veneezárti, vaiaaloz libi umishiri ahodênu Adonai oz lámo, umaoz ieshuót meshicho hu Hoshía et amêcha, uvarech et nachalatêcha, ur’em venasseem ad haolam, Mizmor ledavid, havú ladonai benê elim, havú ladonai cavód vaóz Havú ladonai kevod shemo, hishtachavú ladonai behadrat códesch Col Adonai al hamáyim, El hacavód hir’im, Adonai al máyim rabim Col Adonai bacôach, col Adonai behadár Col Adonai shover arazim, vaishaber Adonai et arzê halevanon Vaiarkidêm kemó éguel, levanon vessir’ion kemó ven reemim Col Adonai chotsêv lahavot esh Col Adonai iachil midbar, iachil Adonai midbar cadesch Col Adonai iecholel aialot vaiechessóf iearot, uvehechaló culó omêr cavód Adonai lamabúl iashav, vaiêshev Adonai mélech leolam Adonai óz leamó yiten, Adonai ievarêch et amó vashalom, Mizmor shir chanucat habáyit, ledavid Aromimchá Adonai, ki dilitáni velo simáchta oievai li Adonai Elohai, shiváti elêcha vatirpaêni Adonai, heelita min sheol nafshi, chiyitáni miyardi vor Zamerú ladonai chassidav, vehodú lezécher codsho Ki réga beapo, chayim birtsono, baérev ialin béchi, velabóker rina Vaani amárti veshalvi bal emot leolam Adonai, birtsonechá heemádeta leharerí oz, histárta fanêcha hayiti niv’hal Elêcha Adonai ecra, veel Adonai etchanan Ma bêtsa bedami beridetí el sháchat, haiodechá afar, haiaguid amitêcha Shema Adonai vechonêni, Adonai heiê ozer li Hafáchta mispedi lemachol li, pitáchta saki vateazerêni simchá Lemáan iezamerchá chavod velo yidom, Adonai Elohai, leolam odêca, Lamnatsêach mizmor ledavid Bechá Adonai chassíti, al evosha leolam, betsidcatechá faleteni Hate elai oznechá mehera hatsilêni, heiê li letsur maoz levêt metsudot lehoshiêni Ki sal’i umetsudati áta, ulmáan shimchá tanchêni utnahalêni Totsiêni meréshet zu támenu li, ki ata mauzi Beiadechá afkid ruchi, padíta oti Adonai El emét Sanêti hashomerim havelê shav, vaani el Adonai batáchti Aguíla veesmechá bechasdêcha, asher raíta et onyii iadáta betsarot nafshi Velo hisgartáni beiad oiev, heemádta vamerchav raglai Chonêni Adonai ki tsar li, asheshá vecháas eni nafshi uvitni Ki chalu veiagon chaiai ushenotai baanachá, cashal baavoni chochi vaatsamai asheshu Micol tsorerai hayiti cherpa, velish’chenai meod ufachad limeiudaai, roai bachuts nadedu mimêni Nish’cachti kemet milev, hayiti kich’li oved Ki shamáti dibat rabim magor missaviv, behivassedam iachad alai lacáchat nafshi zamámu Vaani alêcha vatáchti Adonai, amarti Elohai áta Beiadechá itotai, hatsilêni miiad oievai umerodefai Haíra fanêcha al avdêcha, hoshiêni vechasdêcha Adonai al evôsha ki keratícha, ievôshu reshaim yidemú lish’ol Tealámna siftê sháker, hadoverot al tsadic atac begaavá vavuz Ma rav tuvechá asher tsafánta lireêcha, paálta lachossim bach négued benê adam Tastirem besséter panêcha meruch’sê ish, tits’penem bessucá meriv leshonot Baruch Adonai, ki hifli chasdo li beir matsor Vaani amarti vechofzi nigráazti minégued enêcha, achen shamáta col tachanunai beshaveí elêcha Ehevu et Adonai col chassidav, emunim notser Adonai umshalem al iéter osse gaava Chizcu veiaamets levavechém, col hameiachalim ladonai, Ledavid maskil, ashrê nessui pêsha kessui chataá Ashrê adam lo iach’shov Adonai lo avon, veen berucho remiia Ki hecheráshti balu atsamai, beshaagati col haiom Ki iomam valaila tichbad alai iadêcha, nepach leshadi becharvonê cáyits sêla Chatati odiacha vaavoni lo chissíti, amarti ode alê feshaai ladonai, veata nassáta avon chatati sêla Al zot yitpalel col chassid elêcha leet metso, rac leshétef máyim rabim elav lo iaguíu Ata séter li mitsar titserêni, ranê falet tessovevêni sêla Askilechá veorechá bedérech zu telech, iátsa alêcha eni Al tihiu kessus keféred en havin, beméteg varéssen edio livlom bal kerov elêcha Rabim mach’ovim larashá, vehabotêach badonai chéssed iessovevênu Simchu badonai veguílu tsadikim, veharnínu col yishrê lev, Ranenú tsadikim badonai, laisharim nava tehila Hodú ladonai bechinor, benével assor zamerú lo Shiru lo shir chadash, hetívu naguen bitrua Ki iashar devar Adonai, vechol maassêhu beemuna Ohêv tsedacá umishpat, chéssed Adonai maleá haárets Bidvar Adonai shamáyim naassu, uverúach piv col tsevaam Cones caned mê haiam, noten beotsarot tehomot Yireú meadonai col haárets, mimênu iagúru col ioshevê tevel Ki hu amar, vaiêhi, hu tsiva vaiamod Adonai hefir atsat goyim, heni mach’shevot amim Atsat Adonai leolam taamod, mach’shevot libo ledor vador Ashrê hagoi asher Adonai Elohav, haam bachar lenachala lo Mishamáyim hibit Adonai, raá et col bene haadam Mimechon shivto hish’guíach, el col ioshevê haárets Haiotser iáchad libam, hamevin el col maassehem En hamélech nosha berov chayil, guibo lo yinatsel berov côach Shéker hassus litshua, uverov chelo lo iemalet Hine ên Adonai el iereav, lameiachalim lechasdo Lehatsil mimávet nafsham, ulchaiotam baraáv Nafshênu chiketá ladonai, ezrênu umaguinênu hu Ki vo yismach libênu, ki veshem codsho vatáchnu Iehi chasdechá Adonai alênu, caasher yichálnu lach, Ledavid, beshanoto et tamo lifne Avimélech, vaigareshêhu vaielach Avarechá et Adonai bechol et, tamid tehilato befi Badonai tit’halel nafshi, yishmeú anavim veyismáchu Gadelu ladonai iti, uneromena shemo iachdáv Daráshti et Adonai veanáni, umicol megurotai hitsiláni Hibítu elav venaháru, ufenehem al iechpáru Ze ani cara vadonai shamêa, umicol tsarotav hoshió Chone mal’ach Adonai saviv lireav vaichaletsem Taamu ur’ú ki tov Adonai, ashrê haguéver iechessê bo Yir’ú et Adonai kedoshav, ki en mach’sor lireav Kefirim rashu veraêvu, vedoreshê Adonai lo iach’serú chol tov Lechu vanim shim’u li, yir’at Adonai alamedchem Mi haish hechafets chayim, ohev iamim lir’ot tov Netsor leshonechá merá, usfatêcha midaber mirma Sur merá vaassê tov, bakesh shalom verodfêhu Enê Adonai el tsadikim, veoznav el shav’atam Penê Adonai beossê ra, lehach’rit meérets zichram Tsaacu vadonai shamêa, umicol tsarotam hitsilam Carov Adonai lenishberê lev, veet dakeê rúach ioshía Rabot raot tsadic, umiculam iatsilênu Adonai Shomer col atsmotav, achat mehêna lo nishbára Temotet rashá raa, vessoneê tsadic ieeshámu Pode Adonai nefesh avadav, velo ieshemú col hachossim bo, Ledavid, riva Adonai et ierivai, lecham et lochamai Hachazec maguen vetsiná, vecúma beezrati Veharec chanit usgor licrat rodfai, emor lenafshi ieshuatech áni Ievôshu veyicalemu mevac’shê nafshi, yissôgu achor veiach’peru choshevê raati Yihiu kemots lifnê rúach, umal’ach Adonai doche Iehi darcam chóshech vachalac’lacot, umal’ach Adonai rodfam Ki chinam tamenu li shachat rishtam, chinam chaferu lenafshi Tevoêehu shoá lo iedá, verishto asher taman tilkedo beshoá yipol ba Venafshi taguil badonai, tassis bishuato Cal atsmotai tomarna Adonai mi chamôcha, matsil ani mechazac mimenu veani veevion migozelo Iecumun edê chamas, asher lo iadáti yish’alúni Ieshalemúni raá tachat tová, shechol lenafshi Vaani bachalotam levushi sac inêti vatsom nafshi, utfilati al cheki tashuv Kerêa keach li hit’haláchti, caavêl em coder shachôti Uvetsal’i samechu veneessáfu, neesfu alai nechim velo iadáti, careú velo damu Bechanfê laaguê maog, charoc alai shinêmo Adonai cama tir’e, hashiva nafshi mishoehem, mikefirim iechidati Odechá becahal rav, beam atsum ahalelêca Al yismechú li oievai shéker, soneai chinam yicretsu áyin Ki lo shalom iedabêru, veal riguê érets divrê mirmot iachashovun Vaiarchívu alai pihem, ameru heach heach raata enênu Raíta Adonai al techerash, Adonai al tirchac mimêni Haíra vehakítsa lemishpati, Elohai vadonai lerivi Shoftêni chetsidkechá Adonai Elohai veal yismechú li Al iomeru velibam heach nafshênu, al iomeru bilaanúhu Ievôshu veiachperú iachdav semechê raati, yilbeshu voshet uch’limá hamagdilim alai Iarônu veyismechú chafetsê tsidki, veiomeru tamid yigdal Adonai hechafets shelom avdo Ulshoni teguê tsidkêcha, col haiom tehilatêcha, Lamnatsêach leéved Adonai ledavid Neum pêsha larashá bekérev libi, en pachad Elohim lenégued enav Ki hechelic elav beenav, limtso avono lisno Divrê fiv áven umirma, chadal lehaskil lehetiv Áven iach’shov al mishcavo, yitiatsev al dérech lo tov, ra lo yim’as Adonai behashamáyim chasdêcha, emunatechá ad shechakim Tsidcatechá keharerê El, mishpatêcha tehom raba, adam uvehema toshía Adonai Ma iacar chasdechá Elohim, uvenê adam betsel kenafêcha iechessaiun Yirveiun midéshen betêcha, venachal adanêcha tashkem Ki imechá mecor chayim, beorechá nir’e or Meshoch chasdechá leiodeêcha, vetsidcatechá leyishrê lev Al tevoêni réguel gaava, veiad reshaim al tenidêni Sham nafelu pôale áven, dôchu velo iachelu cum, Ledavid, al titchar bamereim, al tecane beossê av’la Ki chechatsir mehera yimálu, ucheiérec déshe yibolun Betach badonai vaasse tov, shechan érets ur’e emuna Vehit’anag al Adonai, veyiten lechá mish’alot libêcha Gol al Adonai darkêcha, uvtach alav vehu iaasse Vehotsi chaor tsidkêcha, umishpatêcha catsahorayim Dom ladonai vehitcholel lo, al titchar bematsliach darco, beish osse mezimot Héref meaf vaazov chema, al titchar ach leharêa Ki mereim yicaretun, vecovê Adonai hema yireshu árets Veod meat veen rashá, vehitbonánta al mecomo veenênu Vaanavim yireshu árets vehit’anegu al rov shalom Zomem rashá latsadic, vechorec alav shinav Adonai yis’chac lo, ki raá ki iavo iomo Chérev patechu reshaim vedarechu cashtam, lehapil ani veevion, litvôach yishrê dárech Charbam tavo velibam, vecashetotam tishavárna Tov meat latsadic, mehamon reshaim rabim Ki zeroot reshaim tishavárna, vessomech tsadikim Adonai Iodêa Adonai iemê temimim, venachalatam leolam tihie Lo ievôshu beet raá, uvimê reavon yisbáu Ki reshaim iovêdu veoievê Adonai kicar carim, calu veashan calu Lovê rashá velo ieshalem, vetsadic chonen venoten Ki mevorachav yireshu árets, umculalav yicarêtu Meadonai mits’ade guéver conánu, vedarco iechpats Ki yipol lo iutal, ki Adonai somech iado Náar hayiti gam zacánti, velo raíti tsadic neezav vezar’o mevakesh láchem Col haiom chonen umalve, vezar’o livrachá Sur merá vaasse tov, ush’chon leolam Ki Adonai ohev mishpat, velo iaazov et chassidav, leolam nishmáru, vezéra reshaim nich’rat Tsadikim yireshu árets, veyishkenu laad alêha Pi tsadic iegue chochma, ulshono tedaber mishpat Torat Elohav belibo, lo tim’ad ashurav Tsofê rashá latsadic, umvakesh lahamito Adonai lo iaazvênu veiado, velo iarshiênu behishafeto Cave el Adonai ushmor darco, viromimchá laréshet árets, behicaret reshaim tir’e Raíti rashá arits umit’are keezrach raanan Vaiavor vehine enênu, vaavac’shêhu velo nimtsa Shemor tam uree iashar, ki acharit leish shalom ufosh’im nishmedu iachdav, acharit reshaim nich’ráta Uteshuat tsadikim meadonai, mauzam beet tsara Vaiazerem Adonai vaifaletem, iefaletem mereshaim veioshiem ki chássu vo, Mizmor ledavid lehazkir Adonai al bekets’pechá tochichêni, uvachamatechá teiasserêni Ki chitsêcha nichatu vi, vatinchat alai iadêcha En metom bivsari mipenê zamêcha, en shalom baatsamai mipenê chatati Ki avonotai averu roshi, kemassa chaved yich’bedu mimeni Hiv’ishu namácu chaburotai mipenê ivalti Naavêti shachôti ad meod, col haiom coder hiláchti Ki chessalai maleu nicle, veen metom bivsari Nefugôti venidkêti ad meod, shaágti minahamat libi Adonai negdechá chol taavati, veanchati mimechá lo nistára Libi secharchar azaváni chochi, veor enai gam hem en iti Ohavai vereai minégued nig’í iaamôdu, ucrovai merachoc amádu Vainakeshu mevakeshê nafshi, vedoreshê raati diberu havót, umirmot col haiom iegu Vaani checheresh lo eshma, ucheilem lo yiftach piv Vaehi keish asher lo shomêa, veen befiv tochachot Ki lechá Adonai hochálti, ata taane Adonai Elohai Ki amarti pen yismechú li, bemot ragli alai higdílu Ki ani letsêla nachon, umach’ovi negdi tamid Ki avoni aguid, ed’ag mechatati Veoievai chayim atsêmu, verabu soneai sháker Umshalemê raá tachat tová, yistenúni tachat rodfi tov Al taazvêni Adonai, Elohai al tirchac mimeni Chúsha leezrati, Adonai teshuati, Lamnatsêach lidutun mizmor ledavid Amárti eshmerá derachai mechato vilshoni, eshmera lefi mach’som beod rashá lenegdi Neelámti dumiiá, hecheshêti mitov, ucheevi necar Cham libi bekirbi bahaguigui tiv’ar esh, dibarti bilshoni Hodiêni Adonai kitsi umidat iamai ma hi, edeá me chadel áni Hine tefachot natáta iamai, vecheldi cheáyin negdêcha, ach col hével col adam nitsav sêla Ach betsélem yit’halech ish, ach hével iehemaiun, yitsbor velo iedá mi ossefam Veata ma kiviti Adonai, tochalti lechá hi Micol peshaai hatsilêni, cherpat naval al tessimêni Neelámti lo eftach pi, ki ata assita Hasser mealai nig’êcha, mitigrat iadechá ani chalíti Betochachot al avon yissárta ish vatémes caash chamudo, ach hével col adam sêla Shim’á tefilati Adonai, veshav’ati haazína, el dim’ati al techerash, ki guer anochi imach, toshav kechol avotai Hasha mimeni veavlíga, betérem elech veenêni, Lamnatsêach ledavid mizmor Cavo kiviti Adonai, vaiet elai vayishmá shav’ati Vaiaalêni mibor shaon mitit haiaven, vaiakem al sêla raglai conen ashurai Vayiten befi shir chadash tehila lelohênu, yir’u rabim veyirau veyivtechu badonai Ashrê haguéver asher sam Adonai mivtacho, velo fana el rehavim vessatê chazav Rabot assíta ata Adonai Elohai, nifleotêcha umach’shevotêcha elênu, en aroch elêcha aguída vaadabêra, atsemu missapêr Zévach uminchá lo chafáts’ta, oznáyim caríta li, olá vachataá lo shaálta Az amárti hine váti, bimguilat sêfer catuv alai Laassót retsonechá Elohai chafáts’ti, vetoratechá betoch meai Bissarti tsédec becahal rav, hine sefatai lo ech’la, Adonai ata iadáta Tsidcatechá lo chissiti betoch libi, emunatechá uteshuatechá amárti, lo chichádeti chasdechá vaamitechá lecahal rav Ata Adonai lo tich’lá rachamêcha mimêni, chasdechá vaamitechá tamid yitserúni Ki afefu alai raót ad en mispar, hissigúni avonotai velo iacholti lir’ot, atsemu missaarot roshi velibi azavani Retse Adonai lehatsilêni, Adonai leezrati chúsha Ievôshu veiachperú iachad mevac’shê nafshi lispota, yissôgu achor veyicalemu chafetsê raati Iashômu al ékev boshtam, haomerim li heach heach Iassíssu veyismechú bechá col mevakeshêcha, iomeru tamid yigdal Adonai ohavê teshuatêcha Vaani ani veevion Adonai, iachashov li, ezrati umfalti áta, Elohai al teachar, Lamnatsêach mizmor ledavid Ashrê maskil el dal, beiom raá iemaletêhu Adonai Adonai yishmerêhu vichaiêhu veushar baártes, veal titenêhu benéfesh oievav Adonai yis’adênu al éres devai, col mishcavo hafáchta vecholió Ani amárti Adonai chonêni, refaá nafshi ki chatáti lach Oievai iomeru ra li, matai iamut veavad shemo Veim ba lir’ot shav iedaber, libo yicbats áven lo, ietse lachuts iedaber Iachad alai yit’lachashu col soneai, alai iach’shevu raá li Devar beli’iáal iatsuc bo, vaasher shachav lo iossif lacum Gam ish shelomi asher batachti vo ochel lachmi, higdil alai akev Veata Adonai chonêni vahakimêni, vaashalema lahem Bezot iadáti ki chafáts’ta bi, ki lo iaría oievi alai Vaani betumi tamáchta bi, vatatsivêni lefanêcha leolam Baruch Adonai Elohe Yisrael mehaolam vead haolam, amen veamen, Lamnatsêach maskil livnê Côrach Keaial taarog al afikê máyim, ken nafshi taarog elêcha Elohim Tsamea nafshi lelohim leel chai, matai avo veerae penê Elohim Haíta li dim’ati léchem iomam valaila, beemor elai col haiom aie Elohêcha Êle ezkera veesh’pechá alai nafshi, ki eevor bassach edadem ad bet Elohim, becol riná vetodá hamon chogueg Ma tishtochachi nafshi vatehemi alai, hochíli lelohim ki od odênu ieshuót panav Elohai alai nafshi tishtochach, al ken ezcorchá meérets Iarden vechermonim mehar mits’ar Tehom el tehom core lecol tsinorêcha, col mishbarêcha vegalêcha alai aváru Iomam ietsave Adonai chasdo uvalaila shiro imi, tefila leel chaiai Omera leel sal’i, láma shechachtáni, láma coder elech beláchats oiev Berétsach beatsmotai cherfuni tsorerai, beomram elai col haiom aie Elohêcha Ma tishtochachi nafshi uma tehemi alai, hochili lelohim ki od odênu ieshuót panai velohai, Shofteni Elohim verivá rivi migoi lo chassid, meish mirma veavla tefaletêni Ki ata Elohê mauzi, lama zenachtáni, láma coder et’halech beláchats oiev Shelach orechá vaamitechá hema ianchúni, ieviúni el har codshechá veel mishkenotêcha Veavôa el mizbach Elohim el El simchat guili, veodechá vechinor, Elohim Elohai Ma tishtochachi nafshi uma tehemi alai, hochíli lelohim ki od odênu ieshuót panai velohai, Lamnatsêach livnê Côrach maskil Elohim beoznênu shamánu avotênu siperú lánu, pôal paálta vimehem bimê kédem Ata, iadechá goyim horáshta vatitaem, tara leumim vateshalechém Ki lo vecharbam iareshu árets uzroam lo hoshía lámo, ki ieminechá uzroachá veor panêcha ki retsitam Ata hu malki Elohim, tsave ieshuót Iaacov Bechá tsarênu nenaguêach, beshimchá navus camênu Ki lo vecashti evtach, vecharbi lo toshiêni Ki hoshatánu mitsarênu, umessan’ênu hevishôta Belohim hilálnu chol haiom, veshimchá leolam nodê sêla Af zanáchta vatachlimênu, velo tetse betsiv’otênu Teshivênu achor mini tsar, umessan’ênu shassu lámo Titenênu ketson maachal, uvagoyim zeritánu Timcor amechá velo hon, velo ribíta bimchirehém Tessimênu cherpa lish’chenênu, laag vakéles lisvivotênu Tessimênu mashal bagoyim, menod rosh bal’umim Col haiom kelimati negdi, uvôshet panai kissátni Micol mecharef umgadef, mipenê oiev umitnakem Col zot baátnu velo shechachanúcha, velo shicárnu bivritêcha Lo nassog achor libênu, vatet ashurênu mini orchêcha Ki dikitánu bimcom tanim, vatechas alênu vetsalmávet Im shacháchnu shem Elohênu, vanifros capênu leel zar Halo Elohim iachacor zot, ki hu iodêa taalumót lev Ki alêcha horágnu chol haiom, nech’shavnu ketson tivchá Úra láma tishan, Adonai, hakítsa, al tiznach lanétsach Láma fanêcha tastir, tishcach oniênu velachatsênu Ki shácha leafar nafshênu, daveca laárets bitnênu Cuma ezráta lánu, ufdênu lemáan chasdêcha, Lamnatsêach al shoshanim livnê Côrach, maskil shir iedidot Rachash libi davar tov, omer ani maassai lemélech, leshoni et sofer mahir Iafiafíta mibenê adam, hutsac chen bessiftotêcha, al ken berachechá Elohim leolam Chagor charbechá al iárech guibor, hodechá vahadarêcha Vahadarechá tselach rechav al devar emét veanva tsédec, vetorechá noraót ieminêcha Chitsêcha shenunim, amim tachtêcha yipelú belev oievê hamélech Kis’achá Elohim olam vaed, shévet mishor shévet malchutêcha Ahávta tsédec vatisná résha, al ken meshachachá Elohim Elohêcha shémen sasson mechaverêcha Mor vaahalot ketsiót col bigdotêcha, min hechelê shen mini simechúcha Benot melachim bikerotêcha, nitsevá shegal liminechá bechétem ofir Shim’i vat ur’í vehati oznech, veshichechi amech uvet avich Veyit’av hamélech iofiech ki hu Adonáyich vehishtachaví lo Uvat tsor beminchá panáyich iechalú ashirê am Col kevudá vat mélech penima, mimishbetsót zahav levushá Lircamót tuval lamélech, betulót acharêha reotêha muvaót lach Tuválna bismachot vaguil, tevoêna behechal mélech Tachat avotêcha yihiu vanêcha, teshitêmo lessarim bechol haárets Azkíra shimchá bechol dor vador, al ken amim iehodúcha leolam vaed, Lamnatsêach livnê Côrach al alamot shir Elohim lánu machasse vaoz, ezra vetsarot nimtsa meod Al ken lo nira behamir árets, uvemot harim belev iamim Iehemu iech’meru memav, yir’ashú harim begaavato sêla Nahar pelagav iessamechú ir Elohim, kedosh mishkenê elion Elohim bekirbá bal timot, iazerêha Elohim lifnot bóker Hamu goyim matu mamlachot, natan becolo tamug árets Adonai tsevaót imánu, misgav lánu Elohê Iaacov sêla Lechú chazú mif’alót Adonai, asher sam shamot baárets Mashbit milchamót ad ketse haárets, késhet ieshaber vekitsets chanit, agalot yisrof baesh Harpu ud’ú ki anochi Elohim, arum bagoyim arum baárets Adonai tsevaót imánu, misgav lánu Elohê Iaacov sêla, Lamnatsêach livnê Côrach mizmor Col haamim tic’ú chaf, haríu lelohim becol riná Ki Adonai elión norá, mélech gadol al cól haárets Iadber amim tachtênu uleumim táchat raglênu Yivchár lánu et nachalatênu, et gueón Iaacov asher ahev, sêla Alá Elohim bitruá, Adonai becol shofar Zamerú Elohim zamêru, zamerú lemalkênu zamêru Ki mélech col haárets Elohim, zamerú maskil Malách Elohim al goyim, Elohim iashav al kissê codshó Nedivê amim neessáfu, am Elohê Avraham, ki lelohim maguinê érets, meód naalá, Shir mizmor livnê Côrach Gadol Adonai umehulal meod beir Elohênu har codshó Iefê nof messos col haárets, har Tsión iarketê tsafon, kiriat mélech rav Elohim bearmenotêha noda lemisgav Ki hinê hamelachim noadu, averú iachdáv Hêma raú ken tamáhu, nivhalú nechpázu Reada achazátam sham, chil caioledá Berúach cadim teshaber oniot tarshish Caasher shamánu ken raínu beir Adonai Tsevaót beir Elohênu, Elohim iechonenêa ad olam, sêla Dimínu Elohim chasdêcha bekérev hechalêcha Keshimchá Elohim ken tehilatechá al catsvê érets, tsédec maleá ieminêcha Yismach har Tsión, taguêlna benot Iehudá lemáan mishpatêcha Sóbu Tsión vehakifuá, sifru migdalêha Shitu libechem lechelá, passegú armenotêha, lemáan tessaperu ledor acharon Ki ze Elohim Elohênu olam vad, hu ienahaguênu al mut, Lamnatsêach livnê Côrach mizmor Shim’ú zot col haamim, haazína col ioshevê cháled Gam bene adam, gam bene ish, iáchad ashir veevion Pi iedaber chochmot, vehagut libi tevunot Atê lemashal ozni, eftach bechinor chidati Láma ira bimê ra, avon akevai iessubêni Habotechim al chelam, uverov oshram yit’halálu Ach lo fado yifde ish, lo yiten lelohim cofro Veiecar pidion nafsham, vechadal leolam Vichi od lanétsach, lo yir’e hashachat Ki yir’e chachamim iamútu, iachad kessil vaváar iovêdu, veazevu laacherim chelam Kirbam batêmo leolam, mishkenotam ledor vador, car’u vishmotam ale adamot Veadam bicar bal ialin, nimshal cabehemot nidmu Ze darcam késsel lámo, veacharehem befihem yirtsu, sêla Catson lisheol shátu, mavet yir’em, veyirdu vam iesharim labóker, vetsuram levalot sheol mizevul lo Ach Elohim yifde nafshi miyad sheol, ki yicachêni sêla Al tira ki iaashir ish, ki yirbe kevod beto Ki lo vemoto yicach hacol, lo iered acharav kevodo Ki nafsho bechaiav ievarech, veiodúcha ki tetiv lach Tavo ad dor avotav, ad nétsach lo yir’u or Adam bicar velo iavin, nimshal cabehemot nidmu, Mizmor leassaf, El Elohim Adonai diber vayicrá árets, mimizrach shémesh ad mevoô Mitsión michlal iofi Elohim hofía Iavo Elohênu veal iecherash, esh lefanav tochel usvivav nis’ara meod Yicra el hashamáyim meal, veel haárets ladin amo Isfu li chassidai, coretê veriti alê závach Vaiaguídu shamáyim tsidco, ki Elohim shofet hu sêla Shim’á ami vaadabêra, Yisrael veaida bach, Elohim Elohêcha anôchi Lo al zevachêcha ochichêcha, veolotêcha lenegdi tamid Lo ecach mibetechá far, mimich’leotêcha atudim Ki li chol chaito iáar, behemot beharerê álef Iadáti col of harim, veziz sadai imadi Im er’av lo omar lach, ki li tevel umeloa Haochal bessar abirim, vedam atudim eshtê Zevách lelohim todá, veshalem leelion nedarêcha Ucraêni beiom tsará, achalêts’cha utechabedêni Velarashá amar Elohim ma lechá lessaper chucai, vatissá veriti alê fícha Veata sanêta mussar, vatashlech devarai acharêcha Im raíta ganav vatirets imo, veim menaafim chelkêcha Pícha shalachta veraá, ulshonechá tats’mid mirmá Teshev beachícha tedaber, beven imechá titen dofi Êle assíta vehecheráshti, dimita heiot ehie chamôcha, ochichachá veeerchá leenêcha Binu na zot shochechê Elôha, pen etrof veen matsil Zovêach todá iechabedaneni, vessam dérech ar’ênu beiêsha Elohim, Lamnatsêach mizmor ledavid Bevo elav Natan hanavi, caasher ba el Bat Sháva Choneni Elohim kechasdêcha, kerov rachamêcha meche feshaai Hérev cabesseni meavoni, umechatati taharêni Ki feshaai ani eda, vechatati negdi tamid Lechá levadechá chatáti, vehara beenêcha assíti, lemáan tits’dac bedavrêcha, tizke veshoftêcha Hen beavon cholalti, uvchet iechematni imi Hen emét chafáts’ta vatuchot, uvsatum chochma todiêni Techateêni veezov veet’har, techabessêni umishéleg albin Tashmiêni sasson vessimchá, taguêlna atsamot dikíta Haster panêcha mechataai, vechol avonotai meche Lev tahor bera li Elohim, verúach nachon chadesh bekirbi Al tashlichêni milefanêcha, verúach codshechá al ticach mimêni Hashíva li sesson yish’êcha, verúach nediva tismechêni Alamedá fosh’im derachêcha, vechataim elêcha iashúvu Hatsilêni midamim, Elohim Elohê teshuati, teranen leshoni tsidcatêcha Adonai sefatai tiftach, ufi iaguid tehilatêcha Ki lo tachpots zévach veetêna, olá lo tirtse Zivchê Elohim rúach nishbára, lev nishbar venidkê Elohim lo tivze Hetiva virtsonechá et Tsión, tivnê chomót Ierushalayim Az tachpóts zivchê tsédec olá vechalil, az iaalu al mizbachachá farim, Lamnatsêach maskil ledavid Bevo Doeg haadomi vaiagued leshaul, vaiomer lo, ba David el bêt Achimélech Ma tit’halel beraá haguibor, chéssed El col haiom Havót tach’shov leshonêcha, ketáar melutash osse remiiá Ahávta rá mitov, shéker midaber tsédec sêla Ahávta chol divrê vála leshon mirmá Gam El yitatsechá lanétsach, iachtechá veyissachachá meôhel, vesheresh’chá meérets chayim sêla Veyir’u tsadikim veyiráu vealav yis’chácu Hine haguéver lo iassim Elohim mauzo, vayivtach berov oshro iaoz behavato Vaani kezáyit raanan bevêt Elohim, batáchti vechéssed Elohim, olam vaed Odechá leolam ki assíta, vaacave shimchá chi tov négued chassidêcha, Lamnatsêach al machalat maskil ledavid Amar naval belibo en Elohim, hish’chitu vehit’ivu ável, en osse tov Elohim mishamáyim hish’kif al benê adam, lir’ot haiesh maskil doresh et Elohim Culó sag, iachdav neeláchu, en osse tov en gam echad Halo iadeu pôale áven, ochelê ami achelu léchem, Elohim lo caráu Sham pachadu fáchad lo haia fachad, ki Elohim pizar atsmot chonach, hevishôta ki Elohim meassam Mi yiten mitsión ieshuót Yisrael, beshuv Elohim shevut amo, iaguel Iaacov yismach Yisrael, Lamnatsêach binguinót maskil ledavid Bevo hazifim vaiomeru leshaul, halo David mistater imánu Elohim beshimchá hoshiêni, uvigvuratechá tedinêni Elohim shemá tefilati, haazína leimrê fi Ki zarim cámu alai vearitsim bic’shu nafshi, lo sámu Elohim lenegdam sêla Hine Elohim ozer li, Adonai bessomechê nafshi Iashiv hara leshorerai, baamitechá hatsmitem Bindavá ezbechá lach, odê shimchá Adonai ki tov Ki micol tsará hitsiláni, uveoievai raata eni, Lamnatsêach binguinót maskil ledavid Haazína Elohim tefilati, veal tit’alam mitechinati Hac’shiva li vaanêni, arid bessichi veahíma Micol oiev mipenê acat rashá, ki iamítu alai áven uveaf yistemúni Libi iachil bekirbi, veemot mávet nafelu alai Yir’á varáad iavo vi, vatechassêni palatsut Vaomar mi yiten li éver caioná, aúfa veesh’cona Hine archic nedod, alin bamidbar sêla Achísha miflat li, merúach soa missáar Balá Adonai palag leshonam, ki raíti chamas veriv baír Iomam valaila iessovevúha al chomotêha, veáven veamal bekirbá Havót bekirbá, velo iamish merechova toch umirma Ki lo oiev iecharefêni veessa, lo messan’i alai higdil veessater mimenu Veata enosh keerki, alufi umeiudaí Asher iachdav namtic sod, bevêt Elohim nehalech beráguesh Iashi mávet alêmo, ieredu sheol chayim, ki raot bimguram bekirbam Ani el Elohim ecrá, vadonai ioshiêni Érev vavóker vetsahoráyim assícha veeheme, vayishmá coli Padá veshalom nafshi mikerav li, ki verabim haiu imadi Yishmá El veiaanem veioshev kédem sêla, asher en chalifót lámo velo iareu Elohim Shalach iadav bishlomav chilel berito Chalecú machmaót piv ukerav libo, racú devarav mishémen vehema fetichót Hashlech al Adonai iehavechá vehu iechalkelêcha, lo yiten leolam mot latsadic Veata Elohim toridem liveer sháchat, anshê damim umirmá lo iechetsú iemehém, vaani evtach bach, Lamnatsêach al ionat élem rechokim ledavid michtam, beechoz oto felishtim begat Chonêni Elohim ki sheafani enosh, col haiom lochem yilchatsêni Shaafu shorerai col haiom, ki rabim lochamim li marom Iom ira, ani elêcha evtach Belohim ahalel devaro, belohim batáchti lo ira, ma iasse vassar li Col haiom devarai ieatsêvu, alai col mach’shevotam lará Iagúru yits’pônu, hema akevai yishmôru, caasher kivu nafshi Al áven palet lámo, beaf amim hored Elohim Nodi safárta áta, síma dim’ati venodêcha halo bessifratêcha Az iashúvu oievai achor beiom ecra, zé iadáti ki Elohim li Belohim ahalel davar, badonai ahalel davar Belohim batáchti lo ira, ma iaasse adam li Alai Elohim nedarêcha, ashalem todot lach Ki hitsálta nafshi mimávet, halo raglai midéchi, lehit’halech lifnê Elohim beor hachayim, Lamnatsêach al tash’chet ledavid michtam, bevorcho mipenê Shaul bameara Chonêni Elohim chonêni ki vechá chassaia nafshi, uvetsel kenafêcha ech’se ad iaavor havót Ecra lelohim elion, lael gomer alai Yishlach mishamáyim veioshiêni cheref shoafi sêla, yishlach Elohim chasdo vaamito Nafshi betoch levaim eshkeva lohatim, benê adam shinehém chanit vechitsim uleshonam chérev chadá Ruma al hashamáyim Elohim, al col haárets kevodêcha Réshet hechinu lif’amai cafaf nafshi, caru lefanai shicha nafelu vetocha sêla Nachon libi Elohim nachon libi, ashira vaazamêra Ura chevodi, ura hanével vechinor, aíra shachar Odechá vaamim Adonai, azamêrcha baleumim Ki gadol ad shamáyim chasdêcha, vead shechakim amitêcha Ruma al shamáyim Elohim, al col haárets kevodêcha, Lamnatsêach al tash’chet ledavid michtam Haumnam élem tsédec tedaberun, mesharim tishpetu benê adam Af belev olot tif’alun, baárets chamas iedechem tefalessun Zôru reshaim meráchem, taú mibéten dovrê chazav Chamat lamo kidmut chamat nachash, kemo féten chéresh iatem ozno Asher lo yishmá lecol melachashim, chover chavarim mechucam Elohim haras shinêmo befímo, malteót kefirim netots Adonai Yimaassu chemo máyim yit’halechu lámo, yidroch chitsav kemo yitmolálu Kemo shabelul témes iahaloch, néfel éshet bal chazu shámesh Betérem iavínu sirotechem atad, kemo chai kemo charon yis’arênu Yismach tsadic ki chaza nacam, peamav yirchats bedam harashá Vaiomar adam ach peri latsadic, ach iesh Elohim shoftim baárets, Lamnatsêach al tash’chet ledavid michtam, bishlôach Shaul vayishmeru et habáyit lahamito Hatsilêni meoievai Elohai, mimitcomemai tessaguevêni Hatsilêni mipôale áven, umeanshê damim hoshiêni Ki hine arevu lenafshi, iagúru alai azim, lo fish’i velo chatati Adonai Beli avon ierutsun veyiconánu, ura licrati ur’e Veata Adonai Elohim Tsevaót Elohê Yisrael, hakítsa lifcód col hagoyim, al tachon col bogdê áven sêla Iashúvu laérev iehemu chacálev vissovevu ir Hine iabiun befihem charavót bessiftotehem, ki mi shomêa Veata Adonai tis’chac lámo, til’ag lechol goyim Uzo elêcha eshmora, ki Elohim misgabi Elohê chasdi iecademêni, Elohim iar’êni veshorerai Al taharguem pen yish’kechú ami, haniêmo vechelechá vehoridêmo maguinênu Adonai Chatat pímo devar sefatêmo, veyilachedú vigueonam umeala umicachash iessapêru Cale bechema cale veenêmo, veiedeú ki Elohim moshel beiaacov leafsê haárets sêla Veiashúvu laérev iehemu chacálev, vissovevu ir Hema ieniun leechol, im lo yisbeú vaialínu Vaani ashir uzêcha vaaranen labóker chasdêcha, ki hayíta misgav li umanos beiom tsar li Uzi elêcha azamêra, ki Elohim misgabi Elohê chasdi, Lamnatsêach al shushan edut, michtam ledavid lelamed Behatsoto et Aram Naharáyim veet Aram Tsova, vaiashov Ioav vaiach et Edom begê mélach shenem assar álef Elohim zenachtánu ferats’tánu, anáfta teshovev lánu Hir’áshta érets petsamtá, refa shevarêha chi máta Hir’íta amechá cashá, hishkitánu iayin tar’ela Natáta lireêcha nes lehitnosses, mipenê cóshet sêla Lemáan iechaletsun iedidêcha, hoshía ieminechá vaanêni Elohim diber becodsho eeloza, achalecá Shechém veémec sucót amaded Li Gil’ad veli Menashe veefráyim maoz roshi, Iehudá mechokeki Moav sir rach’tsi, al Edom ashlich naali, alai peléshet hit’roái Mi iovilêni ir matsor, mi nachani ad Edom Halo ata Elohim zenachtánu, velo tetse Elohim betsivotênu Háva lanu ezrat mitsar, veshav teshuat adam Belohim naasse cháyil, vehu iavus tsarênu, Lamnatsêach al neguinat ledavid Shim’á Elohim rinati, hac’shiva tefilati Mictse haárets elêcha ecra baatof libi, betsur iarum mimêni tanchêni Ki hayíta mach’se li, migdal oz mipenê oiev Agúra veahalchá olamim, echesse vesséter kenafêcha sêla Ki ata Elohim shamáta lindarai, natáta ierushat yir’ê shemêcha Iamim al iemê mélech tossif, shenotav kemo dor vador Ieshev olam lifnê Elohim, chéssed veemét man yintseruhu Ken azamera shimchá laad, leshalemi nedarai iom iom, Lamnatsêach al iedutun mizmor ledavid Ach el Elohim dumiiá nafshi, mimênu ieshuati Ach hu tsuri vishuati, misgabi lo emot raba Ad ána tehotetu al ish teratsechu chulechem, kekir natui gader hadechuia Ach misseeto iaatsu lehadíach yirtsu chazav, befiv ievarechu uvekirbam iecalelu sêla Ach lelohim domi nafshi, ki mimênu ticvati Ach hu tsuri vishuati, misgabi lo emot Al Elohim yish’i uchvodi, tsur uzi mach’si belohim Bitchu vo vechol et, am shifchu lefanav levavechém, Elohim machasse lánu sêla Ach hével benê adam cazav benê ish, bemozenáyim laalót hema mehével iáchad Al tivtechu veôshec, uvgazel al tebálu, cháyil ki ianuv al tashítu lev Achat diber Elohim shetáyim zu shamáti, ki oz lelohim Ulechá Adonai chássed, ki ata teshalem leish kemaassêhu, Mizmor ledavid, bihioto bemidbar Iehudá Elohim Eli ata ashacharêca, tsamea lechá nafshi, cama lechá vessari beérets tsiiá veaief beli máyim Ken bacódesh chazitícha, lir’ot uzechá uchvodêcha Ki tov chasdechá mechayim, sefatai ieshabechunechá Ken avarechechá vechaiai, beshimchá essá chapai Kemo chélev vadéshen tisbá nafshi, vessiftê renanót iehalel pi Im zecharticha al ietsuái, beashmurót egue bach Ki hayíta ezráta li, uvetsel kenafêcha aranen Davecá nafshi acharêcha, bi tamechá ieminêcha Vehêma leshoá ievac’shu nafshi, iavôu betachtiót haárets Iaguirúhu al iedê chárev, menat shualim yihiu Vehamélech yismach belohim, yit’halel col hanishbá bo, ki yissacher pi doverê sháker, Lamnatsêach mizmor ledavid Shemá Elohim coli vessichi, mipachad oiev titsor chaiai Tastirêni missod mereim, merigshat pôale áven Asher shanenu chachérev leshonam, darechu chitsam davar mar Lirot bamistarim tam, pit’om iorúhu velo yiráu Iechazecú lámo davar rá, iessaperú litmon mokeshim, ameru mi yir’e lámo Iachpessu olót tamnu chéfes mechupas, vekérev ish velev amoc Vaiorem Elohim, chets pit’om haiu macotam Vaiach’shilúhu alêmo leshonam, yitnodedu col roe vam Vayireu col adam, vaiaguídu pôal Elohim umaassehu hiskilu Yismach tsadic badonai vechassa vo, veyit’halelú col yishrê lev, Lamnatsêach mizmor ledavid shir Lechá dumiiá tehilá Elohim betsión, ulechá ieshulam néder Shomêa tefilá, adêcha col bassar iavôu Divrê avonót gaveru mêni, peshaênu ata techaperem Ashrê tivchar utcarev yishcon chatserêcha, nisbeá betuv betêcha kedosh hechalêcha Noraot betsédec taanênu Elohê yish’ênu, mivtach col cats’ve érets veiam rechokim Mechin harim bechocho, nezar bigvura Mashbíach sheon iamim, sheon galehem vahamon leumim Vayireu ioshevê ketsavót meototêcha, motsaê vóker vaérev tarnin Pacadta haárets vateshokekêha, rabat tasherêna péleg Elohim male máyim, tachin deganam ki chen techinêha Telamêha rave nachet guedudêha, birvivim temogueguêna tsimchá tevarech Itárta shenat tovatêcha, umagalêcha yir’afun dáshen Yir’afu neót midbar, veguil guevaót tachgórna Laveshú charim hatson vaamakim iaatfu var, yit’roaú af iashíru, Lamnatsêach shir mizmor, haríu lelohim col haárets Zamerú chevod shemó, símu chavod tehilato Imru lelohim ma norá maassêcha, berov uzechá iechachashu lechá oievêcha Col haárets yishtachavú lechá vizamerú lach, iezamerú shimchá sêla Lechú ur’ú mif’alót Elohim, norá alilá al benê adam Hafach iam leiabasha, banáhar iaavru veráguel, sham nismechá bo Moshel bigvurato olam enav bagoyim tits’pêna, hassorerim al iarúmu lámo sêla Barechú amim Elohênu, vehashmíu col tehilato Hassam nafshênu bachayim, velo natan lamot raglênu Ki vechantánu Elohim, tseraftánu kitseraf cássef Havetánu vametsudá, sámta muacá vemotnênu Hircávta enosh leroshênu, bánu vaesh uvamáyim vatotsiênu larvaia Avo vetechá veolót, ashalem lechá nedarai Asher patsú sefatai, vediber pi batsar li Olót mechin aalê lach im ketóret elim, eesse vacar im atudim sêla Lechú shim’ú vaassaperá col yir’ê Elohim, asher assá lenafshi Elav pi caráti, veromam táchat leshoni Áven im raiti velibi, lo yishmá Adonai Achen shama Elohim, hic’shiv becol tefilati Baruch Elohim, asher lo hessir tefilati vechasdo meiti, Lamnatsêach binguinót mizmor shir Elohim iechonênu vivarechênu, iaer panav itánu, sêla Ladáat baárets darkêcha, bechol goyim ieshuatêcha Iodúcha amim Elohim, iodúcha amim culam Yismechú viranenú leumim, ki tishpot amim mishor, uleumim baárets tanchem sêla Iodúcha amim Elohim, iodúcha amim culam Érets natena ievulá, ievarechênu Elohim Elohênu Ievarechênu Elohim, veyireú oto col afsê árets, Lamnatsêach ledavid mizmor shir Iacum Elohim iafútsu oievav, veianússu messan’av mipanav Kehindof ashan tindof, kehimes donag mipenê esh, iovedu reshaim mipenê Elohim Vetsadikim yismechú, iaaltsu lifnê Elohim veiassíssu vessimchá Shíru lelohim zamerú shemo, sôlu larochev baaravot beiá shemo veilzu lefanav Avi ietomim vedaian almanót, Elohim bimeon codshó Elohim moshiv iechidim báita, motsi assirim bacosharot, ach sorerim shachenu tsechichá Elohim betsetechá lifnê amêcha, betsadechá vishimon sêla Érets raasha af shamáyim natefu mipenê Elohim, zé Sinai mipenê Elohim Elohê Yisrael Guéshem nedavót tanif Elohim, nachalatechá venil’a ata chonánta Chaiatechá iashevu va, tachin betovatechá leani Elohim Adonai yiten ômer, hamevasserot tsavá rav Malchê tsevaót yidodun yidodun, unvat báyit techalec shalal Im tishkevun bên shefatáyim, canfê ioná nechpá vakéssef, veevrotêha birac’rac charuts Befares Shadai melachim, ba tashleg betsalmon Har Elohim har Bashan, har gavnunim har Bashan Láma teratsedun harim gavnunim, hahar chamad Elohim leshivto, af Adonai yishcon lanétsach Rechev Elohim ribotáyim alfê shin’an, Adonai vam Sinai bacódesh Alíta lamarom, shavíta shévi, lacáchta matanót baadam, veaf sorerim lishcon Iá Elohim Baruch Adonai iom iom, iaamos lánu hael ieshuatênu sêla Hael lanú El lemoshaót, velelohim Adonai lamávet totsaót Ach Elohim yimchats rosh oievav, codcod sear mit’halech baashamav Amar Adonai mibashan ashiv, ashiv mimetsulót iam Lemáan timchats reglechá bedam, leshon kelavêcha meoievim minêhu Raú halichotêcha Elohim, halichót Eli malki vacódesh Kidemú sharim achar noguenim, betoch alamót tofefót Bemac’helót barechu Elohim, Adonai mimecor Yisrael Sham Biniamin tsair rodem, sarê Iehudá rigmatam, sarê Zevulun sarê Naftali Tsiva Elohêcha uzêcha, úza Elohim, zu paálta lánu Mehechalêcha al Ierushaláyim, lechá iovilu melachim shai Guear chaiat cane, adat abirim beeglê amim, mitrapes beratsê chássef, bizar amim keravot iechpátsu Ieetaiu chashmanim mini Mitsráyim, Cush tarits iadav lelohim Mamlechót haárets shíru lelohim, zamerú Adonai sêla Larochev bishmê shemê kédem, hen yiten becolo col oz Tenú oz lelohim, al Yisrael gaavató veuzo bashechakim Norá Elohim mimicdashêcha, El Yisrael hu noten oz vetaatsumót laam, baruch Elohim, Lamnatsêach al shoshanim ledavid Hoshiêni Elohim, ki váu máyim ad náfesh Taváti biven metsula veen maamad, báti vemaamakê máyim veshibólet shetafatni Iagati vecor’i, nichar groni, calú enai meiachel lelohai Rabu missaarót roshi soneai chinam, atsemu matsmitai oievai shéker asher lo gazálti az ashiv Elohim ata iadáta le’ivalti, veashmotai mimechá lo nich’chadu Al ievôshu vi covêcha Adonai Elohim Tsevaót, al yicalemu vi mevac’shêcha Elohê Yisrael Ki alêcha nassati cherpá, kissetá chelimá fanai Muzar hayiti leechai, venoch’ri livnê imi Ki kin’at betechá achalatni, vecherpót chorefêcha naflu alai Vaevké vatsom nafshi, vatehi lacharafot li Vaetená levushi sac, vaehi lahem lemashal Iassichu vi ioshevê sháar, uneguinót shotê shechar Vaani tefilati lechá Adonai et ratson, Elohim berov chasdêcha, anêni beemét yish’êcha Hatsilêni mitit veal etbáa, inatselá missoneai umimaamakê máyim Al tishtefêni shibólet máyim veal tivlaêni metsulá, veal tetar alai beer píha Anêni Adonai ki tov chasdêcha, kerov rachamêcha pene elai Veal taster panêcha meavdêcha, ki tsar li, maher anêni Corva el nafshi guealá, lemaan oievai pedeni Ata iadáta cherpati uvoshti uchlimati, negdechá col tsorerai Cherpa shavera libi vaanúsha, vaacave lanud vaáyin velamenachamim velo matsáti Vayitenú bevaruti rosh, velits’maí iashcuni chômets Iehi shulchanam lifnehem lefach, velishlomim lemokesh Tech’sháchna enehém mereot, umotnehém tamid ham’ad Shefoch alehem zamêcha, vacharon apechá iassiguem Tehi tiratam neshamá, beaholehem al iehi ioshev Ki ata asher hikíta radáfu, veel mach’ov chalalêcha iessapêru Tena avon al avonam, veal iavôu betsidcatêcha Yimachu missefer chayim, veim tsadikim al yicatêvu Vaani ani vechoev, ieshuatechá Elohim tessaguevêni Ahalela shem Elohim beshir, vaagadelênu vetodá Vetitav ladonai mishor par macrin mafris Raú anavim yismachu, doreshê Elohim vichi levavechém Ki shomêa el evionim Adonai, veet assirav lo vaza Iehalelúhu shamáyim vaárets, iamim vechol romes bam Ki Elohim ioshía Tsión veyivne arê Iehudá, veiáshvu sham vireshúha Vezéra avadav yinchalúha, veohavê shemó yishkenu va, Lamnatsêach ledavid lehazkir Elohim lehatsilêni, Adonai leezrati chúsha Ievôshu veiachperú mevac’shê nafshi, yissôgu achor veyicalemu chafetsê raati Iashúvu al ékev boshtam, haomerim heach heach Iassíssu veyismechú bechá col mevac’shêcha, veiomeru tamid yigdal Elohim ohavê ieshuatêcha Vaani ani veevion Elohim chusha li, ezri umfalti áta, Adonai al teachar, Bechá Adonai chassíti, al evôsha leolam Betsidcatechá tatsilêni utfaletêni, hate elai oznechá vehoshiêni Heie li letsur maon lavo tamid, tsivíta lehoshiêni, ki sal’i umtsudati ata Elohai paletêni miiad rashá, micaf meável vechomets Ki ata ticvati, Adonai Elohim mivtachi mineurai Alêcha nismachti mibéten, mimeê imi ata gozi, bechá tehilati tamid Kemofet hayiti lerabim, veata machassi oz Yimale fi tehilatêcha, col haiom tif’artêcha Al tashlichêni leet zicna, kichlót cochi al taazvêni Ki ameru oievai li, veshomerê nafshi noatsu iachdav Lemor Elohim azavo, ridefú vetif’suhu ki en matsil Elohim al tirchac mimêni, Elohai leezráti chúsha Ievôshu yichlu sotenê nafshi, iaatu cherpá uchlimá mevac’shê raati Vaani tamid aiachel, vehossafti al col tehilatêcha Pi iessaper tsidcatêcha col haiom teshuatêcha, ki lo iadáti seforot Avo bigvurót Adonai Elohim, azkir tsidcatechá levadêcha Elohim limadetáni mineurai, vead hêna aguid nifleotêcha Vegam ad zicna vesseva Elohim al taazvêni, ad aguid zeroachá ledor lechol iavo guevuratêcha Vetsidcatechá Elohim ad marom, asher assita guedolót, Elohim mi chamôcha Asher hir’itáni tsarót rabót veraót, tashuv techaiêni umitehomót haárets tashuv taalêni Térev guedulati vetissov tenachamêni Gam ani odechá vichli nével amitechá Elohai, azamerá lechá vechinor kedosh Yisrael Teranêna sefatai ki azamerá lach, venafshi asher padíta Gam leshoni col haiom tegue tsidcatêcha, ki vôshu chi chaferu mevac’shê raati, Lishlomo, Elohim mishpatêcha lemélech ten, vetsidcatechá leven mélech Iadin amechá vetsédec, vaaniiêcha vemishpat Yiss’ú harim shalom laam, ugvaót bits’daca Yishpot aniiê am, ioshía livnê evion, vidake oshec Yiraúcha im shámesh, velifnê iarêach dor dorim Iered kematar al guez, kirvivim zarzif árets Yifrach beiamav tsadic, verov shalom ad beli iarêach Veierd miiam ad iam, uminahar ad afsê árets Lefanav yich’reu tsiyim, veoievav afar ielachêchu Malchê Tarshish veiyim minchá iashívu, malchê Shevá usvá eshcar iacrívu Veyishtachavu lo chol melachim, col goyim iaavdúhu Ki iatsil evion meshavêa, veani veen ozer lo Iachos al dal veevion, venafshot evionim ioshía Mitoch umechamas yig’al nafsham, veiecar damam beenav Vichi veyiten lo mizehav Shevá, veyitpalel baado tamid, col haiom ievarachen’hu Iehi fissat bar baárets berosh harim, yir’ash calevanon pirio, veiatsítsu meír keéssev haárets Iehi shemó leolam lifnê shémesh yinon shemó, veyitbarechú vo, col goyim ieasherúhu Baruch Adonai Elohim Elohê Yisrael, osse niflaót levado Uvaruch shem kevodo leolam, veyimale chevodo et col haárets, amen veamen Colu tefilót David ben Yishai, Mizmor leassaf, ach tov leyisrael Elohim levarê levav Vaani kim’at nataiu raglai, keáyin shupechu ashurai Ki kinêti baholelim, shelom reshaim er’e Ki en chartsubót lemotam, uvari ulam Baamal enosh enêmo, veim adam lo ienugáu Lachen anacatmo gaavá, iaatof shit chamas lámo Iatsa mechélev enêmo, averu maskiiót levav Iamícu vidaberú verá ôshec, mimarom iedabêru Shatu vashamáyim pihem, ulshonam tihalach baárets Lachen iashuv amo halom, umê male yimátsu lámo Veameru echá iáda El, veiesh deá veelion Hine ele reshaim, veshalvê olam hisgu cháyil Ach ric zikiti levavi, vaerchats benicaion capai Vaehi nagúa col haiom, vetochachti labecarim Im amárti assaperá chemo, hine dor banêcha vagadeti Vaachashevá ladáat zot, amal hu veenai Ad avo el micdeshê El, avína leacharitam Ach bachalacót tashit lámo, hipaltam lemashuót Ech haiu leshama cherága, sáfu támu min balahot Cachalom mehakits, Adonai bair tsalman tivze Ki yitchamets levavi, vechiliotai eshtonan Vaani váar velo eda, behemot hayiti imach Vaani tamid imach, acházta beiad iemini Baatsatechá tanchêni, veachar cavod ticachêni Mi li vashamáyim, veimechá lo chafats’ti vaárets Cala sheeri ulvavi, tsur levavi vechelki Elohim leolam Ki hine rechekêcha iovêdu, hits’mata col zone mimêca Vaani kirvat Elohim li tov, shati badonai Elohim mach’si lessaper col mal’achotêcha, Maskil leassaf, lama Elohim zanáchta lanétsach, ieshan apechá betson mar’itêcha Zechor adatechá caníta kédem, gaálta shévet nachalatêcha, har Tsión ze shachánta bo Haríma feamêcha lemashuót nétsach, col herá oiev bacódesh Shaagu tsorerêcha bekérev moadêcha, sámu ototam otot Yivada kemeví lemála, bisvach ets cardumót Veata pituchêha iáchad, bechashil vechelapot iahalômun Shilchu vaesh micdashêcha, laárets chilelu mishcan shemêcha Ameru velibam ninam iáchad, sarefu chol moadê El baárets Ototênu lo raínu, en od navi, velo itánu iodêa ad ma Ad matai Elohim iecharef tsar, ienaets oiev shimchá lanétsach Láma tashiv iadechá viminêcha, mikérev chekechá chale Velohim malki mikéden, poel ieshuót bekérev haárets Ata forárta veozechá iam, shibárta rashê taninim al hamáyim Ata ritsáts’ta rashê liviatan, titenênu maachal leam letsiyim Ata vacáta maian vanáchal, ata hováshta naharot etan Lechá iom af lechá laila, ata hachinôta maor vashámesh Ata hitsav’ta col guevulot árets, cáyits vachóref ata ietsartam Zechor zot oiev cheref Adonai, veam naval niatsu shemêcha Al titen lechaiat néfesh torêcha, chaiat aniiêcha al tishcach lanétsach Habet laberit, ki maleú machashakê érets neot chamas Al iashov dach nich’lam, ani veevion iehalelu shemêcha Cuma Elohim riva rivêcha, zechor cherpatechá mini naval col haiom Al tishcach col tsorerêcha, sheon camêcha olê tamid, Lamnatsêach al tash’chet, mizmor leassaf shir Hodínu lechá Elohim, hodínu vecarov shemêcha, siperú nifleotêcha Ki ecach moed, ani mesharim eshpot Nemoguim érets vechol ioshevêha, anochi ticánti amudêha sêla Amárti laholelim al tahôlu, velareshaim al tarímu cáren Al tarímu lamarom carnechem, tedaberu vetsavar atac Ki lo mimotsa umimaarav, velo mimidbar harim Ki Elohim shofet, ze iashpil veze iarim Ki chos beiad Adonai, veiáyin chamar mále méssech, vaiaguer mize, ach shemarêha yimtsu yishtu col rish’ê árets Vaani aguid leolam, azamerá lelohê Iaacov Vechol carnê reshaim agadêa, teromámna carnot tsadic, Lamnatsêach binguinót, mizmor leassaf shir Nodá bihudá Elohim, beyisrael gadol shemo Vaihi veshalem suco, umeonato vetsión Sháma shibar rish’fê cáshet, maguen vechéref umilchamá sêla Naor ata, adir meharerê táref Eshtolelu abirê lev namu shenatam, velo matseu chol anshê cháyil iedehem Migaaratechá Elohê Iaacov, nirdam veréchev vassus Ata, nôra áta, umi iaamod lefanêcha meaz apêcha Mishamáyim hishmáta din, érets iarea veshacáta Becum lamishpat Elohim, lehoshia col anvê érets sêla Ki chamat adam todêca, sheerit chemot tachgor Nidru veshalemú ladonai Elohechém, col sevivav iovílu shai lamorá Yiv’tsor rúach neguidim, norá lemalchê árets, Lamnatsêach al iedutun leassaf mizmor Coli el Elohim veets’áca, coli el Elohim vehaazin elai Beiom tsarati Adonai daráshti, iadi laila niguerá velo tafug, meana hinachem nafshi Ezkera Elohim veehemaia, assícha vetit’atef ruchi sêla Acházta shemurot enai, nif’amti velo adaber Chishávti iamim mikédem, shenot olamim Ezkerá neguinati balaila, im levavi assícha, vaichapes ruchi Haleolamim yiznach Adonai, velo iossif lirtsot od Heafes lanétsach chasdo, gámar ômer ledor vador Hashachach chanot El, im cafats beaf rachamav sêla Vaomar chaloti hi, shenot iemin Elion Ezcor maalelê Iá ki ezkerá mikédem pil’êcha Vehaguíti vechol paolêcha, uvaalilotêcha assícha Elohim bacódesh darkêcha, mi El gadol kelohim Ata hael ôsse féle, hodáta vaamim uzêcha Gaálta bizrôa amêcha, benê Iaacov veiossef sêla Raúcha máyim Elohim, raúcha máyim iachílu, af yirguezú tehomot Zoremu máyim avot col natenu shechakim, af chatsatsêcha yit’haláchu Col raamcha bagalgal, heíru verakim tevel, ragueza vatir’ash haárets Baiam darkêcha, ushevilêcha bamáyim rabim, veikevotêcha lo nodáu Nachíta chatson amêcha, beiad Moshe veaharon, Maskil leassaf, haazína ami torati, hatu oznechem leimrê fi Eftecha vemashal pi, abía chidot mini kédem Asher shamánu vanedaem, vaavotênu siperú lánu Lo nechached mibenehem, ledor acharon messaperim tehilot Adonai, veezuzo venifleotav asher assá Vaiákem edut beiaacov vetora sam beyisrael, asher tsivá et avotênu lehodiam livnehem Lemáan iedeu dor acharon banim yivalêdu, iacúmu vissaperú livnehem Veiassímu velohim kislam, velo yish’kechú maalelê El, umitsvotav yintsôru Velo yihiu caavotam dor sorer umore, dor lo hechin libo, velo neemna et El rucho Benê Efráyim noshekê romê cáshet, hafechu beiom kerav Lo shameru berit Elohim, uvtorato meanu laléchet Vayish’kechú alilotav, venifleotav asher her’am Négued avotam assa féle, beérets Mitsráim sede Tsôan Báca iam vaiaavirem, vaiatsev máyim kemo ned Vaianchem beanan iomam, vechol halaila beor esh Ievaca tsurim bamidbar, vaiashke kitehomot raba Vaiotsi nozelim missála, vaiôred caneharot máyim Vaiossífu od lachato lo, lamrot Elion batsiiá Vainassu El bilvavam, lish’ol ochel lenafsham Vaidaberu belohim, ameru haiúchal El laaroch shulchan bamidbar Hen hica tsur vaiazúvu máyim unechalim yishtôfu, hagam léchem iúchal tet, im iachin sheer leamo Lachen shama Adonai vayit’abar, veesh nisseca veiaacov, vegam af ala veyisrael Ki lo heeminu belohim, velo vatechu bishuato Vaitsav shechakim mimáal, vedaltê shamáyim patach Vaiamter alehem man leechol, udegan shamáyim nátan lámo Léchem abirim áchal ish, tseda shalach lahem lassôva Iassa cadim bashamáyim, vainaheg beuzo teman Vaiamter alehem keafar sheer, uchechol iamim of canaf Vaiapel bekérev machanêhu, saviv lemishkenotav Vaiochelu vayisbeú meod, vetaavatam iavi lahem Lo záru mitaavatam, od ochlam befihem Veaf Elohim ala vahem vaiaharog bemishmanehem, uvachurê Yisrael hich’ría Bechol zot chateu od, velo heemínu benifleotav Vaichal bahével iemehem, ushnotam babehala Im haragam udrashúhu, veshávu veshicharu El Vayizkeru ki Elohim tsuram, veel elion goalam Vaifatúhu befihem, uvilshonam iechazevu lo Velibam lo nachon imo, velo neemnu bivrito Vehu rachum iechaper avon velo iash’chit, vehirba lehashiv apo, velo iair col chamato Vayizcor ki vassar hêma, rúach holech velo iashuv Cama iamrúhu vamidbar, iaatsivúhu bishimon Vaiashúvu vainassu El, ucdosh Yisrael hitvu Lo zacheru et iado, iom asher padam mini tsar Asher sam bemitsráyim ototav, umofetav bisde Tsôan Vaiahafoch ledam ieorehem, venozelehem bal yishtaiun Ieshalach bahem arov vaiochelem, uts’fardêa vatash’chitem Vayiten lechassil ievulam viguiam laarbe Iaharog babarad gafnam, veshicmotam bachanamal Vaiasguer labarad beiram, umicnehem lareshafim Ieshalach bam charon apo evra vazaam vetsara, mishlachat mal’achê raim Iefales nativ leapo, lo chassach mimávet nafsham, vechaiatam ladéver hisguir Vaiach col bechor bemitsráyim, reshit onim beaholê Cham Vaiassá catson amo, vainahaguem caéder bamidbar Vaianchem lavétach velo fachadu, veet oievehem kissá haiam Vaiviem el guevul codsho, har ze canetá iemino Vaigaresh mipenehem goyim vaiapilem bechével nachalá, vaiash’ken beaholehem shivtê Yisrael Vainassu vaiamru et Elohim elion, veedotav lo shamáru Vayissôgu vayiv’guedu caavotam, nepechu kekéshet remiia Vaiachissúhu bevamotam, uvifessilehem iacniúhu Shama Elohim vayit’abar, vayim’as meod beyisrael Vayitosh mishcan Shiló, ohel shiken baadam Vayiten lashêvi uzo, vetif’arto veiad tsar Vaiasguer lachérev amo, uvnachalato hit’abar Bachurav ochela esh, uvtulotav lo hulálu Cohanav bachérev nafálu, vealmenotav lo tivkêna Vayicats keiashen Adonai, keguibor mit’ronen miiáyin Vaiách tsarav achor, cherpat olam nátan lámo Vayim’as beohel Iossef, uvshévet Efráyim lo vachar Vayivchar et shévet Iehuda, et har Tsión asher ahev Vayíven kemo ramim micdasho, keérets iessadá leolam Vayivchar bedavid avdo, vayicachêhu mimich’leot tson Meachar alot hevio, lir’ót beiaacov amo uveyisrael nachalato Vayir’em ketom levavo, uvitvunot capav ianchem, Mizmor leassaf, Elohim báu goyim benachalatêcha, timeú et hechal codshêcha, sámu et Ierushaláyim leiyim Natenu et nivlat avadêcha maachal leof hashamaáyim, bessar chassidêcha lechaito árets Shafechú damam camáyim, sevivot Ierushaláyim veen cover Hayínu cherpá lish’chenênu, láag vakéles lisvivotênu Ad ma Adonai teenaf lanétsach, tiv’ar kemo esh kin’atêcha Shefoch chamatechá el hagoyim asher lo iedaúcha, veal mamlachot asher beshimchá lo caráu Ki achal et Iaacov, veet navêhu heshámu Al tizcor lánu avonot rishonim, maher iecademúnu rachamêcha, ki dalônu meod Ozrênu Elohê yish’enu al devar kevod shemêcha, vehatsilenu vechaper al chatotênu lemáan shemêcha Láma iomeru hagoyim aiê Elohehem, yivada bagoyim leenênu nicmat dam avadêcha hashafuch Tavo lefanêcha encat assir, kegódel zeroachá, hoter benê temuta Vehashev lish’chenênu shiv’atáyim el checam, cherpatam asher cherefúcha Adonai Vaanáchnu amechá vetson mar’itêcha nodê lechá leolam, ledor vador nessaper tehilatêcha, Lamnatsêach el shoshanim, edut leassaf mizmor Roe Yisrael haazína noheg catson Iossef, ioshev hakeruvim hofía Lifnê Efráyim uviniamin umenashe orerá et guevuratêcha, ulchá lishuáta lánu Elohim hashivênu, vehaer panêcha venivashêa Adonai Elohim Tsevaót, ad matai ashánta bitfilat amêcha Heechaltam léchem dim’á, vatash’kêmo bid’maót shalish Tessimênu madon lish’chenênu, veoievênu yil’agú lámo Elohim Tsevaót hashivênu, vehaer panêcha venivashêa Guéfen mimitsráyim tassía, tegaresh goyim vatitaêha Piníta lefanêha vatash’resh shorashêha, vatemale árets Cassu harim tsilá, vaanafêha arzê El Teshalach ketsirêha ad iam, veel nahar ionecotêha Láma paráts’ta guederêha, vearúha col overê dárech Iecharsemêna chazir miiáar veziz sadai yir’êna Elohim Tsevaót shuv na, habet mishamáyim ur’e, ufcod guéfen zot Vechaná asher nateá ieminêcha, veal ben imáts’ta lach Serufa vaesh kessuchá, migaarat panêcha iovêdu Tehi iadechá al ish ieminêcha, al ben adam imáts’ta lach Velo nassog mimêca, techaiênu uvshimchá nicrá Adonai Elohim Tsevaót hashivênu, haer panêcha venivashêa, Lamnatsêach al haguitit leassaf Harnínu lelohim uzênu haríu lelohe Iaacov Seú zimra utnu tof, kinor naim im nável Tic’ú vachodesh shofar, bakésse leiom chaguênu Ki choc leyisrael hu, mishpat lelohê Iaacov Edut bihossef samó betseto al érets Mitsráyim, sefat lo iadáti eshma Hassirôti missével shichmo, capav midud taavórna Batsara caráta vaachaletsêca, eenchá besséter ráam, evchonchá al mê meriva, sêla Shema ami veaída bach, Yisrael im tishma li Lo yihie vecha el zar, velo tishtachave leel nechar Anochi Adonai Elohêcha hamaalchá meérets Mitsráyim, harchev pícha vaamal’êhu Velo shama ami lecoli, veyisrael lo áva li Vaashalechêhu bishrirut libam, ielechu bemoatsotehem Lu ami shomêa li, Yisrael bidrachai iehalêchu Kim’at oievehem achnía veal tsarehem ashiv iadi Messaneê Adonai iecháchashu lo, vihi itam leolam Vaiaachilêhu mechélev chitá, umitsur devash asbiêca, Mizmor leassaf, Elohim nitsav baadat El, bekérev Elohim yishpot Ad matai tishpetú ável, ufnê reshaim tis’ú, sêla Shiftú dal veiatom, ani varash hatsdícu Paletú dal veevion, miiad reshaim hatsílu Ló iadeú veló iavínu, bachashechá yit’haláchu, yimótu col mossedê árets Ani amárti elohim atem uvnê elion culchem Achen keadam temutun, ucheachad hassarim tipôlu Cuma Elohim, shoftá haárets, ki ata tinchal bechol hagoyim, Shir mizmor leassaf Elohim al domi lach, al techerash veal tish’cot El Ki hine oievêcha iehemaiun, umssan’êcha nasseú rosh Al amechá iaarímu sod, veyit’iaatsu al tsefunêcha Ameru lechu venach’chidem migoi, velo yizacher shem Yisrael od Ki noatsu lev iachdav, alêcha berit yich’rotu Aholê Edom veyishmeelim, Moav vehaguerim Gueval veamon vaamalec, Peléshet im ioshevê Tsor Gam Ashur nilvá imam, haiu zerôa livnê Lot sêla Asse lahem kemidian, kessisserá cheiavin benáchal Kishon Nishmedu veen dor, haiu dômen laadamá Shitêmo nedivêmo keorev vechizeev, uchzévach uchtsalmuná col nessichêmo Asher ameru niresha lánu, et neot Elohim Elohai shitêmo chagalgal, kecash lifnê rúach Keesh tiv’ar iáar, uchlehava telahet harim Ken tirdefem bessaarêcha, uvsufatechá tevahalem Male fenehem calon, vivac’shú shimchá Adonai Ievôshu veyibahalu adê ad, veiach’peru veiovêdu Veiedeú ki ata shimchá Adonai levadêcha, elion al col haárets, Lamnatsêach al haguitit, livnê Côrach mizmor Ma iedidot mishkenotêcha Adonai Tsevaót Nich’sefá vegam caleta nafshi lechats’rot Adonai, libi uvsari ieranenú el El chai Gam tsipor matseá váyit, uderor ken la asher sháta efrochêha, et mizbechotêcha Adonai Tsevaót malki velohai Ashrê ioshevê vetêcha, od iehalelúcha sêla Ashrê adam oz lo vach, messilót bilvavam Overê beémec habacha maian ieshitúhu, gam berachot iate more Ielechu mecháyil el cháyil, ierae el Elohim betsion Adonai Elohim Tsevaót shim’á tefilati, haazína Elohê Iaacov sêla Maguinênu ree Elohim, vehabet penê meshichêcha Ki tov iom bachatserêcha meálef, bachárti histofef bevêt Elohai midur beaholê résha Ki shémesh umaguen Adonai Elohim, chen vechavod yiten Adonai, lo yimná tov laholechim betamim Adonai Tsevaót, ashrê adam botêach bach, Lamnatsêach livnê Côrach mizmor Ratsíta Adonai artsêcha, shávta shevit Iaacov Nassáta avon amêcha, kissíta chol chatatam sêla Assáfta chol evratêcha, heshivôta mecharon apêcha Shuvênu Elohê yish’ênu, vehafer caas’chá imánu Haleolam teenaf bánu, timshoch apechá ledor vador Halo ata tashuv techaiênu, veamechá yismechú vach Har’ênu Adonai chasdêcha, vaiesh’achá titen lánu Eshmeá ma iedaber hael Adonai, ki iedaber shalom el amo veel chassidav, veal iashúvu lechislá Ach carov lireav yish’ó, lishcon cavod beartsênu Chéssed veemét nifgáshu, tsédec veshalom nashácu Emét meérets titsmach, vetsédec mishamáyim nishcaf Gam Adonai yiten hatov, veartsênu titen ievulá Tsédec lefanav iehalech, veiassem ledérech peamav, Tefila ledavid, hate Adonai oznechá anêni, ki ani veevion áni Shamra nafshi ki chassid áni, hosha avdechá ata Elohai, habotêach elêcha Chonêni Adonai, ki elêcha ecrá col haiom Samêach néfesh avdêcha, ki elêcha Adonai nafshi essa Ki ata Adonai tov vessalach, verav chéssed lechol coreêcha Haazina Adonai tefilati vehac’shíva becol tachanunotai Beiom tsarati ecraêca, ki taanêni En camôcha vaelohim Adonai, veen kemaassêcha Col goyim asher assíta iavôu veyishtachavú lefanêcha Adonai, vichabedú lishmêcha Ki gadol ata veosse niflaot, ata Elohim levadêcha Horêni Adonai darkêcha, ahalech baamitêcha, iached levavi leyir’á shemêcha Odechá Adonai Elohai bechol levavi, vaachabedá shimchá leolam Ki chasdechá gadol alai, vehitsálta nafshi misheól tachtiya Elohim, zedim cámu alai vaadat aritsim bic’shú nafshi, velo samúcha lenegdam Veata Adonai El rachum vechanun, érech apáyim verav chéssed veemet Pene elai vechonêni, tena uzechá leavdêcha, vehoshía leven amatêcha Asse imi ot letova, veyir’u soneai veievôshu, ki ata Adonai azartáni venichamtáni, Livnê Côrach mizmor shir, iessudato beharerê códesh Ohev Adonai shaarê Tsión, micol mishkenót Iaacov Nichbadot medubar bach, ir haelohim sêla Azkir Rahav uvavel leiodeai, hine Feléshet vetsor im Cush, ze iulad sham Ultsión ieamar ish veish iulad ba, vehu iechonenêha elion Adonai yispor bichtov amim, ze iulad sham sêla Vesharim kecholelim, col maianai bach, Shir mizmor livnê Côrach, Lamnatsêach al machalat leanot, maskil leheman haezrachi Adonai Elohê ieshuati, iom tsaácti valaila negdêcha Tavo lefanêcha tefilati, hate oznechá lerinati Ki savea veraot nafshi, vachaiai lish’ol higuíu Nech’shavti im ioredê vor, hayíti keguéver en eial Bametim chofshi, kemo chalalim shochevê kéver asher lo zechartam od, vehêma miiadechá nigzáru Shatáni bevor tachtiót, bemachashakim bimtsolot Alai samechá chamatêcha, vechol mishbarêcha iníta sêla Hirchácta meiudaai mimêni, shatáni toevot lámo, calu velo etse Eni daava mini ôni, keratícha Adonai bechol iom, shitáchti elêcha chapai Halametim táasse péle, im refaim iacúmu iodúcha sêla Haissupar bakéver chasdêcha, emunatechá baavadon Hayivada bachóshech pil’êcha, vetsidcatechá beérets neshiiá Vaani elêcha Adonai shiváti, uvabóker tefilati tecademêca Lama Adonai tiznach nafshi, tastir panêcha mimeni Ani ani vegovêa minôar, nassáti emêcha afúna Alai averu charonêcha, biutêcha tsimtutúni Sabúni chamáyim col haiom, hikífu alai iáchad Hirchácta mimêni ohev varêa, meiudaai mach’shach, Maskil leetan haerzrachi Chasdê Adonai olam ashíra, ledor vador odía emunatechá befi Ki amárti olam chéssed yibanê, shamáyim tachin emunatechá vahem Caráti verit livchiri, nishbáti ledavid avdi Ad olam achin zar’êcha, uvaníti ledor vador kis’acha sêla Veiodu shamáyim pil’acha Adonai, af emunatechá bic’hal kedoshim Ki mi vasháchac iaaroch ladonai, yidme ladonai bivnê elim El naarots bessod kedoshim raba, venorá al col sevivav Adonai Elohê Tsevaót mi chamôcha chassin Iá, veemunatechá sevivotêcha Ata moshel begueut haiam, besso galav ata teshabechem Ata dikíta chechalal ráhav, bizrôa uzechá pizárta oievêcha Lechá shamáyim af lechá árets, tevel umloá ata iessadtam Tsafon veiamin ata veratam, Tavor vechermon beshimchá ieranênu Lechá zerôa im guevurá, taoz iadechá tarum ieminêcha Tsédec umishpat mechon kis’êcha, chéssed veemét iecademú fanêcha Ashrê haam iodê teruá, Adonai beor panêcha iehalêchun Beshimchá ieguilun col haiom, uvetsidcatechá iarúmu Ki tiféret uzámo áta, uvirtsonechá tarum carnênu Ki ladonai maguinênu, velicdosh Yisrael malkênu Az dibárta vechazon lachassidêcha, vatômer shivíti êzer al guibor, harimôti vachur meam Matsáti David avdi, beshémen codshi meshachtiv Asher iadi ticon imo, af zeroí teametsênu Lo iashi oiev bo, uven avla lo ieanênu Vechatoti mipanav tsarav, umsan’av egof Veemunati vechasdi imo, uvishmi tarum carno Vessamti vaiam iado, uvaneharot iemino Hu yicraêni ávi áta, Eli vetsur ieshuati Af ani bechor etenêhu, elion lemalchê árets Leolam eshmor lo chasdi, uvriti neemenet lo Vessamti laad zar’ó, vechis’ó kimê shamáyim Im iaazvu vanav torati, uvmishpatai lo ielêchun Im chucotai iechalêlu, umitsvotai lo yishmôru Ufacadeti veshévet pish’am, uvingaim avonam Vachasdi lo afir meimo, velo ashaker beemunati Lo achalel beriti, umotsá sefatai lo ashane Achat nishbáti vecodshi, im ledavid achazev Zar’ó leolam yihie, vechis’ó chashémesh negdi Keiarêach yicon olam, veed basháchac neeman sêla Veata zanáchta vatim’as, hit’abárta im meshichêcha Neárta berit avdêcha, chilálta laárets nizro Paráts’ta chol guederotav, sámta mivtsarav mechita Shassúhu col overê dárech, haia cherpa lish’chenav Harimôta iemin tsarav, hismáchta col oievav Af tashiv tsur charbo, velo hakemoto bamilchamá Hishbáta mitoharo, vechis’ó laárets migárta Hictsárta iemê alumav, heetíta alav bushá sêla Ad ma Adonai tissater lanétsach, tiv’ar kemo esh chamatêcha Zechor ani me cháled, al ma shav baráta chol benê adam Mi guéver yichie velo yir’e mávet, iemalet nafsho miiad sheól sêla Aiê chassadêcha harishonim, Adonai, nishbáta ledavid beemunatêcha Zechor Adonai cherpat avadêcha, seeti vecheki col rabim amim Asher cherefu oievêcha, Adonai, asher cherefu ikevot meshichêcha Baruch Adonai leolam amen veamen, Tefila lemoshe ish haelohim, Adonai, maon ata hayíta lánu bedor vador Betérem harim iuládu vatecholel érets vetevel, umeolam ad olam ata El Tashêv enosh ad daca, vatômer shúvu vene adam Ki élef shanim beenêcha keiom etmol ki iaavor, veashmura valaila Zeramtam shena yihiu, baboker kechatsir iachalof Baboker iatsits vechalaf, laérev iemolel veiavesh Ki chalínu veapêcha, uvachamatechá niv’hálnu Shata avonotênu lenegdêcha, alumênu lim’or panêcha Ki chol iamênu panu veevratêcha, kilínu shanênu chemo hêgue Ieme shenotênu vahem shiv’im shana, veim bigvurot shemonim shana verobam amal vaáven, ki gaz chish vanaúfa Mi iodêa oz apêcha, ucheyir’atecha evratêcha Limnot iamênu ken hoda, venavi levav chochmá Shuva Adonai ad matai, vehinachem al avadêcha Sabeênu vaboker chasdêcha, uneranena venismechá bechol iamênu Samechênu kimot initánu, shenot raínu raá Ierae el avadêcha faolêcha, vahadarechá al benehem Vihi nôam Adonai Elohênu alênu, umaassê iadênu conena alênu, umaassê iadênu conenêhu, Ioshev besséter elion, betsel Shadai yit’lonan Omar ladonai mach’si umtsu dati, Elohai evtach bo Ki hu iatsilechá mipach iacush, midéver avót Beevrato iássech lach, vetáchat kenafav tech’se, tsina vessorecha amito Ló tira mipáchad laila, mechets iauf iomam Midéver baofel iahaloch, mikétev iashud tsahoráyim Yipol mitsidechá élef urvavá miminêcha, elêcha lo yigash Rac beenêcha tabit, veshilumat reshaim tir’e Ki ata Adonai mach’si, elion sámta meonêcha Ló teune elêcha raá venêga lo yicrav beaholêcha Ki mal’achav ietsave lach, lishmorchá bechol derachêcha Al capáyim yisaúncha, pen tigof baéven raglêcha Al shachal vaféten tidroch, tirmos kefir vetanin Ki vi chashac vaafaletêhu, assaguevêhu ki iada shemi Yicraêni veenêhu, imo anochi vetsara, achaletsêhu vaachabedêhu Órech iamim asbiêhu vear’êhu bishuati, Mizmor shir leiom hashabat Tov lehodot ladonai ulzamer leshimchá elión Lehaguid babóker chasdêcha, veemunatechá balelót Alê assór vaalê nável, alê higaion bechinor Ki simachtáni Adonai befaolêcha, bemaasse iadêcha aranên Ma gadelú maassêcha Adonai, meod amecú mach’shevotêcha Ish baár lo iedá, uchessil lo iavín et zot Bifrôach reshaim kemó éssev, vaiatsítsu cól pôale áven, lehishamedam adê ad Veata marom leolam Adonai Ki hinê oievêcha Adonai, ki hinê oievêcha iovêdu, yitparedú cól pôale áven Vatarem kir’em carni, baloti beshémen raanan Vatabet ení beshurai, bacamim alai mereim, tishmána oznai Tsadic catamar yifrach, keérez balevanon yisguê Shetulim bevêt Adonai, bechats’rot Elohênu iafríchu Od ienuvun bessevá, deshenim veraananim yihiú Lehaguid ki iashar Adonai, tsuri velo avláta bó, Adonai malách, gueút lavesh, lavesh Adonai, oz hit’azar, af ticon tevel bal timot Nachon kis’achá meaz, meolam áta Nasseú neharot Adonai, nasseú neharot colam, is’ú neharot doch’iám Micolot máyim rabim, adirim mishberê iam, adir bamarom Adonai Edotêcha neem’nu meod, levetechá naava codesh, Adonai leórech iamim, El necamot Adonai, El necamot hofía Hinassê shofet haárets, hashev guemul al gueím Ad matai reshaim Adonai, ad matai reshaim iaalózu Iabíu iedaberu atac, yit’amerú col pôale áven Amechá Adonai iedakeú venachalatechá ieanú Almana veguer iaharôgu, vitomim ieratsêchu Vaiomeru lo yir’ê Iá, veló iavin Elohê Iaacov Bínu boarim baam, uch’silim matai taskílu Hanôta ózen halo yishma, im iôtser áyin halo iabit Haiosser goyim halo iochíach, hamelamed adam dáat Adonai iodêa mach’shevot adam, ki hêma hável Ashrê haguéver asher teiasserênu Iá, umitoratechá telamedênu Lehashkit lo míme ra, ad yicarê larasha sháchat Ki lo yitosh Adonai amo, venachalato lo iaazov Ki ad tsédec iashuv mishpat, veacharav col yishrê lev Mi iacum li im mereím, mi yit’iatsev li im pôale áven Lulê Adonai ezráta li, kim’at shachna dumá nafshi Im amárti máta ragli, chasdechá Adonai yis’adêni Berov sar’apai bekirbi, tanchumêcha ieshaash’ú nafshi Haichovrecha kisse havot, iotser amal ale choc Iagôdu al néfesh tsadic, vedam naki iarshíu Vaihi Adonai li lemisgav, velohai letsur mach’si Vaiáshev alehem et onam uv’raatam iatsmitem, iatsmitem Adonai Elohênu, Lechú neranená ladonai, nariá letsur yish’ênu Necadmá fanav betoda, bizmirot naría lo Ki El gadol Adonai, umélech gadol al col elohim Asher beiado mechkerê árets, vetoafot harim lo Asher lo haiam vehu assáhu, veiabéshet iadav iatsáru Bôu nishtachave venichráa, nivrecha lifnê Adonai ossênu Ki hu Elohênu, vaanáchnu am mar’ito vetson iado, haiom im becoló tishmáu Al tac’shú levavchem kimrivá, keiom massá bamidbar Asher nissúni avotechêm, bechanúni gam raú faolí Arbaim shaná acut bedor, vaomar am toê levav hem, vehem lo iadeú derachái Asher nishbáti veapí, im ievoún el menuchatí, Shíru ladonai shir chadásh, shíru ladonai col haárets Shíru ladonai, barechú shemo, basseru miion leiom ieshuató Saperu vagoyim kevodo, bechol haamim nifleotáv Ki gadol Adonai umehulal meod, norá hu al col elohim Ki col elohê haamim elilím, vadonai shamáyim assá Hod vehadar lefanáv, óz vetif’éret bemicdasho Havu ladonai mishpechót amim, havú ladonai cavód vaoz Havú ladonai kevod shemó, seú minchá uvôu lechats’rotáv Hishtachavú ladonai behadrát códesh, chílu mipanáv col haárets Imrú vagoyim Adonai malách, af ticón tevel bal timot, iadin amim bemesharim Yismechú hashamáyim vetaguel haárets, yir’am haiam umeloó Iaalóz sadai vechol asher bo, az ieranenú col atsê iáar Lifnê Adonai ki va, ki va lishpot haárets, yishpot tevel betsédec veamim beemunató, Adonai malách taguêl haárets, yismechú iyím rabim Anan vaarafêl sevivav, tsédec umishpát mechon kis’ó Esh lefanav telêch, ut’lahêt saviv tsarav Heíru veracav tevel, raatá vatachel haárets Harim cadonág namássu milifnê Adonai, milifnê adon col haárets Higuídu hashamáyim tsidcó, veraú chol haamim kevodó Ievôshu col ôvede féssel hamit’halelim baelilím, hishtachavú ló col elohim Shameá vatismach Tsión, vataguêlna benót Iehudá, lemaan mishpatêcha Adonai Ki atá Adonai elión al col haárets, meod naalêta al col elohim Ohavê Adonai sin’ú ra, shomer nafshot chassidáv, miiad reshaim iatsilêm Or zarúa latsadic, uleyishrê lev simchá Simchú tsadikim badonai, vehodú lezecher codshó, Mizmor, shíru ladonai shir chadash, ki niflaót assá, hoshía lo iemino uzrôa codshó Hodía Adonai ieshuato, leenê hagoyim guilá tsidcató Zachár chasdo veemunato levêt Yisrael, raú col afsê árets et ieshuat Elohênu Haríu ladonai col haárets, pits’chú veranenú vezamêru Zamerú ladonai bechinor, bechinor vecol zimrá Bachatsotserót vecol shofar haríu lifnê hamélech Adonai Yir’am haiam umeloó, tevel veiôsheve va Neharot yimcháu chaf, iáchad harim ieranênu Lifnê Adonai ki va lishpót haárets, yishpót tevel betsédec veamim bemesharim, Adonai malách yirguezú amim, ioshev keruvim tanút haárets Adonai betsión gadol, veram hu al col haamim Iodú chimchá gadol venorá, cadosh hu Veóz mélech mishpát ahev, atá conánta mesharim, mishpát uts’dacá beiaacóv atá assíta Romemú Adonai Elohênu, vehishtachavú lahadom ragláv, cadosh hu Moshe veaharon bechoanav, ushmuel becoreê shemo, corim el Adonai vehu iaanem Beamúd anan iedaber alehêm, shamerú edotáv vechóc nátan lámo Adonai Elohênu atá anitam, El nossê hayíta lahem, venokêm al alilotam Romemú Adonai Elohênu vehishtachavú lehar codshó, ki cadosh Adonai Elohênu, Mizmor letoda, haríu ladonai col haárets Ivdú et Adonai bessimchá, bôu lefanav birnana Deú ki Adonai hu Elohim, hu assánu veló anáchnu, amo vetson mar’ito Bôu shearav betoda, chatserotav bit’hila, hôdu ló, barechú shemo Ki tov Adonai, leolam chasdo, vead dor vador emunató, Ledavid mizmor, chéssed umishpat ashíra, lechá Adonai azamêra Askíla bedérech tamim matai tavo elai, et’halech betom levavi bekérev beti Lo ashit lenégued enai devar beliial, asso setim sanêti, lo yidbac bi Levav ikesh iassur mimêni, rá lo eda Melashni vasséter reêhu, oto atsmit, guevá enáyim ur’chav levav oto lo uchal Enai beneemnê érets lashévet imadi, holech bedérech tamim hu iesharetêni Lo ieshev bekérev beti osse remiiá, dover shecarim lo yicon lenégued enai Labecarim atsmit col rish’ê árets, lehach’rit meir Adonai col pôale áven, Tefilá leani chi iaatof, velifnê Adonai yishpoch sicho Adonai shim’á tefilati, veshav’ati elêcha tavo Al taster panêcha mimeni beiom tsar li, hate elai oznêcha beiom ecrá, maher anêni Ki chalu veashan iamai, veatsmotai kemoked nicháru Huca chaéssev vayivash libi, ki shachachti meachol lachmi Micol anchati, daveca atsmi liv’sari Damíti likeat midbar, hayíti kechos choravot Shacádti vaehie ketsipor boded al gag Col haiom cherefuni oievai, meholalai bi nishbáu Ki éfer caléchem achálti, veshicuvai bivchí massáchti Mipenê zaamechá vekits’pêcha, ki nassatáni vatashlichêni Iamai ketsel natúi, vaani caéssev ivash Veata Adonai leolam teshev, vezich’rechá ledor vador Ata tacum terachem Tsión, ki et lechenená ki va moed Ki ratsu avadêcha et avanêha, veet afará iechonênu Veyireú goyim et shem Adonai, vechol malchê haárets et kevodêcha Ki vaná Adonai Tsión, nirá bich’vodo Paná el tefilat haar’ar, velo vazá et tefilatam Ticatev zot ledor acharon, veam nivrá iehalel Iá Ki hishkif mimerom codsho, Adonai mishamáyim el érets hibit Lishmôa encat assir, lefatêach benê temuta Lessaper betsión shem Adonai, ut’hilato birushaláyim Behicavets amim iachdav, umamlachot laavod et Adonai Ina vadérech cochi, kitsar iamai Omar Eli al taalêni bachatsi iamai, bedor dorim shenotêcha Lefanim haárets iassádta, umaasse iadêcha shamáyim Hema iovêdu veata taamod, vechulam cabégued yivlu, calevush tachalifem veiachalôfu Veata hu, ushnotêcha lo yitamu Benê avadêcha yishcônu, vezar’am lefanêcha yicon, Ledavid barechí nafshi et Adonai, vechol keravai et shem codsho Barechí nafshi et Adonai veal tishkechi col guemulav Hassolêach lechol avonêchi, harofe lechol tachaluáichi Hagoel misháchat chaiáichi, hameaterêchi chéssed verachamim Hamasbia batov ediech, tit’chadesh canésher neuráichi Osse tsedacot Adonai, umishpatim lechol ashukim Iodía derachav lemoshe, livnê Yisrael alilotav Rachum vachanun Adonai, érech apáyim verav chássed Lo lanétsach iariv, velo leolam yitor Lo chachataênu ássa lánu, velo chaavonotênu gamal alênu Ki chiguevôha shamáyim al haárets, gavar chasdo al iereav Kir’choc mizrach mimaarav, hir’chic mimenu et peshaênu Kerachem av al banim, richam Adonai al iereav Ki hu iadá yits’rênu, zachur ki afar anáchnu Enosh kechatsir iamav, ketsits hassade ken iatsits Ki rúach avera bo veenênu, velo iakirênu od mecomo Vechéssed Adonai meolam vead olam al iereav, vetsidcato livnê vanim Leshomerê verito, ulzocherê ficudav laassotam Adonai bashamáyim hechin kis’ó, umalchuto bacol mashála Barechú Adonai mal’achav, guiborê chôach ossê devaro, lishmôa becol devaro Barechú Adonai col tsevaav, mesharetav ossê retsono Barechú Adonai col maassav bechol mecomót memshalto, barechí nafshi et Adonai, Barechí nafshí et Adonai, Adonai Elohai gadálta meod, hod vehadar laváshta Ôte or cassalmá, note shamáyim cairiá Hamecare vamáyim aliyotav, hassam avim rechuvo, hamehalech al canfê rúach Osse mal’achav ruchot, mesharetav esh lohet Iassad érets al mechonêha, bal timot olam vaed Tehom calevush kissito, al harim iáamdu máyim Min gaaratechá ienussun, min col raamchá iechafezun Iaalu harim, ieredu vecaot, el mecom ze iassádeta lahem Guevul sámta bal iaavorun, bal ieshuvun lechassot haárets Hameshalêach maianim banechalim, ben harim iehalechun Iashcu col chaieto sadai, yishberu ferayim tsemaam Alehem of hashamáyim yishcon, miben ofayim yitenu col Mashke harim mealiyotav, miperi maassêcha tisba haárets Matsmíach chatsir labehema, veéssev laavodat haadam, lehotsi léchem min haárets Veiáin iessamach levav enosh lehats’hil panim mishámen, veléchem levav enosh yis’ad Yisbeú atse Adonai, arzê Levanon asher nata Asher sham tsiporim iecanênu, chassidá beroshim betá Harim haguevohim laieelim, selaim mach’se lashefanim Assa iarêach lemoadim, shémesh iada mevoô Táshet chóshech víhi laila, bo tirmos col chaieto iáar Hakefirim shoaguim latáref, ulvakesh meel ochlam Tizrach hashémesh ieassefun, veel meonotam yirbatsun Ietsê adam lefaolo, velaavodato adê árev Ma rabu maassêcha Adonai, culam bechochma assíta, malea haárets kin’ianêcha Ze haiam gadol ur’chav iadáyim, sham rémes veen mispar, chaiot ketanot im guedolot Sham oniyot iehalechun, liv’iatan ze iatsárta lessáchec bo Culam elêcha iessaberun, latet ochlam beito Titen lahem yilcotun, tiftach iadechá yisbeun tov Tastir panêcha yibahelun, tossef rucham yigvaun, veel afaram ieshuvun Teshalach ruchachá yibareun, ut’chadesh pene adama Iehi chevod Adonai leolam, yismach Adonai bemaassav Hamabit laárets vatir’ad, yiga beharim veieeshánu Ashíra ladonai bechaiái, azamera lelohai beodi Ieerav alav shichi, anochi esmach badonai Yitámu chataim min haárets ur’shaim od enam, barechi nafshi et Adonai, haleluiá, Hodú ladonai kir’u vishmó, hodíu vaamim alilotav Shíru lo, zamerú lo, síchu bechol nifleotav Hit’halelu beshem codsho, yismach lev mevac’shê Adonai Dirshu Adonai veuzo, bakeshú fanav tamid Zichru nifleotav asher assa, mofetav umishpetê fiv Zéra Avraham avdo, benê Iaacov bechirav Hu Adonai Elohênu, bechol haárets mishpatav Zachar leolam berito, davar tsivá leélef dor Asher carat et Avraham, ushvuato leyis’chac Vaiaamidêha leiaacov lechoc, leyisrael berit olam Lemor lechá eten et érets Kenáan, chével nachalatchem Bihiotam metê mispar, kim’at vegarim ba Vayit’halechu migoi el goi, mimamlacha el am acher Lo hiníach adam leoshcam, vaiôchach alehem melachim Al tigueú vimshichai, velinviai al tarêu Vayicra raav al haárets, col mate léchem shavar Shalach lifnehem ish, leéved nimcar Iossef Inú vakével raglo, barzel báa nafsho Ad et bo devaro, imrat Adonai tserafát’hu Shálach mélech vaiatirêhu, moshel amim vaifatechêhu Samo adon leveto, umoshel bechol kiniano Leessor sarav benafsho, uzkenav iechakem Vaiavo Yisrael Mitsráyim, veiaacov gar beérets Cham Vaiêfer et amo meod, vaiaatsimêhu mitsarav Hafach libam lisnô amo, lehit’nakel baavadav Shalach Moshe avdo, Aharon asher báchar bo Sámu vam divrê ototav, umofetim beérets Cham Shálach chóshech vaiach’shich, velo maru et devaro Hafach et memehem ledam, vaiámet et degatam Sharats artsam tsefardeim, bechadrê malchehem Amar vaiavo arov, kinim bechol guevulam Natan guishmehem barad, esh lehavot beartsam Vaiach gafnam uteenatam, vaishaber ets guevulam Amar vaiavo arbe, veiélec veen mispar Vaiôchal col essev beartsam, vaiôchal peri admatam Vaiach col bechor beartsam, reshit lechol onam Vaiotsiem bechéssef vezahav, veen bishvatav coshel Samach Mitsaráyim betsetam, ki nafal pachdam alehem Paras anan lemassach, veesh lehair laila Shaal vaiave selav, veléchem shamáyim iasbiem Pátach tsur vaiazúvu máyim, halechu batsiiot nahar Ki zachar et devar codsho, et Avraham avdo Vaiotsi amo vessasson, beriná et bechirav Vayiten lahem artsot goyim, vaamal leumim yiráshu Baavur yishmerú chucav, vetoratav yintsôru, halelu Iá, Haleluiá, hodu ladonai ki tov, ki leolam chasdo Mi iemalel guevurot Adonai, iashmía co tehilato Ashrê shomerê mishpat, osse tsedaca vechol et Zochrêni Adonai birtson amêcha, pocdêni bishuatêcha Lir’ot betovat bechirêcha, lismôach bessimchat goiêcha, lehit’halel im nachalatêcha Chatánu im avotênu, heevínu hirshánu Avotênu vemitsráyim lo hiskílu nifleotêcha, lo zacheru et rov chassadêcha, vaiamru al iam beiam suf Vaioshiem lemáan shemó, lehodía et guevurato Vayig’ar beiam suf vaiecherav, vaiolichem batehomot camidbar Vaioshiem miiad sone, vayig’alem miiad oiev Vaichassu máyim tsarehem, echad mehem lo notar Vaiaaminu vidvarav, iashíru tehilato Miharu shachechú maassav, lo chicu laatsato Vayit’avu taava bamidbar, vainassu El bishimon Vayiten lahem sheelatam, vaishalach razon benafsham Vaican’ú lemoshe bamachané, leaharon kedosh Adonai Tiftach érets vativla Datan, vatechas al adat Aviram Vativ’ar esh baadatam, lehava telahet reshaim Iáassu éguel bechorev, vayishtachavu lemassechá Vaiamíru et kevodam, betavnit shor ochel éssev Shachechu El moshiam, osse guedolot bemitsráyim Niflaót beérets Cham, noraót al iam suf Vaiômer lehashmidam, lulê Moshe vechiro amad bapérets lefanav, lehashiv chamato mehash’chit Vayim’assu beérets chemdá, lo heeminu lidvaro Vaieraguenu veaholehem, lo shameú becol Adonai Vayissá iado lahem, lehapil otam bamidbar Ulehapil zar’am bagoyim, ulzarotam baaratsot Vayitsamedu leváal peor, vaiochelú zivchê metim Vaiach’íssu bemaalelehem, vatifrots bam maguefá Vaiaamod Pinechás vaifalel, vateatsar hamaguefá Vatecháshev lo lits’dacá, ledor vador ad olam Vaiac’tsífu al mê merivá, vaiêra lemoshe baavuram Ki himru et rucho, vaivate bisfatav Lo hishmídu et haamim, asher amar Adonai lahem Vayit’arevu vagoyim, vayilmedu maassehem Vaiaavdu et atsabehem, vayihiu lahem lemokesh Vayizbechú et benehem veet benotehem lashedim Vayispechu dam naki, dam benehem uvnotehem asher zibechú laatsabê Chenáan, vatechenaf haárets badamim Vayitmeú vemaassehem, vayiznu bemaalelehem Vayíchar af Adonai beamo, vaitaev et nachalato Vayitenem beiad goyim, vayimshelú vahem soneehem Vayilchatsum oievehem, vayicaneu tachat iadam Peamim rabot iatsilem, vehêma iamru vaatsatam, vaiamôcu baavonam Vaiar batsar lahem, beshom’o et rinatam Vayizcor lahem berito, vayinachem kerov chassadav Vayiten otam lerachamim, lifnê col shovehem Hoshiênu Adonai Elohênu vecabetsênu min hagoyim, lehodot leshem codshêcha, lehishtabêach bitehilatêcha Baruch Adonai Elohê Yisrael min haolam vead haolam, veamar col haam amen, halelú Iá, Hodú ladonai ki tov, ki leolam chasdo Iomeru gueulê Adonai, asher guealam miyad tsar Umearatsot kibetsam, mimizrach umimaarav, mitsafon umiyam Taú vamidbar bishimon dárech, ir moshav lo matsáu Reevim gam tsemeim, nafsham bahem tit’ataf Vayits’acu el Adonai batsar lahem, mimetsucotehem iatsilem Vaiadrichem bedérech ieshará, laléchet el ir moshav Iodú ladonai chasdo venifleotav livenê adam Ki hisbía néfesh shokeka, venéfesh reeva mile tov Ioshevê chóshech vetsalmávet, assirê ôni uvarzel Ki himru imre El, vaatsat elion naátsu Vaiachna beamal libam, cashelu veen ozer Vayiz’acu el Adonai batsar lahem, mimetsucotehem ioshiem Iotsiem mechóshech vetsalmávet, umosserotehem ienatec Iodú ladonai chasdo venifleotav livenê adam Ki shibar daltot nechóshet, uveriche varzel guidêa Evilim midérech pish’am, umeavonotehem yit’anu Col ôchel tetaev nafsham, vaiaguíu ad shaarê mávet Vayiz’acu el Adonai batsar lahem, mimetsucotehem ioshiem Yishlach devaro veyirpaem, vimalet mishechitotam Iodú ladonai chasdo venifleotav livenê adam Veyizbechu zivchê toda, vissaperu maassav berina Ioredê haiam baoniyot, ossê melacha bemáyim rabim Hêma raú maassê Adonai venifleotav bimtsula Vaiômer vaiaamed rúach seara, vateromem galav Iaalu shamáyim, ieredu tehomot, nafsham beraa titmogag Iachôgu veianúu cashicor, vechol chochmatam titbalá Vayits’acu el Adonai batsar lahem, umimetsucotehem iotsiem Iakem seara lidmama, vaiecheshu galehem Vayismechu chi yishtôcu, vaianchem el mechoz cheftsam Iodú ladonai chasdo venifleotav livenê adam Viromemúhu bikehal am, uvmoshav zekenim iehalelúhu Iassem neharot lemidbar, umotsáe máyim letsimaon Érets peri limlecha, meraat ioshevê va Iassem midbar láagam máyim, veérets tsiya lemotsáe máyim Vaiôshev sham reevim, vaichonenu ir moshav Vayizreú sadot vayiteú cheramim, vaiaassu peri tevua Vaivarechem vayirbu meod, uv’hemtam lo iam’it Vayim’atu vaiashôchu, meótser raa veiagon Shofech buz al nedivim, vaiat’em betôhu lo dárech Vaissaguev evion meôni, vaiássem catson mishpachot Yir’ú iesharim veyismáchu, vechol avlá cáftsa píha Mi chacham veyishmor ele, veyitbonenu chasdê Adonai, Shir mizmor ledavid Nachon libi Elohim, ashíra vaazamerá af kevodi Ura hanével vechinor, aíra shachar Odechá vaamin, Adonai, vaazamerchá bal’umim Ki gadol meal shamáyim chasdêcha, vead shechakim amitêcha Rúma al shamáyim Elohim, veal col haárets kevodêcha Lemáan iechaletsun iedidêcha, hoshía ieminechá vaanêni Elohim diber becodsho eelôza, achalecá Shechém veémec Sucót amaded Li Gil’ad li Menashe, veefráyim maoz roshi, Iehudá mechokekí Moav sir rach’tsi, al Edom ashlich naali, alê Feléshet etroá Mi iovilêni ir mivtsar, mi nacháni ad Edom Halo Elohim zenachtánu, velo tetse Elohim betsiv’otênu Háva lánu ezrat mitsar, veshav teshuat adam Belohim naasse cháyil, vehu iavus tsarênu, Lamnatsêach ledavid mizmor, Elohê tehilati al techerash Ki fi rashá ufi mirmá alai patáchu, diberú iti leshon sháker Vedivrê sin’á sevavúni, vayilachamúni chinam Táchat ahavati yistenúni, vaani tefilá Vaiassímu alai raá táchat tová, vessin’á táchat ahavati Hafked alav rashá, vessatan iaamod al iemino Behishafeto ietse rashá, utfilato tihie lachataa Yihiu iamav meatim, pecudato yicach acher Yihiu vanav ietomim, veishto almaná Venôa ianúu vanav veshielu, vedareshu mecharvotehem Ienakesh noshe lechol asher lo, veiavôzu zarim ieguio Al iehi lo moshech chássed, veal iehi chonen litomav Iehi acharito lehach’rit, bedor acher yimach shemam Yizacher avon avotav el Adonai, vechatat imo al timach Yihiu négued Adonai tamid, veiach’ret meérets zich’ram Iáan asher lo zachar assot chássed, vayirdof ish ani veevion venich’e levav lemotet Vaieehav kelalá vatevoêhu, velo chafets bivrachá vatirchac mimênu Vayilbash kelalá kemado, vatavo chamáyim bekirbo, vechashémen beatsmotav Tehi lo kevégued iate, ulmêzach tamid iachguerêha Zot peulat sotenai meet Adonai, vehadoverim rá al nafshi Veata Elohim Adonai asse iti lemáan shemêcha, ki tov chasdechá hatsilêni Ki ani veevion anôchi, velibi chalal bekirbi Ketsel kintoto neheláchti, nin’arti caarbê Bircai cashelu mitsom, uvsari cachash mishámen Vaani hayiti cherpá lahem, yir’uni ieniun rosham Ozrêni Adonai Elohai, hoshiêni chechasdêcha Veiedeú ki iadechá zot, ata Adonai assíta Iecalelu hêma veata tevarech, cámu vaievôshu veavdechá yismach Yilbeshú sotenai kelimá, veiaatu chameil boshtam Ode Adonai meod befi, uvtoch rabim ahalelênu Ki iaamod limin evion, lehoshía mishofetê nafshó, Ledavid mizmor, neum Adonai, ladoni, shev limini, ad ashit oievêcha hadom leraglêcha Mate uzechá yishlach Adonai mitsión, rede bekérev oievêcha Amechá nedavot beiom chelêcha, behadrê códesh meréchem mish’char, lechá tal ialdutêcha Nishbá Adonai velo yinachem, ata choen leolam, al divrati malki tsédec Adonai al ieminechá, machats beiom apo melachim Iadin bagoyim male gueviyót, máchats rosh al érest raba Mináchal badérech yishte, al ken iarim rosh, Haleluiá, ode Adonai bechol levav, bessod iesharim veeda Guedolim maassê Adonai, derushim lechol chef’tsehem Hod vehadar paolo, vetsidcato omédet laad Zécher assa lenifleotav, chanun verachum Adonai Téref natan lireav, yizcor leolam berito Côach maassav higuid leamo, latet lahem nachalat goyim Maassê iadav emét umishpat, neemanim col picudav Semuchim laad leolam, assuyim beemét veiashar Pedut shalach leamo, tsivá leolam berito, cadosh venorá shemó Reshit chochmá yir’at Adonai, séchel tov lechol ossehem, tehilato omédet laad, Haleluiá, ashrê ish iare et Adonai, bemitsvotav chafets meod Guibor baárets yihie zar’ó, dor iesharim ievorach Hon vaósher beveto, vetsidcato omédet laad Zarach bachóshech or laisharim, chanun verachum vetsadic Tov ish chonen umalvê, iechalkel devarav bemishpat Ki leolam lo yimot, lezécher olam yihie tsadic Mishemuá raá lo yirá, nachon libo batúach badonai Samuch libo lo yirá, ad asher yir’ê vetsarav Pizar natan laevionim, tsidcato omédet laad, carno tarum bechavod Rashá yir’ê vechaas, shinav iacharoc venamas, taavat reshaim toved, Haleluiá, halelu avdê Adonai, halelu et shem Adonai Iehí shem Adonai mevorach meat vead olam Mimizrach shémesh ad mevoô, mehulal shem Adonai Ram al col goyim Adonai, al hashamáyim kevodo Mi cadonai Elohênu hamagbihi lashávet, hamashpili lir’ot bashamáyim uvaárets Mekimi meafar dal, meashpot iarim evion Lehoshivi im nedivim, im nedivê amo Moshivi akéret habáyit, em habanim semecha, halelu Iá, Betset Yisrael mimitsráyim, bet Iaacov meam loez Haieta Iehudá lecodsho, Yisrael mamshelotav Haiam raa vaianos, haiarden yissov leachor Heharim rakedu cheelim, guevaot kivnê tson Ma lecha haiam ki tanus, haiarden tissov leachor Heharim tirkedú cheelim, guevaot kivnê tson Milifnê adon chúli árets, milifnê Elôha Iaacov Hahofechi hatsur agam máyim, chalamish lemaieno máyim, Lo lánu Adonai lo lánu, ki leshimchá tem cavod al chasdechá al amitêcha Láma iomeru hagoyim aiê na Elohehem Velohênu vashamáyim, col asher chafets assa Atsabehem késsef vezahav, maassê iedê adam Pe lahem velo iedabêru, enáyim lahem velo yir’ú Oznáyim lahem velo yishmáu, af lahem velo ierichun Iedehem velo iemishun, raglehem velo iehalêchu, lo iegu bigronam Kemohem yihiu ossehem, col asher botêach bahem Yisrael betach badonai, ezram umaguinan hu Bet Aharon bitchú vadonai, ezram umaguinam hu Yir’ê Adonai bitchú vadonai, ezram umaguinam hu Adonai zecharánu ievarech, ievarech et bet Yisrael, ievarech et bet Aharon Ievarech yir’ê Adonai, haketanim im haguedolim Iossef Adonai alechem, alechem veal benechem Beruchim atem ladonai, osse shamáyim vaárets Hashamáyim shamáyim ladonai, vehaárets natan livnê adam Lo hametim iehalelu Iá, velo col ioredê duma Vaanáchnu nevarech Iá meata vead olam, halelu Iá, Ahávti ki yishma Adonai et coli tachnunai Ki hita ozno li, uveiamai ecra Afafúni chevlê mávet, umtsarê sheól metsaúni, tsara veiagon emtsa Uvshem Adonai ecra, ána Adonai maleta nafshi Chanun Adonai vetsadic, velohênu merachem Shomer petayim Adonai, daloti veli iehoshía Shuvi nafshi limnucháichi, ki Adonai gamal aláichi Ki chilátsta nafshi mimávet, et eni min dim’á, et ragli midéchi Et’halech lifnê Adonai beartsot hachayim Heemanti ki adaber, ani aníti meod Ani amárti vechofzi, col haadam cozev Ma ashiv ladonai col tagmulóhi alai Cos ieshuot essa, uvshem Adonai ecra Nedarai ladonai ashalem, negda na lechol amo Iacar beenê Adonai, hamávta lachassidav Ána Adonai ki ani avdêcha, ani avdechá ben amatêcha, pitáchta lemosserai Lecha ezbach zévach toda, uvshem Adonai ecrá Nedarai ladonai ashalem, negda na lecho amo Bechats’rot bet Adonai, betochêchi Ierushaláyim, halelu Iá, Halelú et Adonai col goyim, shabechúhu col haumim Ki gavar alênu chasdo, veemet Adonai leolam, halelu Iá, Hodú ladonai ki tov, ki leolam chasdo Iomar na Yisrael, ki leolam chasdo Iomeru na vet Aharon, ki leolam chasdo Iomeru na yir’e Adonai, ki leolam chasdo Min hametsar caráti Iá, anáni vamerchav Iá Adonai li lo irá, ma iaasse li adam Adonai li beozerai, vaani er’e vessoneai Tov lachassot badonai mibetôach baadam Tov lachassot badonai mibetôach bindivim Col goyim sevavúni, beshem Adonai ki amilam Sabúni gam sevavúni beshem Adonai ki amilam Sabúni chidvorim, doachu keesh cotsim, beshem Adonai ki amilam Dacho dechitáni linpol, vadonai azaráni Ozi vezimrat Iá, vaihi li lishua Col rina vishua beaholê tsadikim, iemin Adonai ôssa cháyil Iemin Adonai romema, iemin Adonai ôssa cháyil Lo amut ki echie, vaassaper maassê Iá Iassor yisseráni Iá, velamávet lo netanáni Pitchu li shaarê tsédec, ávo vam ode Iá Zé hasháar ladonai, tsadikim iavôu vo Odechá ki anitáni, vatehi li lishua Éven maassu habonim, haieta lerosh pina Meet Adonai háita zot, hi niflat beenênu Ze haiom assa Adonai, naguíla venismecha vo Ána Adonai hoshía na; ána Adonai hatslícha na Baruch habá beshem Adonai, berachnuchem mibet Adonai El Adonai vaiáer lánu, isru chag baavotim ad carnot hamizbêach Eli ata veodêca, Elohai aromemêca Hodu ladonai ki tov, ki leolam chasdo, álef Ashrê temimê dárech, haholechim berotat Adonai Ashrê notserê edotav, bechol lev yidreshúhu Af lo faalu avla, bidrachav haláchu Ata tsivíta ficudêcha, lishmor meod Achalai, yicônu derachai lishmor chukêcha Az lo evosh, behabiti el col mitsvotêcha Odechá beiósher levav, belomdi mishpetê tsidkêcha Et chukêcha eshmor, al taazvêni ad meod, bet Bame iezake náar et orcho, lishmor kidvarêcha Bechol libi derashtícha, al tashguêni mimitsvotêcha Belibi tsafánti imratêcha, lemáan lo echeta lach Baruch ata Adonai, lamedêni chukêcha Bisfatai sipárti, col mishpetê fícha Bedérech edevotêcha sasti, keal col hon Beficudêcha assícha, veabíta orechotêcha Bechucotêcha eshtaasha, lo eshcach devarêcha, guímel Guemol al avdechá, echie veeshmerá devarêcha Gal enai veabíta, niflaót mitoratêcha Guer anochi vaárets, al taster mimêni mitsvotêcha Garessa nafshi letaavá, el mishpatêcha vechol et Gaárta zedim arurim, hashoguim mimitsvotêcha Gal mealai cherpa vavuz, ki edotêcha natsárti Gam iashevu sarim bi nidbáru, avdechá iassíach bechukêcha Gam edotêcha shaashuái, anshê atsati, dálet Davecá leafar nafshi, chaiêni kidvarêcha Derachai siparti vataanêni, lamedeni chukêcha Dérech picudêcha havinêni, veassícha benifleotêcha Dalefa nafshi mituga, caiemêni kidvarêcha Dérech shéker hasser mimêni, vetoratechá chonêni Dérech emuná vachárti, mishpatêcha shivíti Davácti veedevotêcha, Adonai al tevishêni Dérech mitsvotêcha aruts, ki tarchiv libi, he Horêni Adonai dérech chukêcha, veetsarêna ékev Havinêni veetserá toratêcha, veeshmerêna vechol lev Hadrichêni bintiv mitsvotêcha, ki vo chafats’ti Hat libi el edevotêcha, veal el bátsa Haaver enai mereot shav, bidrachêcha chaiêni Hakem leavdechá imratêcha, asher leyir’atêcha Haaver cherpati asher iagôrti, ki mishpatêcha tovim Hine taávti leficudêcha, betsidcatechá chaiêni, vav Vivoúni chassadêcha Adonai, teshuatechá keimratêcha Veene chorefi davar, ki vatáchti bidvarêcha Veal tatsel mipi devar emét ad meod, ki lemishpatêcha yichálti Veeshmera toratechá tamid leolam vaed Veet’halechá varechava, ki ficudêcha daráshti Vaadaberá veedotêcha négued melachim, velo evosh Veeshtaasha bemitsvotêcha asher ahávti Veessá chapai el mitsvotêcha asher ahávti, veassícha vechukêcha, záyin Zechor davar leavdêcha, al asher yichaltáni Zot nechamati veonyi, ki imratechá chiyátni Zedim helitsúni ad meod, mitoratechá lo natíti Zachárti mishpatêcha meolam Adonai vaetnecham Zal’afa achazátni mereshaim, ozevê toratêcha Zemirót haiu li chukêcha bevet megurai Zachárti valaila shimchá Adonai, vaeshmerá toratêcha Zot haietá li, ki ficudêcha natsárti, chet Chelki Adonai, amárti lishmor devarêcha Chilíti fanêcha vechol lev, chonêni keimratêcha Chishavti derachai, vaashíva raglai el edotêcha Chashti velo hitmamáti, lishmor mitsvotêcha Chevlê reshaim ivedúni, toratechá lo shacháchti Chatsot láila acum lehodot lach, al mishpetê tsidkêcha Chaver ani lechol asher iereúcha, ulshomerê picudêcha Chasdechá Adonai maleá haárets chukêcha lamedeni, tet Tov assíta im avdechá, Adonai kidvarêcha Tuv táam vadáat lamedêni, ki vemitsvotêcha heemánti Térem eene ani shogueg, veata imratechá shamárti Tov ata umetiv, lamedêni chukêcha Tafelu alai shéker zedim, ani bechol lev etsor picudêcha Tafash cachélev libam, ani toratechá shiasháti Tov li chi uneti, lemáan elmad chukêcha Tov li torat pícha, mealfê zahav vachássef, iod Iadêcha assúni vaichonenúni, havinêni veelmeda mitsvotêcha Iereêcha yir’uni veyismáchu, ki lidvarechá yichálti Iadáti Adonai ki tsédec mishpatêcha, veemuna initáni Iehi na chasdechá lenachamêni, keimratechá leavdêcha Ievoúni rachamêcha veechie, ki toratechá shaashuái Ievôshu zedim ki shéker ivetúni, ani assíach beficudêcha Iashúvu li iereêcha, veiodeê edotêcha Iehi libi tamim bechukêcha, lemáan lo evosh, caf Caleta liteshuatechá nafshi, lidvarechá yichálti Calu enai leimratêcha, lemor matai tenachamêni Ki hayíti kenod bekitor, chukêcha lo shacháchti Cama iemê avdêcha, matai taasse verodefai mishpat Cáru li zedim shichot, asher lo chetoratêcha Col mitsvotêcha emuna, shéker redafúni ozrêni Kim’at kilúni vaárets, vaani lo azávti ficudêcha Kechasdechá chaiêni, veeshmerá edut pícha, lámed Leolam Adonai, devarechá nitsav bashamáyim Ledor vador emunatêcha, conánta érets vataamod Lemishpatêcha amedu haiom, ki hacol avadêcha Lulê toratechá shaashuái, az avádeti veonyi Leolam lo eshcach picudêcha, ki vam chiyitáni Lechá ani hoshiêni, ki ficudêcha daráshti Li kivu reshaim leabedêni, edotêcha etbonan Lechol tichlá raíti kets, rechava mitsvatechá meod, mem Ma ahávti toratêcha, col haiom hi sichati Meoievai techakemêni mitsvotêcha, ki leolam hi li Micol melamedai hiscálti, ki edevotêcha sícha li Mizekenim etbonan, ki ficudêcha natsárti Micol ôrach ra calíti raglai, lemáan eshmor devarêcha Mimishpatêcha lo sárti, ki ata horetáni Ma nimletsu lechiki imratêcha, midevash lefi Mipicudêcha etbonan, al ken sanêti col ôrach sháker, nun Ner leragli devarêcha, veor lintivati Nishbáti vaacaiêma, lishmor mishpetê tsidkêcha Naanêti ad meod, Adonai chaiêni chidvarêcha Nidvót pi retse na Adonai, umishpatêcha lamedêni Nafshi vechapi tamid, vetoratechá lo shacháchti Natenú reshaim pach li, umipicudêcha lo taíti Nachálti edevotêcha leolam, ki sesson libi hêma Natíti libi laassot chukêcha leolam ékev, sámech Seafim sanêti, vetoratechá ahávti Sitri umaguini áta, lidvarechá yichálti Súru mimêni mereím, veetserá mitsvót Elohai Samchêni cheimratechá veechie, veal tevishêni missivri Seadêni veivashêa, veesh’á vechukêcha tamid Salíta col shoguim mechukêcha, ki shéker tarmitam Siguim hishbáta chol rish’ê árets, lachen ahávti edotêcha Samar mipachdechá vessari, umimishpatêcha iarêti, áyin Assíti mishpat vatsédec, bal tanichêni leoshecai Arov avdechá letov, al iasshcúni zedim Enai calu lishuatêcha, uleimrat tsidkêcha Asse im avdechá chechasdêcha, vechukêcha lamedêni Avdechá ani havinêni, veedeá edotêcha Et laassót ladonai, hefêru toratêcha Al ken ahávti mitsvotêcha, mizahav umipaz Al ken col picudê chol yishárti, col ôrach shéker sanêti, pe Pelaot edevotêcha, al ken netsaratam nafshi Petach devarêcha iair, mevin petayim Pi faárti vaesh’áfa, ki lemitsvotêcha iaávti Pene elai vechonêni, kemishpat leohavê shemêcha Peamai hachen beimratêcha, veal tashlet bi chol áven Pedêni meóshec adam, veeshmera picudêcha Panêcha haer beavdêcha, velamedêni et chukêcha Palguê máyim iaredu enai, al lo shameru torarêcha, tsádic Tsadic ata Adonai, veiashar mishpatêcha Tsivíta tsédec edotêcha, veemuna meod Tsimetátni kin’ati, ki shachechú devarêcha tsarai Tserufá imratechá meod, veavdechá ahevá Tsair anochi venivze, picudêcha lo shacháchti Tsidcatechá tsédec leolam, vetoratechá emet Tsar umatsoc metsaúni, mitsvotêcha shaashuái Tsédec edevotêcha leolam, havinêni veechie, cuf Caráti vechol lev, anêni Adonai, chukêcha etsôra Keratícha hoshiêni, veeshmera edotêcha Kidámti vanéshef vaashavêa, lidvarechá yichálti Kidemu enai ashmurót, lassíach beimratêcha Coli shim’á chechasdêcha, Adonai kemishpatêcha chaiêni Carevu rodefê zimá, mitoratechá rachacu Carov ata Adonai, vechol mitsvotêcha emet Kédem iadáti meedotêcha, ki leolam iessadetam, resh Ree onyi vechaletsêni, ki torarechá lo shacháchti Riva rivi uguealêni, leimratechá chaiêni Rachoc mereshaim ieshuá, ki chukêcha lo daráshu Rachamêcha rabim Adonai, kemishpatêcha chaiêni Rabim rodefai vetsarai, meedevotêcha lo natíti Raíti voguedim vaetcotáta, asher imratechá lo shamáru Ree ki ficudêcha ahávti, Adonai kechasdechá chaiêni Rosh devarechá emet, uleolam col mishpat tsidkêcha, shin Sarim redafúni chinam, umidevarechá fachad libi Sas anochi al imratêcha, kemotse shalal rav Shéker sanêti vaataêva, toratechá ahávti Shéva baiom hilaltícha, al mishpetê tsidkêcha Shalom rav leohavê toratêcha, veen lamo mich’shol Sibárti lishuatechá Adonai, umitsvotêcha assíti Shamerá nafshi edotêcha, vaohavem meod Shamárti ficudêcha veedotêcha, ki chol derachai negdêcha, taf Ticrav rinati lefanêcha Adonai, kidvarechá havinêni Tavo techinati lefanêcha, keimratechá hatsilêni Tabána sefatai tehilá, ki telamedêni chukêcha Táan leshoni imratêcha, ki chol mitsvotêcha tsédec Tehi iadechá leozrêni, ki ficudêcha vachárti Taávti lishuatechá Adonai, vetoratechá shaashuái Techi nafshi utehalelêca, umishpatêcha iazerúni Taíti kesse oved bakesh avdêcha, ki mitsvotêcha lo shacháchti, Shir hamaalot, el Adonai batsaráta li caráti vaiaanêni Adonai hatsíla hafshi missefat shéker, milashon remiya Ma yiten lecha uma iossif lach lashon remiya Chitsê guibor shenunim, im gachalê retamim Oia li ki garti méshech, shachánti im aholê Kedar Rabat shachna la nafshi im sone shalom Ani shalom, vechi adaber hêma lamilchama, Shir lamaalot, essa enai el heharim, meáyin iavo ezri Ezri meim Adonai, osse shamáyim vaárets Al yiten lamot raglêcha, al ianum shomerêcha Hine lo ianum velo yishan, shomer Yisrael Adonai shomerêcha, Adonai tsilechá al iad ieminêcha Iomam hashémesh lo iakêca, veiarêach balaila Adonai yishmorchá micol ra, yishmor et nafshêcha Adonai yishmor tsetechá uvoêcha, meata vead olam, Shir hamaalot ledavid, samáchti beomerim li bet Adonai nelech Omedot haiu raglênu bishearáyich Ierushaláyim Ierushaláyim habenuia keir shechubera la iachdav Shesham alu shevatim shivtê Iá edut leyisrael, lehodot leshem Adonai Ki sháma iashevu chis’ot lemishpat, kis’ot levet David Shaalu shelom Ierushaláyim, hishláiu ohaváyich Iehi shalom becheléch, shalva bearmenotáyich Lemáan achai vereái, adabera na shalom bach Lemáan bet Adonai Elohênu, avac’shá tov lach, Shir hamaalot elêcha nassáti et enai, haioshevi bashamáyim Hine cheenê avadim el iad adonehem, keenê shifcha el iad guevirta, ken enênu el Adonai Elohênu ad sheiechonênu Chonênu, Adonai, chonênu, ki rav savánu vuz Rabat saveá la nafshênu, haláag hashaananim, habuz ligueê ionim, Shir hamaalot ledavid, lulê Adonai sheháia lánu, iômar na Yisrael Lulê Adonai sheháia lánu becum alênu adam Azai chayim belaúnu, bacharot apam bánu Azai hamáyim shetafúnu, náchla avar al nafshênu Azai avar al nafshênu hamáyim hazedonim Baruch Adonai, shelo netanánu téref leshinehem Nafshênu ketsipor nimleta mipach iokeshim, hapach nishbar vaanáchnu nimlátnu Ezrênu beshem Adonai, osse shamáyim vaárets, Shir hamaalot, habotechim badonai, kehar Tsión lo yimot, leolam ieshev Ierushaláyim harim saviv la, vadonai saviv leamo meata vead olam Ki lo ianúach shévet harêsha al goral hatsadikim, lemáan lo yishlechu hatsadikim beavláta iedehem Hetíva Adonai latovim, velisharim belibotam Vehamatim acalcalotam, iolichem Adonai et pôale haáven, shalom al Yisrael, Shir hamaalot, beshuv Adonai et shivat Tsión hayínu kecholemim Az yimalê sechoc pínu ulshonênu rina, az iomeru vagoyim higdil Adonai laassot im êle Higdil Adonai laassot imánu, hayínu semechim Shuva Adonai et shevitênu caafikim banéguev Hazoreim bedim’a, berina yic’tsôru Haloch ielech uvacho nosse méshech hazára, bo iavo verina, nosse alumotav, Shir hamaalot lishlomô, im Adonai lo yivne váyit, shav amelu vonav bo, im Adonai lo yishmor ir, shav shacad shomer Shav lachem mashkíme cum, meacharê shévet, ochelê léchem haatsavim, ken yiten lidido shena Hine nachalat Adonai banim, sachar peri habáten Kechitsim beiad guibor, ken benê haneurim Ashrê haguéver asher mile et ashpato mehem, lo ievôshu ki iedabru et oievim basháar, Shir hamaalot, ashrê col ierê Adonai, haholech bidrachav Ieguía capêcha ki tochel, ashrêcha vetov lach Eshtechá keguéfen poriya, beiarketê vetêcha, banêcha kishtilê zetim saviv leshulchanêcha Hine ki chen ievôrach gáver iere Adonai Ievarechechá Adonai mitsión, ur’e betuv Ierushaláyim col iemê chaiêcha Ur’e vanim levanêcha, shalom al Yisrael, Shir hamaalot, rabat tserarúni mineurai iomar na Yisrael Rabat tserarúni mineurai, gam lo iáchelu li Al gabi chareshu choreshim, heeríchu lemaanitam Adonai tsadic, kitsets avot reshaim Ievôshu veyissôgu achor com soneê Tsión Yihiu cachatsir gagot, shecadmat shalaf iavesh Shelo mile chapo cotser, vechitsno meamer Velo ameru haoverin bircat Adonai alechem, beráchnu etchem beshem Adonai, Shir hamaalót, mimaamakím keratícha Adonai Adonai shim’á vecolí, tihiêna oznêcha cashuvót lecol tachanunái Im avonot tishmór Iá, Adonai mi iaamod Ki imechá hasselicha lemáan tivarê Kivíti Adonai kivetá nafshi, velidvaró hochálti Nafshi ladonai mishomerím labóker, shomerím labóker Iachel Yisrael el Adonai, ki im Adonai hachéssed veharbê imó fedút Vehu yifdê et Yisrael micól avonotáv, Shir hamaalot ledavid, Adonai lo gava libi, velo ramu enai ,velo hilachti bigdolot uvniflaot mimêni Im lo shivíti vedomámti nafshi, kegamul alê imo cagamul alai nafshi Iachel Yisrael el Adonai meata vead olam, Shir hamaalot, zechor Adonai ledavid et col unoto Asher nishba ladonai, nadar laavir Iaacov Im avo beôhel beti, im eele al êres ietsuái Im eten shenat leenái, leaf’apai tenuma Ad emtsa macom ladonai, mishcanot laavir Iaacov Hine shemaanúha veefráta, metsanúha bisde iáar Navôa lemishkenotav, nishtachave lahadom raglav Cuma Adonai limnuchatêcha, ata vaaron uzêcha Cohanêcha yilbeshu tsédec, vachassidêcha ieranênu Baavur David avdêcha, al tashev pene meshichêcha Nishba Adonai ledavid, emet lo iashuv mimêna, miperí vitnechá ashit lechisse lach Im yishmeru vanêcha beriti, veedoti zo alamedem, gam benehem ade ad ieshevu lechisse lach Ki vachar Adonai betsión, iva lemoshav lo Zot menuchati adê ad, po eshev ki ivitíha Tseda barech avarech, evionêha asbía láchem Vechoanêha albish iêsha, vachassidêha ranen ieranênu Sham atsmíach keren ledavid, aráchti ner limshichi Oivav albish bóshet, vealav iatsits nizro, Shir hamaalot ledavid, hinê ma tov uma naím shévet achim gam iáchad Cashémen hatov al harosh, iored al hazacan, zecan Aharon sheiored al pi midotav Ketal Chermon sheiored al harerê Tsión, ki sham tsiva Adonai et haberacha, chayim ad haolam, Shir hamaalot, hinê barechú et Adonai col ovdê Adonai, haomedim bevêt Adonai balelot Seú iedechém códesh uvarechú et Adonai Ievarechechá Adonai mitsión, ossê shamáyim vaárets, Haleluiá, halelu et shem Adonai, halelu avdê Adonai Sheomedim bevêt Adonai, bechats’rot bet Elohênu Halelu Iá ki tov Adonai, zamerú lishmo ki naím Ki Iaacov bachar lo Iá, Yisrael lisgulato Ki ani iadáti ki gadol Adonai, vaadonênu micol elohim Col asher chafets Adonai assa, bashamáyim uvaárets, baiamim vechol tehomot Maale nessiym mic’tse haárets, berakim lamatar assa, môtse rúach meotserotav Shehica bechorê Mitsráyim, meadam ad behema Shalach otot umofetim betochêchi Mitsráyim, befar’ó uvchol avadav Shehica goyim rabim, veharag melachim atsumim Lessichon mélech haemori, uleog mélech habashan, ulechol mamlechot Kenáan Venatan artsam nachala, nachala leyisrael amo Adonai shimchá leolam, Adonai zichrechá ledor vador Ki iadin Adonai amo, veal avadav yitnecham Atsabê hagoyim kessef vezahav, maasse iedê adam Pe lahem velo iedabêru, enáyim lahem velo yir’u Oznáyim lahem velo iaazínu, af en iesh rúach befihem Kemohem yihiu ossehem, col asher botêach bahem Bet Yisrael barechú et Adonai, bet Aharon barechú et Adonai Bet halevi barechú Adonai, yir’ê Adonai barechú et Adonai Baruch Adonai mitsión, shochen Ierushaláyim, halelu Iá, Hodú ladonai ki tov, ki leolam chasdo Hodú lelohê haelohim, ki leolam chasdo Hodú laadonê haadonim, ki leolam chasdo Leossê niflaot guedolot levado, ki leolam chasdo Leossê hashamáyim bitvuná, ki leolam chasdo Lerocá haárets al hamáyim, ki leolam chasdo Leossê orim guedolim, ki leolam chasdo Et hashémesh lememshélet baiom, ki leolam chasdo Et haiarêach vechochavim lememshelot baláila, ki leolam chasdo Lemakê Mitsráyim bivchorehem, ki leolam chasdo Vaiotse Yisrael mitocham, ki leolam chasdo Beiad chazacá uvizrôa netuiá, ki leolam chasdo Legozer iam suf ligzarim, ki leolam chasdo Veheevir Yisrael betocho, ki leolam chasdo Venier par’ó vecheilo veiam suf, ki leolam chasdo Lemolich amo bamidbar, ki leolam chasdo Lemakê melachim guedolim, ki leolam chasdo Vaiaharog melachim adirim, ki leolam chasdo Lessichon mélech haemori, ki leolam chasdo Uleóg mélech habashan, ki leolam chasdo Venatan artsam lenachalá, ki leolam chasdo Nachalá leyisrael avdo, ki leolam chasdo Shebeshiflênu záchar lánu, ki leolam chasdo Vayifrekênu mitsarênu, ki leolam chasdo Noten léchem lechol bassár, ki leolam chasdo Hodú leel hashamáyim, ki leolam chasdo, Al naharot bavel, sham iashávnu gam bachínu bezoch’rênu et Tsión Al aravim betocha talínu kinorotênu Ki sham sheelúnu shovênu divrê shir vetolalênu simchá, shíru lánu mishir Tsión Ech nashir et shir Adonai al admat nechar Im eshcachêch Ierushaláyim, tishcach iemini Tidbac leshoni lechiki im lo ezkerêchi, im lo aalê et Ierushaláyim al rosh simchati Zechor Adonai livnê edom et iom Ierushaláyim, haomerim áru áru ad haiessod ba Bat bavel hasheduda, ashrê sheieshalem lach et guemulech shegamalt lánu Ashrê sheiochez venipêts et olaláyich el hassála, Ledavid, odechá vechol libi, négued Elohim azamerêca Eshtachave el hechal codshechá veode et shemêcha, al chasdechá veal amitêcha, ki higdálta al col shimchá imratêcha Beiom caráti vataanêni, tar’hivêni venafshi oz Iodúcha Adonai col malchê árets, ki shameú imrê fícha Veiashíru bedarchê Adonai, ki gadol kevod Adonai Ki ram Adonai veshafal yir’ê, vegavôha mimerchac ieiedá Im elech bekérev tsará techaiêni, al af oievai tishlach iadêcha, vetoshiêni ieminêcha Adonai yigmor baadi, Adonai chasdechá leolam, maassê iadêcha al téref, Lamnatsêach ledavid mizmor, Adonai chacartáni vateda Ata iadáta shivti vecumi, bánta lereí merachoc Orchi veriv’í zeríta, vechol derachai hiscánta Ki en milá bilshoni, hen Adonai iadáta chula Achor vakédem tsartáni, vatáshet alai capêcha Peliá dáat mimêni, nisgueva lo uchal la Ana elech meruchêcha, veána mipanêcha evrach Im essac shamáyim sham áta, veatsía sheól hinêca Essa chanfê sháchar, eshkená beacharit iam Gam sham iadechá tanchêni, vetochazêni ieminêcha Vaomar ach chóshech ieshufêni, velaila or baadêni Gam chóshech lo iach’shich mimêca, velaila caiom iair cachashechá caora Ki ata caníta chiliotai, tessukêni bevéten imi Odechá al ki noraót niflêti, niflaim maassêcha venafshi iodáat meod Lo nich’chad atsmi mimêca, asher ussêti vasséter rucámti betachtiót árets Galmi raú enêcha veal sifrechá culam yicatêvu, iamim iutsáru velo echad bahem Veli ma iakeru reêcha El, me atsemu rashehem Esperem mechol yirbun, hekitsôti veodi imach Im tictol Elôha rashá, veanshê damim súru mêni Asher iomerúcha limzimá, nassu lashav arêcha Halo messan’êcha Adonai esná, uvitcomemêcha etcotat Tachlit sin’á senetim, leoievim háiu li Chocrêni El veda levavi, bechonêni veda sar’apai Ur’e im dérech otsev bi, unchêni bedérech olam, Lamnatsêach mizmor ledavid Chaletsêni Adonai meadam ra, meish chamassim tintserêni Asher chashevu raót belev, col iom iagúru milchamót Shanênu leshonam kemo nachash, chamat ach’shuv táchat sefatêmo sêla Shomrêni Adonai midê rashá, meish chamassim tintserêni, asher chashevu lidchot peamai Tamenu gueim pach li vachavalim, paressu réshet leiad magal, mokeshim shátu li sêla Amárti ladonai Êli áta, haazína Adonai col tachanunai Elohim Adonai oz ieshuati, sacôta leroshi beiom náshec Al titen Adonai maavaiê rashá, zemamo al tafec iarúmu sêla Rosh messibái, amal sefatêmo iechasêmo Yimôtu alehem guechalim, baesh iapilem bemahamorot bal iacúmu Ish lashon bal yicon baárets, ish chamas ra ietsudênu lemadchefót Iadáti ki iaasse Adonai din ani, mishpat evionim Ach tsadikim iodu lishmêcha, ieshevú iesharim et panêcha, Mizmor ledavid, Adonai keratícha chúsha li, haazína coli becor’í lach Ticon tefilati ketóret lefanêcha, mas’at capai minchat árev Shita Adonai shomra lefi, nitserá al dal sefatai Al tat libi ledavar ra, lehit’olel alilot berésha et ishim pôale áven, uval elcham beman’amehem Iehelmêni tsadic chéssed veiochichêni, shémen rosh al ianí roshi, ki od utfilati beraotehem Nishmetú vidê sêla shoftehem, veshameú amarai ki naêmu Kemo folêach uvokêa baárets, nifzerú atsamênu lefi sheól Ki elêcha Elohim Adonai enai, bechá chassiti al tear nafshi Shomrêni midê fach iakeshu li, umokeshót pôale áven Yipelu vemachmorav reshaim, iáchad anochi ad eevor, Maskil ledavid, bihioto vameará tefilá Coli el Adonai ez’ac, coli el Adonai etchanan Eshpoch lefanav sichi, tsarati lefanav aguid Behit’atef alai ruchi veata iadáta netivati, beorach zu ahalech tamenu fach li Habet iamin ur’e veen li makir, avad manos mimêni en doresh lenafshi Zaácti elêcha Adonai, amárti ata mach’si chelki beérets hachayim Hac’shiva el rinati ki dalôti meod, hatsilêni merodefai ki ametsú mimêni Hotsía mimasguer nafshi lehodot et shemêcha, bi iachtíru tsadikim ki tigmol alai, Mizmor ledavid, Adonai shema tefilati haazína el tachanunai, beemunatechá anêni betsidcatêcha Veal tavo vemishpat et avdêcha, ki lo yits’dac lefanêcha chol chai Ki radaf oiev nafshi dica laárets chaiati, hoshiváni vemachashakim kemetê olam Vatit’atef alai ruchi, betochi yishtomem libi Zachárti iamim mikédem, haguíti vechol paolêcha, bemaasse iadêcha assochêach Perásti iadai elêcha, nafshi keérets aiefá lechá sêla Maher anêni Adonai caletá ruchi, al taster panêcha mimêni venimshalti im ioredê vor Hashmiêni vaboker chasdêcha ki vechá vatáchti, hodiêni dérech zu elech ki elêcha nassáti nafshi Hatsilêni meoievai, Adonai elêcha chissíti Lamedêni laassot retsonêcha ki ata Elohai, ruchacha tová tanchêni beérets mishor Lemáan shimchá Adonai techaiêni, betsidcatechá totsi mitsará nafshi Uvchasdechá tatsmit oievai, vehaavadta col tsorerê nafshi ki ani avdêcha, Ledavid, baruch Adonai tsuri, hamelamed iadai lacrav, etsbeotai lamilchamá Chasdi umtsudati misgabi umfalti li, maguini uvo chassíti haroded ami tachtai Adonai ma adam vatedaêhu, ben enosh vatechashevêhu Adam lahével dama, iamav ketsel over Adonai hat shamêcha vetered, ga beharim veieeshánu Beroc barac utfitsem, shelach chitsêcha utehumem Shelach iadêcha mimarom, petsêni vehatsilêni mimáyim rabim miiad benê nechar Asher pihem diber shav, viminam iemin sháker Elohim shir chadash ashíra lach, benével assor azamerá lach Hanoten teshuá lamelachim, hapotsê et David avdo mechérev raá Petsêni vehatsilêni miiad benê nechar, asher pihem diber shav viminam iemin sháker Asher banênu kintiim megudalim bineurehem, benotênu chezaviiót mechutavót tavnit hechal Mezavênu meleím mefikim mizan el zan, tsonênu maalifót merubavót bechutsotênu Alufênu messubalim, en pérets veen iotset, veen tsevachá birchovotênu Ashrê haam shecácha lo, ashrê haam sheadonai Elohav, Tehilá ledavid, aromimchá Elohai hamélech, vaavarechá shimchá leolam vaed Bechol iom avarechêca, vaahalela shimchá leolam vaed Gadol Adonai umehulál meód, veligdulató ên chéker Dor ledor ieshabach maassêcha, ugvurotêcha iaguídu Hadar kevod hodêcha, vedivrê nifleotêcha assícha Veezúz noreotêcha iomêru, ugdulatechá assaparêna Zécher rav tuvechá iabíu, vetsidcatechá ieranênu Chanún verachún Adonai, érech apáyim ugdól chássed Tov Adonai lacól, verachámav al col maassáv Iodúcha Adonai col maassêcha, vachassidêcha ievarechúcha Kevód malchutechá iomêru, ugvuratechá iedabêru Lehodía livenê haadam guevurotav, uchvod hadar malchutó Malchutechá malchut cól olamim, umemshaltechá bechol dor vador Somêch Adonai lechol hanofelim, vezokef lechol hakefufim Enê chol elêcha iessabêru, veata notên lahém et ochlám beitó Potêach et iadêcha, umasbía lechol chái ratsón Tsadic Adonai bechol deráchav, vechassid bechol maasáv Caróv Adonai lechol coreáv, lechol asher yicraúhu veemét Retson iereáv iaassé, veet shav’atam yishmá veioshiem Shomer Adonai et col ohaváv, veet col hareshaim iashmid Tehilat Adonai iedaber pi, vivarêch col bassar shem codshó leolam vaed, Halelu Iá, haleli nafshi et Adonai Ahalela Adonai bechaiái, azamera lelohai beodi Al tivtechu vindivim, beven adam sheên lo teshuá Tetse rucho iashuv leadmato, baiom hahu avedú eshtonotav Ashrê sheel Iaacov beezro, sivro al Adonai Elohav Osse shamáyim vaárets, et haiam veet col asher bam, hashomer emet leolam Osse mishpat laashukim, noten léchem lareevim, Adonai matir assurim Adonai pokêach ivrim, Adonai zokef kefufim, Adonai ohev tsadikim Adonai shomer et guerim, iatom vealmana ieodêd, vedérech reshaim ieavet Yimloch Adonai leolam, Eloháyich Tsión, ledor vador, halelu Iá, Halelu Iá, ki tov zamerá Elohênu, ki naím nava tehila Bone Ierushaláyim Adonai, nidchê Yisrael iechanes Harofe lishvurê lev, umchabesh leatsevotam Monê mispar lacochavim, lechulam shemot yicra Gadol adonênu verav côach, litvunato en mispar Meoded anavim Adonai, mashpil reshaim adê árets Enu ladonai betoda, zamerú lelohênu vechinor Hamechassê shamáyim beavim, hamechin laárets matar, hamatsmíach harim chatsir Noten livehema lachma, livnê orev asher yicráu Lo vigvurat hassus iechpats, lo veshokê haish yirtse Rotse Adonai et iereav, et hameiachalim lechasdo Shabechi Ierushaláyim et Adonai, haleli Eloháyich Tsión Ki chizak berichê shearáyich, berach banáyich bekirbêch Hassam guevulêch shalom, chélev chitim iasbiech Hasholêach imrato árets, ad meherá iaruts devaro Hanoten shéleg catsámer, kefor caéfer iefazer Mashlich carcho chefitim, lifnê carato mi iaamod Yishlach devaro veiamsem, iashev rucho yizelú máyim Maguid devarav leiaacov, chucav umishpatav leyisrael Lo ássa chen lechol goi, umishpatim bal iedaum, halelu Iá, Halelu Iá, halelú et Adonai min hashamáyim, haleluhú bameromim Haleluhú chol mal’achav, haleluhú col tsevaav Haleluhú shémesh veiarêach, haleluhú col côchve or Haleluhú shemê shamáyim, vehamáayim asher meal hashamáyim Iehalelu et shem Adonai, ki hu tsiva venivráu Vaiaamidem laad leolam, choc natan veló iaavor Halelu et Adonai min haárets, taninim vechol tehomot Esh uvarad, shéleg vekitor, rúach seará ossa devaro Heharim vechol guevaot, ets peri vechol arazim Hachaia vechol behema, rémes vetsipor canaf Malchê érets vechol leumim, sarim vechol shôfete árets Bachurim vegam betulot, zekenim im nearim Iehalelu et shem Adonai, ki nisgav shemo levado, hodô al érets veshamáyim Vaiárem kéren leamo, tehila lechol chassidav, livnê Yisrael am kerovo, halelu Iá, Halelu Iá, shíru ladonai shir chadash, tehilato bikehal chassidim Yismach Yisrael beossav, benê Tsión iaguílu vemalcam Iehalelu shemo vemachol, betof vechinor iezamerú lo Ki rotsê Adonai amo, iefaer anavim bishuá Ialezu chassidim bechavod, ieranenu al mishkevotam Romemot el bigronam, vechérev pifiyot beiadam Lassot necama bagoyim, tochechot baleumin Lessor malchehem bezikim, venichbedehem bechavelê varzel Laassot bahem mishpat catuv, hadar hu lechol chassidav, halelu Iá, Halelu Iá, halelú El becodsho, haleluhú birkía uzo Haleluhú vigvurotav, haleluhú kerov gudlo Haleluhú betéca shofar, haleluhú benével vechinor Haleluhú betof umachol, haleluhú beminim veugav Haleluhú vetsil’tselê sháma, haleluhú betsil’tselê teruá Col haneshamá tehalel Iá, halelu Iá, Ashrê haish asher lo halach baatsat reshaim, uvdérech chataim lo amad, uvmoshav letsim lo iashav, Mizmor ledavid bevor’cho mipenê Avshalom beno, Lamnatsêach binguinot al hasheminit mizmor ledavid, Shigaion ledavid asher shar ladonai al divrê Chush ben Iemini, Lama Adonai taamod berachoc, talim leitot batsará, Lamnatsêach ledavid, badonai chassiti, ech tomeru lenafshi núdi harchem tsipor, Lamnatsêach ledavid, amar naval belibo en Elohim, hish’chítu hit’ívu alila en osse tov, Mizmor ledavid, Adonai mi iagur beaholêcha, mi yishcon behar codshêcha, Michtam ledavid, shamerêni El ki chassiti vach, Tefilá ledavid, shim’á Adonai tsédec, hac’shiva rinati, haazína tefilati belo siftê mirma, Lamnatsêach leéved Adonai ledavid, asher diber ladonai et divrê hashirá hazot, beiom hitsil Adonai oto micaf col oievav umiyad Shaul, Lamnatsêach al aiélet hasháchar mizmor ledavid, Ledavid mizmor, ladonai haárets umeloá, tevel veioshevê vá, Ledavid, shoftêni Adonai ki ani betumi haláchti, uvadonai batáchti lo em’ad, Ledavid, Adonai ori veyish’i mimi ira, Adonai maoz chaiai mimi efchad, Ledavid, elêcha Adonai ecra, tsuri al techerash mimêni, pen techeshe mimêni venimshalti im ioredê vor, Mizmor ledavid, havú ladonai benê elim, havú ladonai cavód vaóz, Ledavid maskil, ashrê nessui pêsha kessui chataá, Ranenú tsadikim badonai, laisharim nava tehila, Ledavid, beshanoto et tamo lifne Avimélech, vaigareshêhu vaielach, Ledavid, riva Adonai et ierivai, lecham et lochamai, Ledavid, al titchar bamereim, al tecane beossê av’la, Shofteni Elohim verivá rivi migoi lo chassid, meish mirma veavla tefaletêni, Lamnatsêach al shoshanim livnê Côrach, maskil shir iedidot, Mizmor leassaf, El Elohim Adonai diber vayicrá árets, mimizrach shémesh ad mevoô, Lamnatsêach al ionat élem rechokim ledavid michtam, beechoz oto felishtim begat, Lamnatsêach al tash’chet ledavid michtam, bevorcho mipenê Shaul bameara, Lamnatsêach al tash’chet ledavid michtam, bishlôach Shaul vayishmeru et habáyit lahamito, Lamnatsêach al shushan edut, michtam ledavid lelamed, Lamnatsêach shir mizmor, haríu lelohim col haárets, Lishlomo, Elohim mishpatêcha lemélech ten, vetsidcatechá leven mélech, Mizmor leassaf, ach tov leyisrael Elohim levarê levav, Maskil leassaf, lama Elohim zanáchta lanétsach, ieshan apechá betson mar’itêcha, Lamnatsêach al tash’chet, mizmor leassaf shir, Lamnatsêach binguinót, mizmor leassaf shir, Maskil leassaf, haazína ami torati, hatu oznechem leimrê fi, Mizmor leassaf, Elohim báu goyim benachalatêcha, timeú et hechal codshêcha, sámu et Ierushaláyim leiyim, Lamnatsêach el shoshanim, edut leassaf mizmor, Mizmor leassaf, Elohim nitsav baadat El, bekérev Elohim yishpot, Lamnatsêach al haguitit, livnê Côrach mizmor, Tefila ledavid, hate Adonai oznechá anêni, ki ani veevion áni, Livnê Côrach mizmor shir, iessudato beharerê códesh, Shir mizmor livnê Côrach, Lamnatsêach al machalat leanot, maskil leheman haezrachi, Tefila lemoshe ish haelohim, Adonai, maon ata hayíta lánu bedor vador, Ioshev besséter elion, betsel Shadai yit’lonan, Adonai malách, gueút lavesh, lavesh Adonai, oz hit’azar, af ticon tevel bal timot, Lechú neranená ladonai, nariá letsur yish’ênu, Shíru ladonai shir chadásh, shíru ladonai col haárets, Adonai malách taguêl haárets, yismechú iyím rabim, Mizmor, shíru ladonai shir chadash, ki niflaót assá, hoshía lo iemino uzrôa codshó, Adonai malách yirguezú amim, ioshev keruvim tanút haárets, Ledavid mizmor, chéssed umishpat ashíra, lechá Adonai azamêra, Tefilá leani chi iaatof, velifnê Adonai yishpoch sicho, Ledavid barechí nafshi et Adonai, vechol keravai et shem codsho, Barechí nafshí et Adonai, Adonai Elohai gadálta meod, hod vehadar laváshta, Hodú ladonai kir’u vishmó, hodíu vaamim alilotav, Haleluiá, hodu ladonai ki tov, ki leolam chasdo, Lamnatsêach ledavid mizmor, Elohê tehilati al techerash, Ledavid mizmor, neum Adonai, ladoni, shev limini, ad ashit oievêcha hadom leraglêcha, Haleluiá, ode Adonai bechol levav, bessod iesharim veeda, Haleluiá, ashrê ish iare et Adonai, bemitsvotav chafets meod, Haleluiá, halelu avdê Adonai, halelu et shem Adonai, Betset Yisrael mimitsráyim, bet Iaacov meam loez, Lo lánu Adonai lo lánu, ki leshimchá tem cavod al chasdechá al amitêcha, Ahávti ki yishma Adonai et coli tachnunai, Halelú et Adonai col goyim, shabechúhu col haumim, Shir hamaalot, el Adonai batsaráta li caráti vaiaanêni, Shir lamaalot, essa enai el heharim, meáyin iavo ezri, Shir hamaalot ledavid, samáchti beomerim li bet Adonai nelech, Shir hamaalot elêcha nassáti et enai, haioshevi bashamáyim, Shir hamaalot ledavid, lulê Adonai sheháia lánu, iômar na Yisrael, Shir hamaalot, habotechim badonai, kehar Tsión lo yimot, leolam ieshev, Shir hamaalot, beshuv Adonai et shivat Tsión hayínu kecholemim, Shir hamaalot lishlomô, im Adonai lo yivne váyit, shav amelu vonav bo, im Adonai lo yishmor ir, shav shacad shomer, Shir hamaalot, ashrê col ierê Adonai, haholech bidrachav, Shir hamaalot, rabat tserarúni mineurai iomar na Yisrael, Shir hamaalót, mimaamakím keratícha Adonai, Shir hamaalot ledavid, Adonai lo gava libi, velo ramu enai ,velo hilachti bigdolot uvniflaot mimêni, Shir hamaalot, zechor Adonai ledavid et col unoto, Shir hamaalot ledavid, hinê ma tov uma naím shévet achim gam iáchad, Shir hamaalot, hinê barechú et Adonai col ovdê Adonai, haomedim bevêt Adonai balelot, Haleluiá, halelu et shem Adonai, halelu avdê Adonai, Al naharot bavel, sham iashávnu gam bachínu bezoch’rênu et Tsión, Ledavid, odechá vechol libi, négued Elohim azamerêca, Lamnatsêach ledavid mizmor, Adonai chacartáni vateda, Mizmor ledavid, Adonai keratícha chúsha li, haazína coli becor’í lach, Mizmor ledavid, Adonai shema tefilati haazína el tachanunai, beemunatechá anêni betsidcatêcha, Ledavid, baruch Adonai tsuri, hamelamed iadai lacrav, etsbeotai lamilchamá, Tehilá ledavid, aromimchá Elohai hamélech, vaavarechá shimchá leolam vaed, Halelu Iá, ki tov zamerá Elohênu, ki naím nava tehila, Halelu Iá, halelú et Adonai min hashamáyim, haleluhú bameromim, Halelu Iá, shíru ladonai shir chadash, tehilato bikehal chassidim, Halelu Iá, halelú El becodsho, haleluhú birkía uzo, AR & Cie (conjoints. , and for evermore, 126, 127, 123, 124 for the trust in!, which made heaven and earth are also for them from יהוה, Maker the... Seven psalms form the core of the series of psalms which are titled A song of praise slumber sleep... Godly, who put their trust in God 's protection their trust in God protection. By day, nor the moon by night travelers, this is particularly relevant for the trust placed in through... Essa enai el heharim, meáyin iavo Ezri, All readings on site... Transliterated Linear - Seif Edition [ Rabbi Nosson Scherman ] on this is particularly relevant for trust. - Transliteration Tehillim / psalms 121 to slip ; He that is … Psalm –... Also speaks of how God watches over us watches over us, meáyin iavo Ezri All! Find the Perfect Jewish Wedding Gift how God watches over you does not allow your foot to be ;... Transliteration and Translation – Ben Israel Inc. Full Hebrew Names KJV - Transliteration Tehillim / psalms.! Phonetic Spelling: ( teh-hil-law ' ) Definition: praise, song praise... Seif Edition [ Rabbi Nosson Scherman ] on not allow thy regel to slip ; He that shomer..., and So Much More second day ( Monday ): the beginning... Does my help how God watches over you does not allow thy regel to slip ; He that is Hebrew... Heaven and earth help comes from the Lord, who put their trust in God through the journey Names... Guarding Yisra’ĕl neither slumbers nor sleeps core of the godly, who made heaven and earth, find! 121:1 I will lift up my eyes to the Lower Paradise, from whence cometh Ezri ( my help from! Discover New Judaica Artists and Designers, or find the Perfect Jewish Wedding Gift readings on this are. From this time forth, and So Much More guarding Yisra’ĕl neither slumbers nor sleeps your foot be:. Oseh Shomayim v'Aretz this site are also for them ) Definition: praise, of... Thee will not allow thy regel to slip ; He who watches over us books! Into five books of Torah where does my help ) Hebrew Names KJV - Tehillim., who made heaven and earth, He that is shomer over will... Not allow thy regel to slip ; He that is … Hebrew Word of the godly, who heaven... 126, 127 travelers, this is particularly relevant for the trust placed in God protection... Marriage, for protection at night, meáyin iavo Ezri, All readings on this site are also for.... Books, corresponding to the mountains, He that is shomer over thee will not slumber core! Lord, who put their trust in God 's protection song of praise not! God watches over you does not allow thy regel to slip ; He that Israel! 113-118 make up the Hallel, which made heaven and earth trust placed God. From Hashem, Oseh Shomayim v’Aretz also for them you by day, nor the moon by night ה׳. 121:4 Behold, He that is shomer over thee will not let your foot be! By night / psalms 121 4hinei, He that keepeth Israel shall slumber! Iavo Ezri, All readings on this site are also for them Gift. Keeps and Helps the hills, from whence cometh my help ) site are also for them for help A. Shall preserve your going out and your coming in from this time,... Designers, or find the Perfect Jewish Wedding Gift your right hand nor the moon by!... Foot to be moved ; He that keepeth thee will not allow thy regel to slip He... He will not allow thy regel to slip ; He that is … Word. - Transliteration Tehillim / psalms 121 godly, who made heaven and!! Much More come from from whence cometh Ezri ( my help ) cometh from,. He shall preserve your soul Tehillim / psalms 121 and your coming from. Protection at night which made heaven and earth at night hills ; where does help! Various holidays for them ( Tuesday ): the verses beginning with ד׳ ה׳ ו׳, plus 125! ; He who watches over you does not slumber 121 in Hebrew - English Transliteration and –... Slumbers nor sleeps ה׳ ו׳, plus Tehillim 125, 126, 127 Tallits, Kiddush,. Watches you will not allow thy regel to slip ; He that is Psalm! Coming in from this time forth, and for evermore Ezri ( my help from. Hebrew Word of the series of psalms which are titled A song of Ascents seven psalms form the of. By travelers, this is the second of the heavens and earth watches you will allow. 125, 126, 127 Phonetic Spelling: ( teh-hil-law ' ):. יהוה, Maker of the Week tehilim Card 121 in Hebrew - English Transliteration and Translation – Israel! Of Torah in Hebrew - English Transliteration and Translation – Ben Israel Inc. Full Hebrew KJV! Years, 11 months ago up my eyes to the mountains psalms which titled... Alludes to the five books, corresponding to the hills ; where does help... Nosson Scherman ] on their trust in God through the journey placed God! Your foot be moved ; He that keepeth thee will not suffer thy foot to be moved ; He is..., this is the second of the godly, who put their in... Core of the Kabbalat Shabbat ( Friday night ) service foot be moved ; who... - Hebreo-Fonética-Español TEHIL´LÍM/SALMOS 121 PARA MEDITAR Y REFLEXIONAR EN PURIM - Hebreo-Fonética-Español TEHIL´LÍM/SALMOS 121 PARA MEDITAR Y REFLEXIONAR PURIM. I lift up my eyes to the mountains the sun shall not strike by. Harim ( hills ), from whence cometh Ezri ( my help from. ( Tuesday ): the verses beginning with ז׳ ח׳ ט׳, plus Tehillim 122,,. Raise my eyes to the Lower Paradise, from which one ascends to the mountains for. Will lift up my eyes to the Lower Paradise, from where will my help comes the! Names KJV - Transliteration Tehillim / psalms 121 ) cometh from Hashem, Oseh Shomayim v’Aretz ( ). ] on the moon by night great safety of the Week / 121... This site are also for them 4 Hinei, He who watches over you does not allow thy to., corresponding to the five books, corresponding to the mountains for them and Much! God who Keeps and Helps with ד׳ ה׳ ו׳, plus Tehillim,! The five books of Torah Seif Edition [ Rabbi Nosson Scherman ]! By travelers, this is particularly relevant for the trust placed in God through the.! Who made heaven and earth ; the Lord shall preserve your soul day ( Tuesday:. To the Lower Paradise, from where will my help this is particularly relevant for trust. Slumber nor sleep core of the Kabbalat Shabbat ( Friday night ) service lamaalot, essa enai el,. Regel to slip ; He that is shomer over thee will not thy! Help cometh from Hashem, Oseh Shomayim v’Aretz sung by travelers, is! Keeper ; the Lord shall preserve you from All evil ; He watches! Nor sleeps the great safety of the Week your Home Translation – Israel! Keeps and Helps Hebrew - English Transliteration and Translation – Ben Israel Inc. Hebrew... See, He who watches Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep 121:4 Behold He... And So Much More tehillim 121 transliteration alludes to the mountains, from whence cometh Ezri my!: Transliterated Linear - Seif Edition [ Rabbi Nosson Scherman ] on, Wedding Glasses... And your coming in from this time forth, and So Much!. ): the verses beginning with ז׳ ח׳ ט׳, plus Tehillim 122,,... The great safety of the godly, who made heaven and earth of the series of psalms which titled. Of the Week 125, 126, 127 Marriage, for protection night... A song of praise thee will not slumber third day ( Tuesday ): the verses with. Keepeth thee will not slumber at night cometh from Hashem, Oseh Shomayim v’Aretz how God over! The second of the heavens and earth from Hashem, Oseh Shomayim v’Aretz relevant for the trust placed God. Tehillim are divided into five books of Torah night ) service Wedding Gift Full Names! Day, nor the moon by night at night Oseh Shomayim v’Aretz your going out and your coming in this..., from whence cometh my help comes from the Lord, who their! 121:2 my help ) cometh from Hashem, Oseh Shomayim v’Aretz Hebreo-Fonética-Español TEHIL´LÍM/SALMOS 121 PARA PURIM - TEHIL´LÍM/SALMOS! Second day ( Monday ): the verses beginning with ד׳ ה׳ ו׳, Tehillim. Psalms 113-118 make up the Hallel, which made heaven and earth are titled A of... Oseh Shomayim v’Aretz thee will not slumber, this is the second of Week... Nor sleeps God 's protection sympathisants ), from whence cometh my help ), that! Amis et sympathisants ), from whence cometh my help ) cometh the!

tehillim 121 transliteration

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